List of Free code Graph


  • abstract language graph
    A compile time abstraction for aiding in the rapid development of JVM based parsers and compilers.
  • aig2qbf
    A converter for And Inverter Graphs (AIG) to Quantified Boolean Formulars (QBF) using Simple Path as reduction method.
  • Amstel
    Large scale graphs processing framework.
  • antiquity
    Antiquity A versioned graph extension.
  • arastreju
    Arastreju Semantic Graph Engine.
    BEAST 2 plugin providing limited support for ancestral recombination graphs a la ClonalOrigin.
  • automenta.spacegraphj
    Space Graph J Semantic Scenegraph.
  • beam gpf devtools
    Developer Tools for the BEAM Graph Processing Framework (GPF).
  • blueprints
    A Property Graph Model Interface.
  • blueprints accumulo graph
    Implementation of the Tinkerpop Blueprints API backed by Accumulo.
  • blueprints arangodb graph
    An implementation of the Blueprints API for ArangoDB.
  • blueprints foundationdb graph
    An implementation of the Blueprints API over FoundationDB.
  • blueprints graph cytoscape
    "Ouplementation" of Cytoscape graph model (Cy Network ) for Tinkerpop Blueprints framework.
  • blueprints mongodb graph
    Blueprints implementation on top of MongoDB.
  • blueprints ramcloud graph
    A TinkerPop Blueprints implementation for RAMCloud.
  • blueprints sql graph
    Noddy JDBC Blueprints implementation. Use at your own risk.
  • blueredis
    Blueprints enabled graph over Redis.
  • BoggleMapReduce
    A program to use MapReduce and Graph Theory to efficiently and scalably find all words in a Boggle roll.
  • cassa
    SPARQL 1.1 Graph Store HTTP Protocol implementation with plugable backends (i.e. RDF and Topic Maps).
  • cineasts
    Test project for spring data graph tutorial.
  • coffee graph
    Full stack style development with CoffeeScript.
  • Collapsible Graph
    A simple system for clustering graphes based on a node based distance function.
    XHTML rendering and image generation utils for the Idega platform.
  • Cube Graphics
    The graphics side of the SACM SOLVER.
  • deepmock
    Allows injection of Mockito mocks deep into an object graph.
  • depgraph view
    A Hudson plugin to view the dependency graph.
  • djinn
    A visual tool that creates dependency graphs between arbitrary sets of jars, classes, packages and java projects.
  • dot4j
    Create Graph files.
  • doublebonds
    Line graphs of molecules, and their signatures.
  • dynamic Graph
    Modification of Giraph framework in order to support dynamic graphs.
  • eclipse.callgraph
    Eclipse Plugin Call Graph.
  • EMF To Graph Viz
    A set of lightweight plugins allowing to easily generate a graphical representation of an EMF model (using Graph Viz utility).
  • emst
    Displays graphs and finds the euclidean minimum spanning tree.
  • Export To Earth
    Gephi plugin for exporting graphs as KMZ files.
  • FieldFXLibs
    A colaborative collection of resuable code for graphics, networking and creative programming.
  • Flip Graphs
    Visualizing the flip graph of triangulations of point sets.
  • frames
    An Object to Graph Framework.
  • gdr
    Graph animation tool research project.
  • Generic Graph View
    A generic diagram view for object graphs.
  • gephi graphstream
    A plugin try to communicate with Gephi and Graph Stream.
  • gMCP
    gMCP Graph Based Multiple Comparison Procedures (an R package with a Java GUI).
  • goldenorb
    GoldenOrb is an open source implementation of Pregel, Google's graph processing framework.
  • graph
    just playing around with html 5 canvas, web sockets and scala.
  • Graph
    Projet Dessin de Graphes Multi Plateformes, Master 1 Informatique 2013, Universit? Blaise Pascal, Clermont Ferrand (63), France.
  • graph 2tab
    This package is a generic implementation of a method for producing spreadsheets out of pipeline graphs. It is based on the computation of the minimum flow from all the sources to all the sink nodes, having set at 1 the lower bound for all the experimental workflow arcs (and no upper bound, i.e. capacity) restrictions.
