List of Free code HTML


  • animated gif lib for java
    A re package of the Animated GIF processing classes made available by Kevin Weiner at
  • antutility build analysis gets facelift. html.
  • applet maven plugin
    maven's plugin to generate jnlp, html , js, to merge jars, to sign, to pack200 jar (with support for nativelib, proguard,...).
  • AsyncImageGetter
    AsyncImageGetter is a implementation for non blocked using of Html.ImageGetter.
  • brownbag
    A framework for screen scraping html news items into RSS feeds.
  • BulkMailer
    This project is a simple bulk mailer application made with purpose of send Christmas messages to customers. You can connect to either an local or remote SMTP server, that requires authentication or not. It asks as input an prebuilt HTML email file.
  • code2 html
    Utility to generate html from code for pasting to blogs.
  • Commons Transaction Spring Integration
    A PlatformTransactionManager based on html.
  • content extraction
    extract text content from doc, docx, pdf, rtf, txt. and html files.
  • cucumber jvm report
    Creates a HTML Report of the Cucumber JVM results.
  • daisydiff
    An open source Java library to compare HTML files (forked from
  • data exporter
    data exporter is a Java library to export tabular data (like List of rows) into many output formats like Text Table, CSV, Xml or Html.
  • DJ Native Swing
    Web Browser, Flash Player, HTML editor, Media player for Swing.
  • DJ Sweet
    Flash Player, HTML editor, Media player for SWT.
  • download benchmark
    My implementations of this benchmark scenario, some of them used from there: java actor frameworks compared.html.
  • dsm maven plugin
    Maven plugin to create HTML report to show dependecies in DSM view.
  • Editize
    A WYSIWYG HTML editor Java applet originally developed by SitePoint Pty Ltd and sold commercially via Now released open source and free.
  • elasticsearch view plugin
    The ElasticSearch View Plugin provides a simple way to render ElasticSearch documents in HTML , XML or text.
  • elliptic benchmark
    Benchmark developed and published by Ellipticgroup / Brent Boyer, html /benchmarkingArticle. html. This is the latest version of the Benchmark as provided by Brent, stripped down to what's actually needed for the Benchmark class.
  • energy3d
    Energy3D presents an easy to use 3D user interface for designing model buildings. Students can quickly sketch up a house, a building, or even a villiage. Energy3D allows students to "print out" a design, cut out the pieces, and use them to assemble a physical model. html.
  • extproc sample
    jcf extproc html web sample.
  • Firebolt
    Automatic PSD to HTML conversion.
  • Galileo Openbook Cleaner
    HTML cleaner for Galileo Computing's openbooks, implemented in Java.
  • Gantz Html TagLibs
    HTML jsp tags that are context aware.
  • halbuilder
    Java based builder for the Hal specification
  • hello world hk2 sample
    Experiment based on html.
  • horaz
    Horaz is a cross platform framework for writing mobile applications in Java and HTML. It bases on GWT, Phonegap and jQuery mobile.
  • hsoy templates
    HTML templates shared between client and server (JVM).
  • html 2jsr286
    JSR286 portlet bridge for webservices.
  • html 5gwt
    something html 5 for gwt.
  • html 5video appcelerator module
    Appcelerator version of html 5webview/.
  • Html Cleaner
    Open source HTML parser.
  • html compressor
    Java Html Compressor, just add filter "org.cweili.htmlcompressor.HtmlCompressorFilter" to your web application.
  • HTML Encrypter
    HTML Encrypter is designed as an accessible and easy to use encryption software.This Java based HTML encrypter uses the following JavaScript encryption algorithms: MARC4, Blowfish, TEA, AES to encrypt HTML source codes.
  • Html Flow
    Java library for writing HTML documents in a fluent style.
  • html miner
    fetching data from web into Java classes or just as strings.
  • HTML to BBCode converter
    University Project for "Engineering Software" subject.
  • html to png server
    HTTP server which accepts HTML and outputs PNG representations of it.
  • Html Tokenize
    Java library to handle tokenising of html and stripping of selected html tags.
  • htmlcompressor
    A Java library for minifying HTML , XML, and PHP source by removing extra whitespaces, comments and other unneeded characters without breaking the content structure.
  • htmlcompressor maven plugin
    Maven HTMLCompressor Plugin allows to compress HTML /XML files by adding a few lines to the pom file.
  • htmlelements
    Html Elements is a Java framework providing easy to use way of interaction with web page elements in web page tests.
  • htmlparser
    Mirror of the HTML parser used by the validator.
  • htmlplus
    Html Plus is a server side template library for java platform.
  • HTMLValidator
    JAR which validates local files or URIs against any html validator compatible with or
  • iBreed
    Hybrid applicaion framework ( JavaFX /HTML).
  • inproctester
    Html Unit and WebDriver extensions to enable in process testing of web applications.
