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MIT License

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Java Source Code

package com.iuriio.demos.expertandroid.ch13parsesimple;
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import com.parse.Parse;
import com.parse.ParseACL;

 * Created by iuriio on 10/30/13.
public class ParseApp extends Application {
    private static final String PARSE_APPLICATION_ID = "yLA2IvQo8LOu9nkeE43LH9mQGL5dAmdrTnlWqivg";
    private static final String PARSE_CLIENT_ID = "jBbQc1Ap9I38BaTSWBlwlT86COut2T5lgTMkGSqk";

    public void onCreate() {

        Parse.initialize(this, PARSE_APPLICATION_ID, PARSE_CLIENT_ID);

        ParseACL defaultACL = new ParseACL();
        ParseACL.setDefaultACL(defaultACL, true);

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