  • Graph Analysis
    That program searches: connected components, biconnected component, bridges in graph.
  • Graph BT
    Integrated Software Development Tool in Behavior Tree using Eclipse Graphiti.
  • graph it
    web app to display data as beautiful graphs.
  • Graph Lab
    The Graph Theory Software.
  • Graph OfTrust
    generate a graph from keyserver's information.
  • Graph Package
    Simple dynamic size graph class, and some additional classes.
  • Graph Server
    A server which receives UDP messages from either a live UP2P network or a simulated one and structures a graph of the data.
  • Graph Tea
    The Graph Theory Software.
  • Graph Tools
    A small set of classes pertaining to graphs.
  • Graph Traversal
    Recursively traverse through "rooms" in a "cave".
  • Graph Viewer
    Program in Java allowing to draw graphs and to export them in many formats.
  • graph visualisation
    Made for course tiralabra.
  • Graph Walker
    Graph Walker is a testing tool for generating offline and online test sequences from Finite State Machines and Extended Finite State Machines.
  • Graph Walker Examples
    Sample code and demos of Graph Walker.
  • Graph ZTP
    ZTP projects for lab.
  • graphedge
    A simple application for finding minimal edge coloring of a graph.
  • Grapheme
    Grapheme is an online, collaborative graph editing suite.
  • graphics
    Test with graphics for use with projeckt4sem.
  • Graphix
    Spengergasse Java LOAL Graphentheorie.
  • graphs
    Graph partitioning in Cascading and other graph related processing.
  • graphtonum
    Utility to turn an image of a graph into numerical values.
  • Gravel
    An editor for creating figures of graphs and hypergraphs.
  • gremlin
    A Graph Traversal Language.
  • gs deps
    Dependencies of the Graph Stream core.
  • gs netlogo
    Graph Stream extension for NetLogo.
  • gs sharc
    SHARC community detection algoritms suite implementation in Graph Stream.
  • gsoc freebase graph importer
    Freebase to Graph Importer using Tinkerpop Blueprints.
  • Hama Graph
    The repository contains projects on Hama using the Hama Graph API.
  • HiCGraph
    Graph Analysis of Hi C chromatin capture data.
  • Hydrium Mobile Game
    Hydrium Mobile is a game for J 2 ME enabled devices. If features pseudo 3 D graphics, physics, and beautifull maze worlds.
  • ik toolset
    A set of tools for analyzing graphs. The tools were designed to aid in the classification of a graph with respect to the property of intrinsic knotting. This being said, other useful graph related tools were created in order to achieve these ends.
  • Inteli Graph
    Program uk?adaj?cy graf na p?aszczy?nie przy u?yciu algorytmu ewolucyjnego.
  • Iogi
    Immutable Object Graph Instantiation.
  • ithaka digraph
    Directed Graphs and Sugiyama Layout.
  • java callgraph
    Programs for producing static and dynamic (runtime) call graphs for Java programs.
  • java graphviz
    Interface to the Graph Viz graphing tool.
  • javawordgraph
    Java version of Word Graph , a word count visualizer.
  • jdbc4sparql
    A JDBC driver that takes data from SPARQL endpoints or RDF graphs.
  • jenkins metricfu plugin
    Hudson plugin which uses metric fu to provide graphing metrics over successful builds.
  • jgralab
    The Java Graph Laboratory.
  • JPeNS
    A program to help people learn and understand Petri Net graphs of states and transitions.
  • jpos workflow cli
    jPos cli command to convert jPos transaction manager XML configuration to Graph Viz DOT graph (s).
  • jPosWorkflowEclipsePlugin
    Eclipse plugin to view jPos transaction manager config as a directed graph.
  • JPregel
    A system and a Java API for large scale graph processing based on Google's Pregel.
  • labelling
    Sample code for canonical labelling of graphs.
  • LastFM History Graph
    Shows your history as a graph of time of day so you can see patterns ie when you listened to the same set of songs in the same order such as playlist.
