List of Free code Minecraft


  • Achievements
    Achievements plugin for Bukkit Minecraft server mod.
  • AdminCmd
    Admin commands for a minecraft bukkit server.
    Advanced Minecraft Interface and Data /Structure Tracking.
  • Anjo Security
    A Bukkit plugin created with purpose to manage user accounts in an "offline mode" Minecraft Server.
  • AuthDB
    Script and custom MySQL database user authentication plugin for the CraftBukkit Minecraft server.
  • AuthMe Reloaded
    An Auth Plugin for Minecraft Bukkit server.
  • AutoSave
    Automatic Saves for Bukkit, a Minecraft Server Mod.
  • Banana Image ToMap
    Turns an image into a playable in game minecraft map (or generates its own image !).
  • BananaGen
    BananaGen is a chunk generator/block populator suite for Bukkit, a modification of the Minecraft server , with infinite possibilities via its easily configurable generators.
  • Bans
    Advanced Ban Network for Minecraft Servers using the Bukkit API.
  • BeigeNoob
    Tight Security for you Minecraft Server.
  • BetterShop
    Team repository for the BetterShop plugin for the Bukkit server mod for Minecraft.
  • Biotech
    A Minecraft Forge agriculture mod which supports multiple Electricity APIs.
  • BlazeLoader
    BlazeLoader is a minecraft mod loader and mod API designed for mods that change or disable vanilla behavior.
  • BlockScape
    A 2D Minecraft Clone.
  • BloodMoon
    A plugin for Bukkit based Minecraft servers to add a new mechanic similar to the bloodmoon event in Terraria.
  • Bukkit
    The Minecraft Mod API.
  • Bukkit JavaDoc
    The Minecraft Mod API.
  • BukkitPlugins
    My plugins for the Bukkit Minecraft server.
  • BungeeCord
    BungeeCord, the 6th in a generation of server portal suites. Efficiently proxies and maintains connections and transport between multiple Minecraft servers.
  • ByteCart
    Minecraft plugin for bukkit to create a LAN/WAN rail network with routing algorithm.
  • ChestShop 3
    ChestShop the chest&sign shop plugin for Minecraft Servers running Bukkit.
  • CommunityBans
    A system for banning people across multiple servers, currently only for Minecraft (bukkit). Current thoughts and end goals of this plugin can be found at d /14gnvZat mTf5WSwGKBdYBJ4DwfDozIwChp8O 2 KljI1I/edit?hl=en_US.
  • CommunityBridge
    A Minecraft plugin for connecting your game to your website.
  • ComplexDoors
    Complex doors is new Minecraft mod, that'll be adding modular doors with advanced security system to secure your bases from your enemies.
  • craftapi
    XML RPC interface for Minecraft SMP.
  • CraftBukkit
    The Minecraft Server Mod API Implementation.
  • CraftBukkit MineBackup
    MineBackup Automatically save and backup your server ! (CraftBukkit (Minecraft Server ) plugin).
  • CraftMania
    Minecraft like opensource Java project.
  • Dragon API
    The API that RotaryCraft and my other Minecraft mods use, to centralize and simplify functions.
  • DynamicEconomy
    A Virtual Economy for your Minecraft Server.
  • Essentials
    Essentials Minecraft server command mod Adds over 100 commands for use in game to help manage a server.
  • ExperienceMod
    Bukkit server plugin for modifying the experience system in Minecraft.
  • Fondue
    Fondue is a work in progress implementation of the Minecraft Workbench server API.
  • GiantCaves
    A giant cave plugin for the Bukkit minecraft server.
  • Glowstone
    An open source Java Minecraft server for the Workbench interface. #glowstone on EsperNet.
  • HelperBot
    THE only help plugin for the CraftBukkit Minecraft server.
  • Humbug
    Minecraft server plug in: Simply disables various functionality.
  • interlock
    Interlock is a minecraft mod which aims to add many security features to the game, such as lockable doors, keycards and electric fences.
  • jsonapi
    A JSON API for Minecraft: info jsonapi v1 3 1 json http and socket api for controlling a server 740.14270/.
  • LegendUtils
    A Bukkit plugin written for the Bitlegend Minecraft server.
  • LibsHungergames
    A hungergames plugin for a minecraft server.
  • lightstone
    An open source implementation of the Minecraft server software.
  • LogBlock 2
    Block logging plugin for Minecraft servers.
  • LWC
    Lightweight Protection for Chests, Furnaces, Dispensers, and more for the Minecraft server mod Bukkit.
  • Macros API
    Scripting API for the Minecraft Macro / Keybind Mod.
  • mc protocol lib
    A simple library for communication to a Minecraft client/ server.
  • McCOD
    Call of Duty in Minecraft using the Bukkit server mod API.
  • MCHunger Games
    Hunger Games plugin for Bukkit Minecraft server.
  • mclauncher api
    Tomsik68's Minecraft Launcher API. Documenting how minecraft launcher works & creating an API which will be able to work with custom launchers. Check out wiki on the right!.
