List of Free code Graph Library


  • automatalib
    A free, open source Java library for modeling automata, graphs , and transition systems.
  • bhave. network
    A simple lightweight network / graph library.
  • Compound Graph
    Java Library to mange and manipulat compound graphs.
  • Ents
    A hybrid of the Entity Component System and Model View Controller patterns with new concepts developed specifically for games. Ents is easy to integrate into your game , is developed to be decoupled from a graphics library, and is very memory conscious compared to similar frameworks.
  • face4j
    face4j is a java library for facebook's new graph API.
  • graphbuilder
    The Graph Builder library provides functions to construct large scale graphs. It is implemented on Apache Hadoop.
  • Holo Graph Library
    Fork of the Holo Graph Library by Daniel Nadeau with additionnal features.
  • java graph 2012
    Revised Java graph library.
  • Java Search library
    A Java search library, to search graphs and other state space search problems.
  • jpt Graph Lib
    Subset of the BOOST Graph Library implemented with Java Package Templates.
  • MDAG
    A Java library capable of constructing character sequence storing, directed acyclic graphs of minimal size.
  • ognl
    Object Graph Navigation Library.
  • openjgraph
    A library for graphs and graphs layout in java.
  • SimpleGraph
    A library to easily show graphs of real time data using AWT or Swing.
  • slib
    Slib is a JAVA library dedicated to semantic data analysis. The project currently focuses on semantic data represented as semantic graphs (networks). The Semantic Measures Library (SML) is a sub project of the Slib.
  • vl jung
    NetBeans Visual Library integration with JUNG (Java Universal Graph Library) for rich, animated visualizations of graphs using real components.

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