List of Free code Web


  • able
    Able is a modern Java web development stack.
  • allegro webapi
    Allegro Web API WSDL converted to Java.
  • appletmediaproject
    UPNP media server in a java web applet.
  • AproposQuiz
    A system written in Java which is capable to automatically generate quizzes. The questions are linked to each other. The system uses ontologies and other semantic web technologies.
  • Baconytics
    Student Project A web based tool that will scrape, aggregate, and analyze data from Reddit and present interesting visual representations on trending topics.
  • Barista
    Java based web server.
  • beans
    Google Web Toolkit Sample App with Backend.
  • beard
    Beard conceals a sleek java core under a scruffy guise of an HTML5/CSS3/JS web 2.whatever app. Using Beard, you can deploy your app in a browser and gain powerful client side computation and processing intensive rapid response goodness, and you can also.
  • bearhttp
    small web server in Java.
  • belajar ws
    Sample Code Web Service dengan Java.
  • BikeStats
    TFL Cycle Hire API A web scraper to fetch the docking station data from the TfL Cycle Hire Website.
  • bing search java
    A simple wrapper for the new (2012) Bing Web Search API.
  • bioclipse. social
    Bioclipse Social Linking Bioclipse to the Social Web.
  • Blackboard Java WebservicesBBHelper
    A series of helper objects that abstract dealing with the blackboard API to POJO's that allow serialization, this allows the code to be fronted by your choice of web protocol (SOAP/REST/Something else!).
  • boilerplate
    Boilerplate code for creating lightweigth Java 6 web apps.
  • bookclub
    Semantic Web coursework for OBU's semantic web lecture.
  • brainfarm
    Java implementation of the NEAT algorithm with Experiments, Java GUI and Web GUI.
  • build utils
    Some utilities addressing common needs in ( java based) web projects.
  • BulkTrendClient
    A sample java client for the BulkTrendServer Web CTRL trend data service.
  • Cakery
    Java , Web Driver, TestNG.
  • Calibre
    A light weight Java web server using Netty.
  • camera webstore
    A camere webstore using Enterprise Java Beans, Webservices and Java Persistent API, developed in the ambit of Systems Integration course from the Master in Informatics Engineering.
  • clooj
    a not need restart web develop environment for java.
  • cocktail
    Mixing web services in Java.
  • CoffeeMud
    Full featured, mature MUD supporting MSP, MXP, OLC, with a web server , mail server , and MORE!.
  • collective congress
    An open source web platform for democratic decision making and data management.
  • cometd
    The CometD project, a scalable comet ( server push) implementation for web messaging.
  • Commerce Web Services Java
    The Java implementation of Commerce Web Services (CWS) sample code demonstrating how to integrate with our API.
  • crawler
    Simple java web crawler.
  • crawler4j
    Open Source Web Crawler for Java.
  • databasesproject13
    Project 1.3 Web Interface.
  • dddutils remote
    A java implemented lightweight web server.
  • directed edge bindings
    Open Source bindings to the Directed Edge webservices API.
  • dota2stats
    Java Library that allows access to all Dota2 Stats provided by Valves Web API.
  • dropedit
    Student project for a java powered web based Dropbox text editor.
  • DuTrack Web Service Java
    Restlet based Java webservice (deprecated).
  • earthquake event webservice
    Earthquake Event Webservice Java API.
  • egoweb
    Tool for egocentric network interviewing web version of Egonet.
  • enunciate
    Build time enhancement tool for Java based Web services projects.
  • ep2300
    An outlier detection system in Java using SNMPv3( Web NMS API) to monitor the status of a network.
  • eRDF
    Library to query the Web of Data with evolutionary algorithms.
  • EuroStat
    Publishing Eurostat as Linked Data on the web.
  • franggo
    Franggo Social web status massificator!.
  • gallery remote
    Gallery Remote is a desktop client that lets you interact with the Gallery web based photo management system.
  • genyris
    Inspired by the Semantic Web , Genyris presents a new programming paradigm. Objects can belong to multiple classes independant from construction. Indentation reduces parentheses yet retains the power of Lisp. External Java libraries can be imported.
  • gizmo
    A graphical web proxy written in Java. It is designed to be speedy, with the user interfaced centered around keyboard use. It should do what you want, and then get out of your way.
  • go and java
    A comparison of a simple web service both written in Java and Go.
  • google maps java
    Java client library for the Google web services.
  • GreekGsisTaxNo Java Client
    Java client for the web service providing information about greek businesses.
    Provides Web access to mobile (and other) network enablers SMS/MMS, Location, Payments.
  • gwtetris
    A Tetris clone written in Java using the Google Web Toolkit.
  • hibiscus. server
    server part of hibiscus (contains the web interface and scheduler).
  • hqapi
    Web Service API for Hyperic HQ.
  • HR Web Services Examples Java
    Examples of integrating with Maestro SOAP web services using Axis 2 in Java and ColdFusion.
  • httpx
    P2P web proxy in Java.
  • I377 esk
    Web Programming and Design with Java.
