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Java Source Code

package com.androidbook.parse;
/*from   www . j  ava  2  s  .  c  om*/
import com.parse.ParseObject;
import com.parse.ParseUser;

public class WordMeaning extends ParseObjectWrapper
  //Design the table first
  public static String t_tablename = "WordMeaningObject";
  public static String f_word = "word";
  public static String f_meaning = "meaning";
  public WordMeaning(String wordMeaning, Word inParentWord)

  //Make sure there is a way to construct with a straight 
  //Parse object
  public WordMeaning(ParseObject po)
    //Create a check in the future if it is not of the same type
  public void setMeaning(String meaning)
    po.put(f_meaning, meaning);
  public void setWord(ParseObjectWrapper word)
    po.put(f_word, word.po);
  public String getMeaning()
    return po.getString(f_meaning);
  public Word getWord()
    return new Word(po.getParseObject(f_word));

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