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MIT License

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Java Source Code

package com.androidbook.parse;
//from  w ww .j a v  a 2 s. c  o m
import android.util.Log;

import com.parse.Parse;
import com.parse.ParseACL;
import com.parse.ParseUser;

public class ParseApplication extends Application {

  private static String tag = "ParseApplication";
  private static String PARSE_APPLICATION_ID
     = "vykek4pssnHgXhH3aMwzWMGWllSe9GFRIwqHaD2m";
  private static String PARSE_CLIENT_KEY
     = "w52SGUXvUbQ8BaICBcndAqaMfuYFNSkGwU9WGd2p";
  public void onCreate() {

    Log.d(tag,"initializing with keys");
    // Add your initialization code here
    Parse.initialize(this, PARSE_APPLICATION_ID, PARSE_CLIENT_KEY);

    //This will automatically create an annonymous user
    //The data associated to this user is abandoned when it is 
    //logged out.
    ParseACL defaultACL = new ParseACL();
    // If you would like all objects to be private by default, remove this line.
    ParseACL.setDefaultACL(defaultACL, true);
    Log.d(tag,"initializing app complete");


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