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  • 3scale ws api for java
    3scale integration plugin for Java applications. 3scale is an API Infrastructure service which handles API Keys, Rate Limiting, Analytics, Billing Payments and Developer Management. Includes a configurable API dashboard and developer portal CMS. More product stuff at, support information at
  • airbrake java
    The official Java library for
  • alfredo
    Alfredo, Java HTTP SPNEGO.
  • Atros
    Atros is a log viewer. It's geared towards the Java logging frameworks ( Java_logging_framework ), but should be able to parse most logs. Atros uses VFS2, which helps to abstract access to remote files, so that you can tail.
  • bandcamp4j
    A Java client for the Bandcamp API (see ).
  • buji pac4j
    Java multi protocols (CAS, OAuth, OpenID, HTTP...) client for the Apache Shiro library (based on pac4j).
  • camel in daily use
    Sample project for an article series published at
  • camel social
    The Camel Social component is a PoC to poll social data in a uniform way from social networks. Forked from social /.
  • ClayServer
    Simple Java based HTTP Server to locally host Web GL Websites.
  • clearcut
    PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE CODE FROM A simple Java dependency injection framework for geeks who have to use Java and don't like XML.
  • collector http
    Libraries and applications for collecting, importing, committing, and manipulating data from and to various data sources (e.g. crawling web sites).
  • common net http
    A lightweight Java HTTP library and web server.
  • couchbase capi server
    An abstract Java HTTP server for pretending to be a Couchbase Server node.
  • coverartarchive api
    Java data bindings for the Cover Art Archive (
  • cypher http examples
    Examples on how to connect to the Cypher endpoints from Java with different http libraries.
  • ddd sample
    An SVN import of the Domain Driven Design (DDD) example project hosted on
  • delicious api
    A simple client API for Delicious ( social bookmark.
  • dribbble java client
    Java client library for accessing APIs.
  • ews java
    Exchange Web Services for Java. This is imported from
  • EWS Java API
    A fork of Java API for Exchange by Microsoft (
  • fast http
    Fast HTTP protocol with separate netty+disruptor based server.
  • feign
    Feign makes writing java http clients easier.
  • lab
    Examples and experiments from
  • Go API Client
    Client to access Go (Thoughtworks Studios Release Management tool) HTTP API.
  • hbci4 java
    Fork of HBCI4 Java (from http://hbci4, that contains support for chipTAN, smsTAN, HHD, SEPA and other fixes/enhancements.
  • headlines
    A collection of HTTP response headers to elevate the security of your web app!.
  • http client
    A Java high performance throughput oriented HTTP client library based on Netty.
    Simple java web server application.
  • httpbridge
    A http bridge for openfire jabber server.
  • httpsimple
    A layer to simplify the use of http libraries in Java clients. Intended to make the consumption of web services easier.
  • idescat java
    UNMAINTAINED. Implementaci? en Java de l' API de Idescat ( api /) / Java implementation of the Catalan Institute of Statistics API.
  • imeji
    imeji is a scientific multimedia data repository with dedicated metadata management. A detailed description as well as an installation guide and contact informations can be found here: Community.
  • io api
    the demo code of api.
  • io webservices api. java
    Java API for the webservices available at
  • jackson dataformat smile
    Jackson extension that adds support for Smile (see
  • java http client benchmark
    Benchmark for several Java HTTP clients.
  • Java HttpProxy
    Java Http Proxy Framework.
  • java oembed
    Simple oembed implementation for Java based on Apache Http Client.
  • JavaStub Server
    An HTTP server used in tests to provide canned responses to expected requests.
  • JCalc
    Simple Java Calculator based on the multi agent framework Jade (
  • jersey
    This is an active mirror of Jersey 2.x workspace from http://jersey. Any changes made here are automatically propagated to and vice versa. Forks and pull requests are welcome!.
  • jogetworkflow
    development capabilities (consisting of processes, forms, lists, CRUD and UI), not just back end EAI/orchestration/integration or the task based interface for traditional workflow/BPM products. So for example , build a CRM sales force automation app instead of just a sales quotation approval process. The compiled binaries are available for download at
  • JTornado
    Java Http Server based on Tornadoweb.
  • JWebThumb
    JWebThumb is Java API for Web Thumb (http:// Web web service API for generating web thumbnails and full size snapshots of websites.
  • luke
    (was: fork of to support 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 4.5 (binary builds are on https:// ).
  • mapfish print
    A component of for printing templated cartographic maps. This module is the java serverside module. It works well with the mapfish print javascript module.
  • mesh network
    Simple mesh network demo based on the Flash demo at
  • meteor websms
    A Java API and a command line tool for sending SMS messages via the Irish mobile operator Meteor's subscriber website,
  • mockserver
    MockServer is an API to enable the easy mocking of any system you integrate with via HTTP (i.e. services, web sites, etc) from either Java or Java Script.
  • nanohttpd
    Tiny, easily embeddable HTTP server in Java.
  • netty http client
    An asynchronous http client in Java , with a clean, callback based API, using Netty 4.x.
  • ninjatodo
    Ninja To Do is a minimalist To Do list in Java , originally ported from mytinytodo 1.4.2 ( and then enhanced. Ninja To Do is built on top of the Play Framework 1.2.4 ( Ninja To Do is best for agile development teams because it is light weight, collaborative, and mobile friendly.
  • Orweb
    Proxy capable and Privacy aware Web Browser for use with Orbot's localhost 8118 proxy, or any HTTP proxy server.
  • P2P Filesharing App
    A file sharing application for P2P network. The application is implemented by using Pastry
  • pac4j
    Profile & Authentication Client in Java for CAS, OAuth, OpenID, HTTP... protocols.
  • RBloomberg
    server api version of Java RBloomberg code cf for the primary source.
  • Sample Web Server
    a sample http server write by java.
  • service proxy
    API Gateway and reverse HTTP proxy framework written in Java.
  • simplegeo java client
    A Java HTTP client that accesses the SimpleGeo API.
  • SocialAgents
    Simulation of multiagent system that follow a simple gradient messaging system. Depends on the ECJ Framework ( Java _Evolutionary_Computation_Toolkit). Java SDK 1.4.
  • tinyhttp
    An implementation of a HTTP Server Framework written in java. I started this project, because I couldn't find a Tiny HTTP Server framework suitable for my necessities, such as Session, Cookies, HTTP/HTTPS, Asynchronous IO, etc.
  • Turntable
    A java based bot API for
  • unirest java
    Unirest in Java : Simplified, lightweight HTTP library.
  • xmlwise
    a fork of xmlwise at
  • YubiHSM java api
    This is a java library ( API ) for the YubiHSM,

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