List of Free code SAP


  • ContentManager
    Content Manger for SAP Kpro exports the data pool of a content-server by PHIOS-Lists (txt-files) into local binary files. Afterwards this files can be imported in a SAP content-repository . The whole List of the PHIOS Keys can also be downloaded an splitted in practical units.
  • NSAPConnector
    Wrapper library for the SAP .Net Connector 3.0. Adapts existing api to a more friendly form for the .Net developers.
  • SAP RFC Proxy Builder
    "SAP RFC Proxy Builder" is the easy way to generate the C# Proxy classes of SAP RFC/BAPI functions. You may used the "SAP .NET Connector 2.0" or "Biztalk 2004 SAP Adapter", there are some error to generate the ".NET Proxy Class" I have generated the proxy class and assembly ...
  • SAPInvoker
    A winform tool for excuting SAP Command. You can excute rfc/bapi/select sql in this tool.
  • SnwConnector - A dotnet connector through SAP NetWeaver RFC library
    Wrap Sap NetWeaver RFC dll library to comunicate with the Sap RFC infrastructure.

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