  • Indicee BI API Java Library
    A Java library providing convenient wrappers around the Indicee BI Web API.
  • IP
    A plain Java Web project for IP register.
  • isbndb api
    A Java API for interacting with ISBNDb's web service.
  • J Webserver
    Custom Java web /fileserver implementation for educational porpuses.
  • jarvest
    Java web harvesting library.
  • java api
    Java API to the Eva web service.
  • Java Developer Tools
    Simple developer toolset written in java to help with day to day tasks a web developer might face.
  • java examples
    Trening Javy grupy Web dev.
  • java integration
    Svea Web Pay integration package for Java.
  • java microsoft exchange webservice access
    Creating a java client for webservice access of a microsoft exchange server.
  • Java Programs
    CEGs, Web Technology programs..
  • java server
    Simple web server built in java.
  • Java TechExamples
    Examples on how to use various web technologies with Java.
  • Java Text Extractor API
    Implementing java based text extractors as web APIs (currently only Boilerpipe & Goose).
  • Java Tools
    Reusable Java code. The Log API is the most useful for logging events (e.g. web crawler/server logging), debugging, or whatever you want.
  • Java Web
    Java web technology projects.
  • java web
    Just a place to backup my stuff.
  • java web codejive common
    Codejive library of common Java classes.
  • java web codejive web
    Codejive library of web related Java classes.
  • java web crawler
    A web crawler implemented in Java.
  • JAVA Web Forum Web
    Web in Java that emulates a forum.
  • Java Web Projects
    Web Server / Online Store.
  • Java Web Scraper
    Web scraping techniques in Java.
  • java web syntax hiliter
    Syntax highlighting library in Java.
  • JavaAirWeb
    Java Air Web Version.
  • javaqq
    java qq use web qq proctol. I am tring..
  • JavaQuickBooksWeb Connector
    Java sample to QuickBooks Web Connector.
  • JavaWeb UntisClient
    A Web UntisClient for your PC.
  • jcors
    A simple filter for enabling Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) on Java Web Apps.
  • jcrowdflower
    Java api wrappers for CrowdFlower web interface.
  • jhttpd
    Java Micro Web Server.
  • jMTServ
    Simple Java multithreaded web server.
  • jornado
    a web toolkit for java.
  • jpasskit
    jPasskit is an Java ? implementation of the Apple? PassKit Web Service.
  • jresponder
    Email autoresponder written in Java /Spring/JPA/Hibernate. Runs standalone or as.war in Java web container. Focus is on immediate email marketing usability, simplicity and clean architecture.
  • jshop
    Java web store for the quillo's father electrical appliance shop. The J stands for Jaen, where the store is located.
  • jwebstack
    A fully functional Java web development stack.
  • jww
    A Web Watcher program (written in java ).
  • jXHTML
    jXHTML lets you programmatically generate XHTML using Java + Play Framework. It's main purpose is to generate and handle Web forms.
  • KakaoClub
    KakaoClub is a simple social meeting service for Mobile and Web environment.
  • keyring java
    Java utilities to support Keyring for web OS.
  • kune
    Kune is a free/open source federated collaborative social network , focused on collaboration rather than just in communication. That is, it focuses on online real time collaborative editing (based on Apache Wave), decentralized social networking and web.
    Basic libraries used for java web projects.
  • libGPIO
    A small Java library to connect to Web IOPi from Java.
  • libjsms
    Java library sending "short messages" (alias SMS) using free web service of your mobile operator. Currently only Swiss moblie providers are supported, but feel free to add your operator's web interface.
  • LinkedGeo Data
    OpenStreetMap for the Semantic Web.
  • livro Programacao Java Para Web
    C?digo fonte do livro Programacao Java Para Web.
  • lupa
    Web scraping java library.
  • manticore
    Manticore; Java Web Set.
  • meroCrawler
    A Java Web Aggregator.
  • mightycrawler
    A multithreaded web crawler in Java.
  • mikha web utils
    Collection of utility classes to ease Java web development.
    Social Web of Things Ericsson & Mid Sweden University.
  • mobility service
    A simple Java Web Service for my own integration training.
  • mod web server
    Vert.x web server module.
  • modrupal
    Java library interface to Drupal Services web service module.
  • Monadikos
    Focused Crawler on the Social Web.
  • Monetary Ontology Walkabout
    This is my collection of examples and tools for following my exploration of how to work with Web Ontology Language.
    contract for motech ghana webservices.
  • movy parte 1
    VRaptor 3: porque desenvolvimento web em java deve ser simples! ( Java Magazine).
  • movy parte 2
    VRaptor 3: porque desenvolvimento web em java deve ser simples! ( Java Magazine).
  • movy parte 3
    VRaptor 3: porque desenvolvimento web em java deve ser simples! ( Java Magazine).
  • movy parte 4
    VRaptor 3: porque desenvolvimento web em java deve ser simples! ( Java Magazine).
  • mvc. java
    Base MVC Web Service implements in Java.
  • Mvc4j
    Java port of Microsoft's ASP.Net MVC Web stack.
  • ng Web Driver
    AngularJS and Web Driver bits and pieces for Java.