  • jasmine maven plugin
    Maven plugin to execute Jasmine Specs. Creates your HTML runners for you, runs headlessly, outputs JUnit XML.
  • jasper xml to pdf generator
    The command line tool to generate DOCX, HTML , ODT, PDF, PNG, RTF, XLS files from jrxml template.
  • JauzaFX
    interactive html extraction and rdf annotation.
  • Java Paste HTML API
    Paste HTML API written in Java.
  • JavaFx structure demo
    A JavaFx demo application which uses the structure discussed in my series of blogposts at javafx structuring your application.html.
  • jcreole
    Java library that translates Creole Wikitext to HTML , with spec conformant extensions.
  • jhql
    The JSON HTML Query Language, a XPath and JSON based utility to extract interested contents from HTML documents.
  • jmeter sla report
    JMeter HTML report generator based on JAMON.
  • Jorma s Revenge
    Must have infinite project: ASCII based J2SE rpg with html based level editor.
  • jsonrpc2 server
    Simple and efficient Java framework for processing JSON RPC 2.0 requests and notifications (clone rpc 2.0 server.html).
  • JsTestDriverCoverageReport
    javascript coverage report?it can generate html report by google JSTestDriver file.
  • junit benchmarks
    Fork of benchmarks. html supporting performance degradation detection.
  • leek
    Java views for HTML abstraction.
  • LoxaWebSiteExport
    Plugin for Gephi, export SNA to html.
  • Mockey
    Mockey is a tool for testing application interactions over http, with a focus on testing web services, specifically web applications that consume XML, JSON, and HTML.
  • MockingDroid
    Template app for easy HTML mockups for interactive usability testing.
  • modulaise
    Tools suite for enterprise grade HTML frontend development.
  • moulder j
    A jQuery like HTML templating library written in Java.
  • mullet
    Logic less HTML templates. It's like Mustache but the variables are in HTML attributes.
  • multiline
    An implementation of multiline string literals in Java, using Javadoc comments. This project is originated from the blog post of Adrian Walker ( multiline string. html ).
  • officeTo Html
    convert ms office files to html.
  • OFXBankBridge
    set of classes that allows you to create web conversation with any bank and convert results ( HTML , CSV) int OFX format.
    Handles OpenDocument files and translates them into html.
  • openmrs module htmlformentry
    HTML Form Entry module.
  • openmrs module htmlformentry19ext
    Extensions to the HTML Form Entry module to support OpenMRS 1.9 changes.
  • openmrs module htmlwidgets
    A set of reusable HTML form field widgets in order encapsulate the common input requirements for OpenMRS.
  • osw web
    Web client (static HTML and Javascript) built with Google Web Toolkit.
  • page debugging
    a simple tool to track the embeded fragments in a html page.
  • pbkdf2 java
    Java implementation of PBKDF2 from html.
  • PDFRenderer
    SwingLabs' pdf renderer, pure Java PDF renderer. See also: 06 2008/jw 06 opensourcejava pdf renderer. html.
  • PHP Boiler Plate
    Use PHP includes in your HTML project and deliver clean raw HTML to the client.
  • play pdf
    Render a PDF document from your HTML template.
  • pptx2 html
    PowerPoint OOXML (2007) to HTML conversion via ANTLR.
  • readabilityBUNDLE
    A bundle of html content extraction algorithms.
  • reportng
    An HTML /XML reporting plugin for TestNG.
  • scraper
    A simple Java html scraper.
  • scriptyhc
    A Scripty Home Companion HTML Project Build System for a Specific Structure.
  • sequence
    A fork of Alex Moffat's sequence ( html ).
  • spatialindex
    Unofficial mirror of Spatial Index Library from html.
  • StaticPages
    Build static html sites!.
  • testatoo html 4
    Cartridge HTML 4 to test HTML websites.
  • The Nothing System
    A new technology based on ideas of Niklaus Wirth and his Oberon System, written in Java, aiming to replace HTML based Internet.
  • thymeleaf eclipse plugin
    My attempt to add autocompletion support for Thymeleaf to the Eclipse WTP HTML editor.
  • tldgen
    TLD and HTML code generation from javadoc annotations.
  • vraptor html dsl
    A library to write HTML using pure Java. Don't break your URLs anymore!.
  • Wandledi
    An HTML transformation library.
  • Web Pagination Finder
    Find out the next page link from any html pages.
  • webfx
    Using Java FX as the new HTML for web browsing.
  • woody
    woody is html extractor. woody come from a woodpecker what cartoon character of disney.
  • XmlSearchAndReplacePlugin
    Plugin for IntelliJ IDEA implementing dreamweaver like search&replace feature for xml/ html tags.
  • YaHP Converter
    YaHP is a Java library that allows you to convert an HTML document into a PDF document.

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