  • Memeograph
    A Java debugger that will create memory graphs of a running java program.
  • Memory Graph
    First Project for Software Engineering.
  • memory measurer
    Small tool that can measure the memory footprint of arbitrary java object graphs.
  • min hash progressive graph construct
    Using MinHash to progressively construct image graph.
  • net.sf.versiontree
    Eclipse Version Tree Plugin is an easy to use, graphical version tree for project artifacts hosted in a CVS repository. It is a graphical replacment for Eclipse resource history. Supports different layout styles, customization and convenience features. This repository combines the code from and cvs graph tree/.
  • netflix graph
    Compact in memory representation of directed graph data.
  • nfp mini
    Natural Family Planning(NFP)/Fertility Awareness(FA) mobile (j2me,midp 1.0/2.0) application. Supports basal body temperature, mucus/ovulation and calendar methods. Optimized for daily storing of records with the ability to display complex graph analysis.
  • OpenCalc
    A simple graphing calculator written in JAVA, still in heavy development. We hope to be expanding it with a CAS in the near future.
  • opendata graph
    Code to crawl Common Crawl corpus in order to create a graph of french opendata websites.
  • OpenLogViewer
    Graphical graphing of many log formats, including the FreeEMS Binary log.
  • org.roxgt
    RoxGT is a Graph Theory eclipse plugin.
  • orientdb
    OrientDB document graph NoSQL dbms.
  • pelagios graph explorer
    ***deprecated*** The PELAGIOS Graph Explorer.
  • People Graph
    Visualisation of links between wikipedia pages mostly of famous scots.
  • piespy
    social network graph from irc.
  • pixelazier
    The stub of sample applications with primary goal on Desktop, Swing and Graphics.
  • pixy
    Pixy is a declarative vendor independent graph query language built on the Tinkerpop software stack.
  • poseidon
    Blueprints graph implementation over HBase.
  • protograph
    an experimental graph server.
  • railgraph
    Create node edge graphs of rail networks.
  • RentierDB
    Mighty reindeer data base. Based on the graph theory.
  • risk analytics graph components
    Example Business Logic for the (Visual) Model Builder.
  • rrd4j
    RRD4J is a high performance data logging and graphing system for time series data.
  • rrd4web
    Interactive graphs frontends for (rrdtool generated ) RRD files.
  • SandpilesApp
    Software for simulating sandpiles on arbitrary graphs.
  • segmentation
    Image segmentation framework in Java (Computer Graphics project at
  • Social Rank
    Creates a social rank of users in a social network graph by using Map Reduce through a couple of Amazon EC2 machines (to speed up the process).
  • sofia graphics
    Sofia ? Graphics Components.
  • speedchart
    A simple but cool graph tool for GWT.
  • Speleo Graph
    Java Application used to draw graphs for speleologie sensors.
  • spellcheck. graph
    spell checker + graph visualizer.
  • spring data graph examples
    Examples using Spring Data Graph features.
  • StatsViewer
    Thingie to show graphs from numbers.
  • streetlights
    Proof of concept depicting a restful specification of access to infrastructure related data graphs.
  • t2t
    "t2t" means "triple to triple", it is indeed an RDF graph migration tool.
  • tableau confluence plugin
    Plugin for confluence to show Tableau graphs within Confluence.
  • TiHolo Graph
    A simple chart module for Titanium with holo theme.
  • TomSawyerInfinite Graph
    TomSawyer integration to Infinite Graph Sample.
  • trivial graph
    A trivial graph , framework.
  • vizant
    Produce graph using Graphviz ( ) from Ant build files forked from sourceforge vizant.
  • WeatherBot
    App that receives weather sensor data via SMS and publishes it as Graphs /Tweets/SMS.
  • websphere graphite
    Tools to graph WAS PMI stats with Graphite.
  • wicket model proxy
    This is just a proof of concept project. It is not production ready. It will likely be abandoned. It was intended for situations where you have a huge object graph that you want to load and edit over multiple requests (within Wicket). Rather than.
  • yamlbeans
    Java object graphs , to and from YAML automatically.

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