  • nixis commons
    Some handy helper libraries for lightweight java web development.
  • notetonsta web
    Note ton STA ? SUPINFO B3 Java mini project ? Year 2011 2012.
  • NSFoundation4J
    NSFoundation for Java (like Java Foundation in Web Objects).
  • ntis java web services
    This repository contains example Java code for interfacing with the Highways Agency NTIS system.
  • oasis wsn tools
    OASIS Web service notification Java Tools.
    OO jDREW: the object oriented extension of the Java Deductive Reasoning Engine for the Web (jDREW).
  • OOSWT Bank Server
    Simple banking server with web based front end in java.
  • OpenLegislation
    OpenLegislation is a web service that delivers legislative information from the New York State Senate and Assembly to the public in near real time. It is used internally to serve up legislative data for and the Bluebird CRM.
  • opensearchserver
    Open Source Search Engine, Web Crawler, REST/RESTFul API.
  • otr java mirror web
    A mirror system for ( Web Frontend).
  • Pilot
    Java binding for PhoneGap(Apache Cordova), Google Maps and Google Web FontLoader and more...
  • Pooling web server
    A pooling web server in Java.
  • qafqaz java web 2013
    Projects developed during java web programming course for the Qafqaz University Computer Engineering 4th year students 2013.
  • qalingo b2c web batch
    Qalingo : B2C Web Batch Synchronization (opensource Java eCommerce/mCommerce/Marketplace, sync with ERP/CMS/CRM).
  • rdio simple
    Simple Libraries to access Rdio's Web API.
  • RequestForQuote Web Service
    Request For Quote Web Service Java Back end.
  • sameas4j
    A lightweight Java library for the Semantic Web service.
  • sass java
    A Sass compiling filter for Java web apps.
  • sbbs3
    A web based bulletin board system written in Java.
  • screwdriver
    Web asset management for CI builds and local development using a lightweight Java stack.
  • SensorWebClient
    The 52?North SensorWebClient provides easy access to timeseries data provided by web services of the Sensor Web domain.
  • simple feed parser
    A Java based parser for RSS and Atom web feeds.
  • Simple Web Crawler
    simple web crawler written in java.
  • Soap Web Service
    Web service in Java , Consumer in Java and Rails.
  • sphere snowflake
    Sample Web Store based on SPHERE.IO.
  • stress tester
    A simple stress tester written in Java to explore the performance of a web server and to practice the usage of some tools.
  • struts1
    struts1 adalah aplikasi untuk belajar JAVA web menggunakan Struts 1.
  • sunlightlabs api java
    Java code and utilities for interacting with Sunlight Labs web API.
  • sweetmap
    A map representing a crawl of a domain in web. Powred in Java /JEE/Seam.
  • swip
    swip is a SIP web phone working through a java applet. This is a fork() from sipappletjava.
  • TheUChainGame
    The Unbreakable Chain is going to be a web based MMORPG thingymajig, written in Java , it uses a robust base. The project is just for fun.
  • tiktak
    TicTak is a Java project focused on collecting usage feedback data and displaying in a web dashboard.
  • tnh
    (T)he (N)ew (H)otness. Improved full txt search of archival web data.
  • toopher java
    Java bindings for the Toopher web service API.
  • TOSCA Artifacts
    Proof Of concept prototypes( Java Web Services) for OpenTOSCA.
  • VideoChat
    A small POC of WebRTC made with Vaadin 7 alpha 3. NOTE: The web rtc API has changed significantly and used approach doesn't seem to function anymore. Too bad latest Elemental library version doesn't include the fresh API , so custom wrappers are needed.
  • vuzitjava
    Java library for the Vuzit AJAX document viewer web services API.
  • waffle
    Enable drop in Windows Single Sign On for popular Java web servers.
  • Warpzone
    Web based Java clone of Virgin Interactive's Subspace.
  • Web Acc
    Do web accessibility check with webdriver( Java based).
  • web api benchmark
    YCSB like web api benchmark tool.
  • Web Expert
    Java Repository for Gaurav's project.
  • Web Utils
    Web related utilities for Java.
  • webmaths
    Java web services for handling MathML and TeX (intended for use with a Moodle filter).
  • webpage generator java
    A small webpage generator running off a simple custom made programming language. This project includes an interpreter which will build a web page based on the commands sent to the interpreter.
  • WikiNews
    Projeto Java WEB ETI2008.
  • wolfram alpha java binding
    Java Library for the Wolfram|Alpha Web Service API.
  • Wrap Dota
    A simple Java wrapper to Dota 2's Web API which is provided by Valve through Steam.
  • xmpp web client jetty
    Sample xmpp web client implemented with Java Jetty.
  • yandex translator java api
    Java wrapper for the Yandex.Translate machine translation web service API.
  • YazLabChart
    A Chart drawing library for web apps written in Java.
  • yschool mini jeyakaran
    Java web programming crash course.
  • zanata server
    Zanata is a web based system for translators to translate documentation and software online using a web browser.
  • Zilla J
    Simple Java Implementation of a Zuora web store.

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