List of Free code Game API


  • BukkitBridge
    BukkitBridge is a plugin for the Spout voxel game platform that bridges Spout API and Bukkit API to allow Bukkit plugins to be used.
  • FXGameEngine
    A Game Engine based on the JavaFX Canvas API.
  • game api j2me
    Game API for J2ME.
  • Game Jolt Java Game API
    Game Jolt Game API library for Java.
  • gamesman api
    The Web API that exposes perfect game information computed by the Gamesman solvers.
  • lcdjni
    Java API for creating applications for Logitech's LCD gaming keyboards such as the G19 and G15.
  • modapi
    An API to write game mods for Java games using Javascript.
  • pushboard
    Push Board Game Web Application using Comet (aka HTTP Server Push) Technology Stack: HTML 5 Canvas, Java Script jQuery, Java EE, Java Persistence API (JPA).

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