List of Free code WorkFlow


  • Amba.Workflow
    Workflow extension for Orchard CMS
  • Automator .NET
    Automator .NET implements point-and-click (or drag and drop) creation of workflows for automating repetitive tasks into batches.
  • Bio Workflow Engine
    BioWF is a scientific workflow project which allows for easy construction of bioinformatic applications through drag/drop style creation.
  • Criteria Workflow Engine
    A C++ Workflow Engine: Desing and execute business process.
  • CRM 2011 Distribute Workflow Activity
    This plugin allows to execute a workflow for each entity that has a 1:N or N:N relationship to a given entity. For example: execute a workflow for each case related to an account (1:N), or for each competitor related to an opportunity (N:N), etc.
  • CRM Manipulation Library
    The CRM Manipulation Library is a set of custom workflow activities for OnPremise Microsoft Dynamics? CRM to solve equations, date calculations, manipulates strings, perform regex (regular expression) formatting & matching, as well as SoundEx and Metaphone-Like codification. ...
  • CruxOMatic
    Crux-O-Matic is a full blown application development platform, with support for authentication, authorization, workflows, scaffolding and multi-tenancy.
  • DNN Content Builder WCMS
    Content management is about to transform raw content into assets, managing every aspect of its life cycle. We are talking about workflow, scheduling, versioning, staging, personalization and much more than simply create HTML or inserting images into a page. DNN Content Builde...
  • EVPO Document Circulation
    EVPO Document Circulation is a workflow management web application with email notifications and role based security based on .NET using MySql database.
  • FIM 2010 Granfeldt Workflow Activity Library
    A collection of generic FIM 2010 workflows
  • FIM PowerShell Workflow Activity
    The FIM WF Activity for PowerShell makes is easy to use PowerShell inside FIM workflows. The activity is also a good example of using diagnostic tracing inside FIM WF.
  • Flow Studio
    Easy and simple to use Workflow Foundation 4 (WF4) editor
  • FluentWorkflow
    Fluent workflow is a lightweight DSL used to describe a workflow and it's discrete action components to an IoC container for light, fast injectable state engine wire up in your application.
  • Grinder
    Grinder is a file processing engine built on Windows Workflow. The purpose of Grinder is to make file processing chores as simple as possible. It provides all of the usual file handline routines (copy/move/delete) along with extra features like FTP, HTTP Put, ZIP/UNZIP and a ...
  • Lab Management for VMware?
    VMware Lab allows you to create BDT (Build-Deply-Test) workflows for TFS Build together with VMware virtualization technologies.
  • LaunchPoint
    LaunchPoint is a framework for rapidly developing powerful smartclient application built on top of WPF technologies. It provided such features as workflow driven user interface, a powerful plug-in model, 3 tier client server topology, peer to peer, update capabilities, and a ...
  • MesssageWorkflow
    Code first approach for implementing a workflow
  • Microsoft Forefront 2010 R2 Powershell Extension
    Powershell extensions for Microsoft Forefront 2010 R2 to enable usage of powershell from both Portal as Workflow Activity and Synchronization Engine as XMA
  • Microsoft Media Platform Tools
    A collection of various tools and utilities intended to enhance and complement Microsoft Media Platform workflows.
  • Microsoft Word add-in for the GenePattern Reproducible Research Document
    The GenePattern computational biology software provides a way to create analytic workflows (pipelines) enabling in silico reproducible research. This Word 2007 add-in supports embedding pipelines in a document and rerunning them on any GenePattern server from the Word application
  • NGinn.BPM
    NGinn.BPM - a BPM / Workflow engine for Microsoft.Net It's a lightweight workflow manager based on Petri nets and taking some ideas from BPMN. NGinn BPM helps automate business processes in large organizations, such as telecoms, by enabling to build workflows that coordinat...
  • Opalis Community Releases
    Sample workflows, objects, code and other items related to System Center's Opalis Integration Server, published by the Opalis team.
  • Pageflow WF
    Pageflow is based upon Workflow Foundation, and can be used to drive user interfaces. It has it's own workflow type and on every transition (movement from screen to screen) activity additional work can be done between the transition from one 'screen' to another 'screen'. It ca...
  • Project Trident: A Scientific Workflow Workbench
    Built on the Windows Workflow Foundation, Trident Workflow Workbench allows users to visually build, manage, run, and share scientific workflows. It addresses scientists? need for a flexible and powerful way to analyze large and diverse datasets, and share their results.
  • RingleFlow
    RingleFlow is a workflow kernel which allow user to define their rule via .net code. There are three components develop in this project: 1. RingleFlow.Kernel, 2. RingleFlow.EAPlugin, and 3. RingleFlow.Organization.
  • Samurai.Workflow
    Samurai Workflow is a slim, easy-to-use workflow framework for WPF applications.
  • SCSM Incident SLA Management
    This project provides an extension to System Center Service Manager to provide more granular control over incident service level agreement (SLA) management. The project includes a management pack, custom settings form, and workflow activities/workflows for managing incident SLAs
  • SharpCGI
    A FastCGI library for .NET, implemented in F#. Supports a large number of concurrent connections. Offers an easy to use C# interface. Supports F#'s asynchronous workflows (improving resource usage and performance). Tested with IIS, Apache, nginx and lightTPD.
  • Softix.Orchestration
    A simple workflow engine written in .NET that will allow non-coders to create and run workflows (like automatic parsing of emails, call center scripts etc)
  • TFS Event Workflows
    TFSEventWorkflows are a flexible and easy to configure method to implement work item aggregation, complex notification logics or deployment scenarios. You can define workflows based on Workflow Foundation to define the logic which will be triggered by TFS events.
  • TFS Versioning
    TFS 2010 Versioning allows a build master to version assemblies (Assembly Version and Assembly File Version). It does this with version number patterns through the TFS build workflow. You can identify the version patterns in the build definintion or in a version "seed file".
  • WF+
    WF+ extends Windows Workflow Foundation capabilities with new activities, expressions, designers and a bunch of other features to make it easier to create and work with activities Ready for WF4 and .NET 4.0+
  • WF4Host
    Examples in re-hosting Workflow 4 designer.
  • Windows Workflow Foundation on Codeplex
    This site has previews of Workflow features which are released out of band for the purposes of adoption and feedback.
  • WorkFlow Engine .NET with visual designer
    Workflow Engine component developed in C#.NET. Workflow Engine is State Machine. Includes a graphic designer based HTML5, JavaScript.
  • WPF Wizard Control
    WPF user control (not a custom control) for generically hosting multiple-step wizards. Uses MVVM, you create the model and view for each step and optionally configure steps that guide the wizard along a different workflow.

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