List of Free code 3D


  • 3 DGameEngine
    thebennybox 3D Engine Tutorial Files.
  • 3 DPlat
    Basic 3D Platformer in Java.
  • 3 DRenderer
    A 3D rendering engine made in Java by me.
  • 3 ds parser
    Parser for 3d studio max. 3 ds files for use in Java projects.
  • 3d Charts
    experiments with 3d charts in Applets using jzy 3d library.
  • arena roamer
    A little 3D experiment...
  • Asteroid
    A 3D particle simulator.
  • BEAM 3D Data Viewer
    A 3D viewer of histograms of 3 or 4 arbitrary bands for BEAM.
  • bezier tunnel
    Library for construction of tunnels around a Cubic Bezier curve in 3D scenes in Processing ( The interactive 3D scene is build using Proscene library package (
  • boltzmann 3d
    Boltzmann 3D , a kinetic theory demonstrator.
  • callie
    3d action adventure, java, groovy, mel.
  • Cindy 3D
    Cindy 3D bringing 3D to Cinderella.
  • CityGML Converter
    Convert CityGML models to XML 3D.
  • CodecJLayerMP 3
    A mp 3 codec library for Paulcode's 3D Sound System.
  • CS143 Project
    A 3d space shooter.
  • CSE 360 Group K
    3D checkers in Java.
  • db 3 dcore
    The DB4GeO/DB 3D Kernel is a completely in Java written library of 3D geometric data types (and its methods) and it even provides the possibility to build topologically defined nets (for example triangle nets) as well as access to a fast spatial index.
  • droid 3d
    A 3D render engine.
  • emptycanvas
    3D imaging and animation.
  • fatrock
    my 3d software renderer.
  • fluid forms libs
    A collection of utils to help creating parameterised physical forms for 3D Printing.
  • fvlib
    fvlib is a minimalistic 3D point spring solver library for Processing and Java, built with high performance in mind.
  • GCodeInfo
    This is a small command line tool to analyse gcodes (control codes for 3D printers, CNC,...). It calculates various print details like print time used filament yx move distance print object dimension average print speeds number of layers layer.
  • GeoPhyloBuilder
    Software to build 3D phylogeny.
  • griffon jzy 3d plugin
    3D charts and plots.
  • hammer 3d
    Hammerhead shark and shardines. (with Hammerhead shark as enemy).
  • iGeo
    Java 3D Modeling Library.
  • irrtum
    Fun experiments with a 3D , block based world.
  • ja 3d
    alternativa 3d engine in java.
  • java 3d core
    Fork of the package.
  • java 3d utils
    Fork of the java 3d utils package.
  • Java Raytracer
    3D Raytracer implementing anti aliasing, shadowing, and reflections.
  • JavaSoftwareRender
    Software 3D rendering in Java.
  • jenkins unity 3d plugin
    Jenkins Unity 3d plugin.
  • jinbei 3d
    This is 3D live Wallpaper simulating a school of sardines which used BOIDS algorithm.(with Whale shark).
  • June
    Java Support in Unity 3d.
  • jzy 3d
    Copy of google code jzy 3d project.
  • jzy3d api
    A Java API for 3d charts.
  • lego mindstorms 3d printing milling machine
    LEGO Mindstorms 3D Printing Milling Machine.
  • Lightstreamer example 3DWorld adapter java
    An example of a multiplayer 3D world synchronized through the Web by Lightstreamer (Adapter Set).
  • LWJGL tutorial
    LWJGL 3D tutorial using Eclipse.
  • MaracaCL
    Java based 3d engine design framework.
  • min 3d
    Fork of 3d /.
  • min4 d
    An experimental fork of min 3d.
  • NewQuickAction 3D
    Gallery 3D like quickaction.
  • nu 3 a
    Simple 3D library for Java.
  • ode4j
    Java 3D Physics Engine & Library.
  • OWL OurBricks
    An Open wonderland module to connect to the service and automate the download of 3D models in world.
  • Pacemaker
    A host client system to control 3d printers, CNC milling or laser cutters.
  • parallax
    Google Web Toolkit 3D library.
  • platform packages apps Gallery2
    2160P Player( 3D ).
  • processing collada loader
    COLLADA 3D Model Loader for the Processing framework.
  • React
    Java port of the ReactPhysics 3D C++ physics library, relicensed with permission.
  • RubikCubeAnimationJava 3d
    Java 3d Rubik Cube.
  • Scared
    Shooter in the style of Wolfenstein 3D , written in Java.
  • SensorViewer 3D
    A program that draws sensor data in 3D.
  • simbad
    Simbad is a Java 3d robot simulator for scientific and educationnal purposes. It is mainly dedicated to researchers/programmers who want a simple basis for studying Situated Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and more generally AI algorithms.
  • Sketch 3d
    Sketch 3d project for the lecture 3 dui at TU M?nchen.
  • SliceAnd Daid
    A fast 3D printer slicer in Java.
  • tdme
    TDME 3D engine.
  • Teamcity unity 3d build runner plugin
    A Teamcity plugin for building Unity 3d projects. NOTE: this has an MIT license so feel free to copy / adapt as you need to.
  • ThingiverseCollage
    Processing sketch to fill a 2D SVG shape with images of a bunch of random 3D STL objects.
  • threedee
    Software 3D renderer in Java.
  • traditional archery scoreboard
    scoring software for traditional 3d archery.
  • TucAgent 3D
    Simspark Agent 3D Autonomoi 2012.
  • UnityMinaServer
    Unity 3d + Mina Server.
  • visualizer
    A 3D rocket visualizer.
  • Voronoi 3D
    Incremental 3D Delaunay Tetrahedralization.
  • Wiki 3D
    A simple 3D description language embedded in a Java Applet.
  • Wolfenstein 3 DClone
    thebennybox Wolfenstein 3D clone from the tutorial.
  • world
    Simple 3d entity system.
  • X 3D GUIDE
    X 3D GUIDE is a wide range of cross compatible X 3D widgets, equipped with configurable appearance and behavior. With X 3D GUIDE, we attempt to standardize the GUI construction across various X 3D driven projects, and improve the reusability, compatibility, adaptability, readability, and flexibility of many existing applications.

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