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Java Source Code

package converters;
//w w w .  ja va  2  s  . c o  m
import android.os.Parcel;

import com.parse.ParseObject;

public class IntegerFieldTransport 
implements IFieldTransport
  ParseObject po;
  Parcel p;
  int d = IFieldTransport.DIRECTION_FORWARD;
  public IntegerFieldTransport(ParseObject inpo, Parcel inp)
  public IntegerFieldTransport(ParseObject inpo, Parcel inp, int direction)
    po = inpo;
    p = inp;
    d = direction;
  public void transfer(ValueField f) 
      //parcel to parseobject
      int i = p.readInt();
      po.put(, i);
      //parseobject to parcel
      int i = po.getInt(;

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