List of Free code Game engine


  • artemis
    artemis framework (Components Based Game Engine) (Custom modifications in branch gemserk).
  • eadventure
    eAdventure is a free and open source game framework (editor and engine) based on Java , with an emphasis on educational uses.
  • Flax HTML5 Game Engine
    A HTML5 Game Engine in Development written in Java and GWT. Using the power of GWT we cross complie our Java code into Javascript which then runs in the browser.
  • Fluxware Game Engine
    The Fluxware Game Engine.
  • Game SketchLib
    A flixel inspired game engine for Processing, plus Newbie Game Developer Lessons.
  • Iron Legends
    CS447/547 Game Design project 2 a tank game using the Java Instructional Game engine.
  • jake2
    Jake2 is a port of the Quake2 game engine to java.
  • JFXGen
    A simple JavaFX game engine.
  • Lehirti Game Engine
    A simple game/interactive story engine (text and images ) written in Java.
  • lib gwt svg chess
    A chess game for web browsers. It uses the Carballo chess engine for chess computations and lib gwt svg for the SVG UI. These components are integrated using GWT.
  • Royal Flush Engine
    A cross platform indie game engine.
  • Sawdust Game Engine
    A social ajax gaming platform (Pacakged as a Maven project, for use with Google App Engine).
  • SGF Java Engine
    The official implementation of the "Simple Game Framework " written in Java.
  • SocProx
    Social Proximitry Game Engine for Capstone.
  • Space Invaders Enterprise Edition
    Space Invaders Enterprise Edition: Space Invaders written with a rule engine processing game logic.
  • Spout
    Open source, multithreaded, voxel game engine and platform, written in Java.
  • Static
    Voxel RTS game for the Spout Engine!.
  • SUD
    Single User Dungeon, a text based game engine written in Java.
  • Synapse
    Parallel Game Engine for java.
  • Utili Game
    Utili Game is a light weight game engine built upon the Utilis classes written in Java. It supports tiles, entities, collision detection, custom collision boxes, and much more.

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