List of Free code ERP


  • AgilErp
    AgilErp is a .NET OpenSource ERP - System developed in C# using WPF, WCF ,Entity Framework, MS-SQL-Server and MVVM.
  • AliceERP
    This is a mini ERP system for china small business company. In china, there are a lot of small company whose size <50 employees. These company need an free and easy to use business to manage warehouse, sales and products. We want to provide a free b/s business system for these...
  • Business Process Automation (BPA)
    BPA is a project initiative to develop an ERP which will integrate with work flow of an organization. It is build on the concept that all business process is initiated through a request and it is processed in organizational hierarchy.
  • ERP Ingesup 2012
    erpingesup is school project
  • ERP: Personnel & Payroll
    WinFx, Microsoft Application Blocks based Project
  • Intelligent Enterprise Solution
    An ERP source code,including sample,demo,tool.document
  • microtech b?ro+ / ERP-complete Anbindung an cobra CRM Produkte
    Die microtech Anbindung an cobra erm?glicht Ihnen ein komfortables Adress- und Kontaktmanagement zwischen cobra CRM PRO / Adress PLUS und jeder Ausbaustufe von microtech b?ro+ oder / und ERP-complete. Vorteile der Anbindung: In CRM PRO / CRM PLUS / Adress PLUS erhalten S...
  • Openbravo.NET
    This project is a conversion of the Openbravo ERP to .NET C# 3 and Microsoft SQL Server 2005. 5 Layers - Interface, Application, Business Objects, Persistence and Data.
  • UniNFE - Nota Fiscal Eletronica
    UniNFE - Nota Fiscal Eletronica - NFE - Monitora uma pasta procurando pelos arquivos XML - Assina digitalmente os arquivos XML - Transmitir / Receber arquivos XML usando o Webservice da SEFAZ. Integravel com qualquer ERP, integravel com UNIDANFE.
    ERP Based using pure C#
  • YetAnotherERP
    This is a 2 years of work building yet another erp system that integrates CRM, SCM, complex inventory management, EDI. This software is powered using XAF Application Framework from Developer Express and Expand Framework. YetAnotherErp is a fully integrated solution.

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