List of Free code WebSite


  • Analytics
    Provides analytical data on New York Senate websites and social media usage.
  • api themoviedb
    API for website.
  • api thetvdb
    API for TheTVDB,com website.
  • diztorted
    Diztorted Dimension (DD) web site ( Java reimplementation).
  • news goggles
    News Goggles is the name of an imaginary web site focused on daily news feeds. A proof of concept rules engine uses Prolog and Java integration to apply matchmaker rules. These rules dispatch news feeds to readers based on their personal preferences.
  • pHSimple Java Website
    This is a simple Java site using the EL tag (Expression Language) and the JSTL ( Java Server Pages Standard Tag Library) for the views. This Java site to multilingual support (i18n).
  • SaveTV Download Manager
    A tool written in java for automated downloads of recordings from the German TV Recording Web Site
  • sun2010
    Web site data extractor and parser, Implemented in Java.
  • weblech
    A java program to slurp a web site.

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