List of Free code Game framework


  • Artemis Framework
    Artemis is a high performance Entity System framework for games, written in Java , and is a framework to manage entities in a game world.
  • cardgame
    a java framework for card games.
  • CitySim
    A Java based city simulation game built atop the Greenfoot framework.
  • EmgheNet
    Java networking framework (mainly) for games.
  • falkor
    A framework for two dimensional games in Java built on top of AWT.
  • flashbang playn
    A Java port of the ActionScript flashbang game framework , for use in PlayN projects.
  • game gardens
    A framework for hosting simple multiplayer games written in Java.
  • gameroots
    framework components for game programming with Java.
  • Gworks
    A Game Framework For Java.
  • javalib
    A catchall repo for many years of old Java work (including my Tile based game framework ).
  • jcurl
    Framework and some demos for java applications concerning the sport of curling. Possible topics: Games, statistics and archiving, coaching, strategy and analysis tools, Scientific simulation of rock dynamics (physics).
  • JiT
    J*iT ( Java Item Trader) is a small framework that handles Collections, Commerce, Player and Time in Dope War like games.
  • Joji
    An MVC game framework for Java.
  • jpacman framework
    Pacman like game used for teaching software testing.
  • juzzle
    A Java implementation of the framework behind a ruzzle like game. Used to show Tries and comparing data structures.
  • lurgee
    A java framework for building abstract strategy games, with three example games.
  • NHF
    NES Hacking Framework : A Java library for hacking NES games.
  • PlaynBreakout
    Breakout Tutorial for the PlayN game development framework.
  • RPGFramework
    This is a little framework to create RPG games with Java.
  • scroller game framework
    Framework for effortless development of custom scroller based Java games.
  • SimpleWorlds
    A Java game based on the Processing framework.
  • SJGF
    Simple Java Game Framework.
  • Small Java Game framework
    A Framework for Small Java Games is a lightweight framework for Java applet games.

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