  • MCStats
    A stats module for the hMod Minecraft server.
  • MCTowns
    A versatile and powerful town plugin using WorldGuard and the Bukkit API for Minecraft.
  • MCUpdater
    Cross platform multi server Minecraft updater.
  • McURL
    Old version of McURL, a tool for connecting to Minecraft servers through links in a browser.
  • MineBans
    A global banning system for Minecraft servers that allows the server admin very fine control over the limits for their server.
  • MinecartMania
    Minecart Mania is the original, and official Minecart mod for Minecraft servers that use the Bukkit plugin system.
  • Minecraft Console
    A minecraft mod which adds a new console type GUI to the game.
  • Minecraft GUI API
    Provides a toolkit for creating widgets through Minecraft.
  • minecraft hey0 plugins
    Plugins for Minecraft Server Mod (hey0/traitor) running on
  • Minecraft Hunger Games
    The Hunger Games for Minecraft Bukkit servers.
  • minecraft server
    Open source Minecraft server.
  • Minecraft Server Mod
    Server administration mod and API for Minecraft beta multiplayer server.
  • Minecraft WorldTools
    An API for editing Minecraft maps and schematics.
  • MinecraftAR
    Augmented reality software downloads level data from minecraft server and renders over processed imagery.
  • MinecraftLandGenerator
    Pregenerate Land in a SMP Minecraft Server.
  • MinecraftLauncher API
    A Generic and Highly configurable Launcher for Minecraft.
  • Minicraft
    A Minecraft 2D Demake.
  • ModOptions API
    Mod Options API for Minecraft.
  • Odin
    Authentication and web script integration plugin for the Spout platform and Bukkit Minecraft server API.
  • OnlineUsers
    OnlineUsers is a simple Minecraft server (bukkit) plugin that maintains a MySQL table with logged in users.
  • OpenClassicAPI
    An API for the custom Minecraft Classic server OpenClassic.
  • Plugin Metrics
    Metrics tools designed for minecraft plugins to gather statistical data.
  • Pocket Server
    Minecraft Pocket Edition server.
  • PreciousStones
    Self service protection for Minecraft servers.
  • PwnFilter
    PwnFilter is a JAVA Plugin for Bukkit, a multiplayer server API for the game Minecraft. Pwnfilter implements Regular Expressions created in a user defined "rules.txt" as an in game chat filter to remove profane language, spam and caps, for fun and as an effective command alias creator.
  • RealPlugin
    Minecraft plugin API to make development of Minecraft bukkit plugins easier.
  • RealShop
    Shop using chests for Minecraft Game.
  • RealShop2
    Shop using chests for Minecraft Game (version 2).
  • RecipeManager2
    Second major version of RecipeManager, a Bukkit plugin for Minecraft servers.
  • Runic Dust Mod v2
    The continuation of a mod that added runes to the Minecraft game.
  • Simple Server
    A minecraft server tunnel.
  • SkylandsPlus
    A plugin for Bukkit based Minecraft server that adds a floating island dimension similar to the old skylands.
  • Spoutcraft
    Minecraft client mod that provides a more customizable experience.
  • SpoutcraftPlugin
    Plugin that extends the Bukkit Minecraft server API.
  • Stats
    Stats plugin for Bukkit Minecraft server mod.
  • Stereoscopic 3D for Minecraft
    A forge based Minecraft mod to allow stereoscopic 3D (Real 3D ) imaging for active and passive 3D TVs.
  • TravelPad
    Social teleportation system for Minecraft.
  • Universal Electricity
    Universal Electricity is a modular electricity API for modders to create to add electricity to Minecraft. The mod alone does not add many things to the game. It requires addons in order to work. Universal Electricity is basically a structure that integrates a universal electricity system in which all mods can use.
  • Vampire
    A vampire plugin for the bukkit minecraft server mod.
  • Vanilla
    Minecraft 1.6.4 functionality and gameplay for the Spout voxel game platform.
  • watson
    A Minecraft mod that displays LogBlock, Prism and CoreProtect query results in 3 D.
  • webbukkit
    Webserver Plugin for Bukkit (minecraft server mod) that provides HTTP1.1 Service to other Plugins.
  • WorldDownloader
    FOR OFFICIAL REPO CLICK LINK BELOW! Clones a Minecraft multiplayer world from a remote server to your singleplayer folder.
  • worldedit
    An in game voxel map editor for Minecraft.
  • WorldEditCUI
    WorldEdit client interface for Minecraft.
  • worldfix
    2D top view RPG Game in Java which is somewhat similar to Minecraft for University.
  • worldguard
    Protect Minecraft servers , protect areas, and solve problems.
  • Wormhole X Treme
    WormholeXTreme is a Stargate plugin for the minecraft_ server Bukkit mod.
  • Wurfel Engine
    An isometric game engine for games with a world made of blocks (like Minecraft). For RPGs, action, strategy, puzzle or adventure games.

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