List of Free code Image


  • android gestureimageview
    Image View that supports resizing, rotation and drag gestures.
  • android square progressbar
    A progressbar which go's around an image.
  • barcode reader j2me
    An application for mobile devices using the Java Micro Edition platform which enables users to send images of barcodes captured by the mobile device's camera to a web server so they can be processed.
  • Bicture
    Galuxy tab image viewer.
  • bioformats
    Bio Formats is a Java library for reading and writing data in life sciences image file formats. It is developed by the Open Microscopy Environment (particularly UW Madison LOCI and Glencoe Software). Bio Formats is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL); commercial licenses are available from Glencoe Software.
  • blackberry image browser
    Custom Image Browser component for Java BlackBerry development. It allows render images in a "mosaic" like view.
  • blackberry native camera usage
    An approach of how a third party BlackBerry application can take images using the native Camera application.
  • BoneJ
    A collection of plugins for bone image analysis in Image J.
  • CamanJ
    Java port of the CamanJS image manipulation library.
  • com.idega.block. image
    Image gallery block/plugin for the Idega platform.
  • Commons Image IO
    A small Java Library to manipulate images. It relies on Apache Commons Imaging and javax.
  • Devanagari Character Recognition
    Tool to recognize Devenagari characters from image of Devenagari Text. It uses Kohonen Neural Networks for recognition.
  • fiji
    Fiji Is Just Image J.
  • FilterFw
    Very simple Java image manipulation program, aimed for testing image filters and algorithms.
  • Fractal Image Compression
    A Fractal Image Compression System.
  • frame
    Java Image Service Simple API for manipulating (resizing, center cropping) images.
  • geocamMemoForAndroid
    (including but not limited to images ) can be attached for transmission to a central server. All messages can be geotagged and categorized before saving to provide proper context when analyzing them via a web interface at a later time.
  • Google Image Search
    Small project for querying Google Images API.
  • healthy images project
    Healthy Images Project offers a tool to support public health self reporting.
  • Image Fetcher
    Asynchronous load image from remote and local.
  • Image Search CBIR
    Assignment on Multimedia Information Retrieval 2011.
  • image similarity
    Canny edges + color histograms + KD tree indexing.
  • imageassert
    Image Assert is a Java library for asserting and comparing PDF documents in JUnit tests.
  • imagecomparison
    Tools for comparing images and writing image based approval tests. This library is published on Maven Central.
  • imageflow
    Visual Image J Macro editing in a node base editor featuring Image J.
  • imageio ext
    Additional plugins and extension for the standard Java Image IO library.
  • imagej
    Image J2: the next generation version of Image J.
  • imagej morphology
    Mathematical morphology plugins for Image J.
  • imagej tutorials
    Image J2 programming examples.
  • imageprocessing
    Image Processing Library (for now Color Bleeding to remove artifacts when using sprites).
  • ImageTextWatermarkJava
    Watermark your Images before uploading them on social networking sites.
  • imglib
    A generic next generation Java library for image processing.
  • Intellij IDEA Plugin Background Image
    A plugin for Intellij IDEA that lets you set a background image for your editor windows.
  • ISN
    CTP extensions for the Image Sharing Network project.
  • jai imageio core
    JAI Image IO Core (without dependencies).
  • jaitools
    Raster image processing for Java developers.
  • JBIG2 Image Decoder
    A fork of JPedal's JBIG2 library.
  • JEIE
    Jeie is aimed at making a small and simple image editing UI.
  • jgravatar
    jgravatar is a Java library for accessing avatar images.
  • JH Labs Java Image Filters
    A collection of image filters, written in Java.
  • JII
    JII (Java Image Info) provides a clean interface to a collection of Java libraries and source code too read basic properties of images.
  • json android
    json parser listview image.
  • jWatermark
    A Java application for making watermark on images.
  • JWildfire
    JWildfire an image and animation processor written in Java.
  • kwz
    software for image edition [MOSIG M1].
  • liferay Image Slider
    Configurable JQuery Image Slider portlet for Liferay.
  • LiveFFT for Image J
    Real time FFT power spectrum display for MicroManager or Image J.
  • m3s
    Multimedia Management System for biodiversity images.
  • magicktiler
    A Java tool and embeddable library for converting images into formats suitable for publishing as zoomable Web images.
  • MonaLisa
    Learning to generate an image of the Mona Lisa, pixel by pixel, using a deep neural network.
  • mpicbg
    Fiji module for image transformation and related algorithms.
  • p5
    Get rid of Image Magick. P5 is a ruby gem that makes it easy to run Processing sketches on a headless web server.
  • Paintroid
    The standard image manipulation app for Catroid.
  • PathVisioRPC
    PathVisioRPC is an XML RPC implementation of PathVisio that allows users to create and edit biological pathways, visualize data on pathways, perform pathway statistics and exports results in various image formats. Since most major programming languages.
  • picasa viewer
    This Nokia example application demonstrates the use of the cross platform development library, Tantalum 5. The application features images from the Picasa web gallery and allows the user to search for specific images from the service. Furthermore.
  • PixelKnot
    image stego app with old school F5 steganography.
  • play cms
    A simple CMS to be able to edit pages, page fragments and images using a WYSIWYG editor.
  • pngtastic
    A pure Java PNG image optimization and manipulation library.
  • Poisson Image Editing
    Basic image editing techniques to manipulate gradients of an image.
  • pollexor
    Java client for the Thumbor image service which allows you to build URIs in an expressive fashion using a fluent API.
  • SatoshiProof
    Satoshi Proof is your personal notary leveraging the power of the Bitcoin network to prove existence of text or images at a certain time.
  • scifio
    SCientific Image Format Input & Output: a flexible, extensible framework for image I/O. *EXPERIMENTAL* All API is subject to change, so depend at your own risk! See also @openmicroscopy/bioformats.
  • Scoutmaster 9000 desktop
    A desktop client (written in java ) for Scoutmaster 9000. Intended to supplement the web client with tasks such as multiple image upload rather than to replace it.
  • similarity
    Similarity is an optical as well as keyword based image similarity search engine built on top of Lire.
  • SimpleTouch Image View
    DEPRECATED Please use the PhotoView for these features.
  • smushit
    This is a command line tool which losslessly compresses all the images in the passed directory using yahoo!'s image compression utility, downloads the smushed images and replaces the original image.
  • spring images
    Image upload site using Spring MVC.
  • sprockets
    Java library Google Places and Google Street View Image APIs.
  • Steganography
    Steganography in java using LSB technique for hiding message in PNG image & using AES and SHA 2 algorithm for encryption/decryption of message.
  • streamgraph generator
    Processing applet which creates the images seen in the Streamgraph paper.
  • tagcloud
    Generate image tag clouds in custom shapes.
  • tvwebutil
    Asynchronous, cancelable, Image and JSON downloading.
  • Ushahidi Android
    can get involved by visiting Sync with any Ushahidi deployment. Send reports with images and location data as well as receive alerts from others who have sent in reports to the site. Works in offline mode.
  • Volley demo
    An demonstration of Volley HTTP library announced by google in I/O 2013. Illustrates, JSONRequest,StringRequest, Image caching.
  • webcam capture
    Project goal is to give users possibility to access build in or connected via USB webcams or remote IP / network cameras directly from Java code. Using provided libraries user is able to read camera images and detect motion. Main project consist.
  • wifi direct demo
    This project is based on the original demo from Google. The original example show us how to send an image file from the client to the group owner. With this version, I try to show how to send data between two devices (be group owner or not).

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