List of Free code Authentication


  • angular client side auth
    One way to implement authentication/authorization in Angular applications.
  • angular devise
    An example Rails app that uses a Angular.js UI for user signup, authentication, and password retrieval.
  • auth server
    Node application acting as an authentication and portable contacts provider (using OAuth2).
  • authen
    Authentication tools for node.js signing, tokens, password hashes.
  • authentication part 1
    Source code for Embercast: " Client side Authentication Part 1".
  • authentication part 2
    Source code for Embercast: " Client side Authentication Part 2".
  • blog awesome sauce
    A demo application to demonstrate angularjs authentication pattern using the angular http auth interceptor pattern.
  • cansecurity
    nodejs/expressjs authentication and security library.
  • cas server extension duo
    Duo Security Two Factor Authentication for CAS.
  • connect security
    Authentication and authorisation middleware for Connect.
  • contour
    Basic Rails framework files and assets for layout and authentication.
  • CouchApp User Authentication Demo
    Working demo of user authentication in a CouchApp. Requires CouchDB 0.11 UPDATE Please check out jchris/taskr, it supersedes this project.
  • drupanium authentication
    This titanium mobile app is a work in progress. This titanium mobile project includes the drupanium_framework which is being developed. The purpose of this mobile app is to use the drupanium framework components for application, authentication and user.
  • DWD User Authentication
    User auth example with NodeJS, Express, Passport and Mongo.
  • elixir
    Generates elixir money transfer import files. As for now it doesn;t have any authentication solution implemented but it is not needen in my case. Also in controllers paths to files need to be changed etc. and a few minor things. Stylesheet and layout _helper is copied from Ryan Bates project...
  • ember auth
    Authentication framework for ember.js.
  • ember simple auth
    A lightweight and unobtrusive library for implementing token based authentication in Ember.js applications.
  • express auth
    The beginnings of an authentication framework for Largely a port (at least in terms of intent) of
  • facebook invitations demo
    A quick demonstration of how to use OmniAuth for authentication and the Javascript SDK for sending invitation requests to Facebook friends.
  • Google Url Shortener
    Google Url Shortener Lite with OAuth authentication ^ ^.
  • grimvisage
    An example of authentication using Ember.js and Firebase.
  • guardian
    Authentication Proxy Server, instead of dealing with providers now you can authenticate against any service with a simple json data structure and plugin architecture.
  • html5 google authenticator
    A simple application for multi factor authentication, written in HTML using jQuery Mobile (and PhoneGap), jsSHA and LocalStorage.
  • JSDigestAuth
    Digest Authentication using Spring Security and JavaScript.
  • matterhorn user minnow
    user creation, storage, and authentication using the minnow database.
  • memjs
    A memcache client for node using the binary protocol and SASL authentication.
  • meteor chat tutorial
    Example Meteor chat application supporting GitHub authentication.
  • meteor user sessions
    MOSTLY DEAD, SEE README A smart package for authentication and tracking users across requests (based on client sessions).
  • meteor userauth
    User authentication example for Meteor JS.
  • Mvc4.OpenId. Sample
    A sample MVC4 project with OpenID authentication.
  • Nancy.Demo.No Password
    Demo showing how you can implement No Password authentication using Nancy.
  • node auth
    Demonstrate Client Side SSL Certificate Authentication in Node.js and Express.js.
  • Node Express Example Products
    This is a sample app using Node, Connect, Express, Jade, Stylus, file upload, sessions, encryption and authentication.
  • node flickr
    A simple node wrapper for the Flickr API that supports oAuth authentication.
  • node ldapauth
    Simple node.js module to authenticate against an LDAP server.
  • nodejs auth example
    An example of authentication with MongoDB.
  • parseauth
    AngularJS component for Parse authentication.
  • passport auth example
    The most widely used way for websites to authenticate users is via a username and password. Support for this mechanism is provided by the passport local module.
  • passport local
    Username and password authentication strategy for Passport and Node.js.
  • passport mongoose
    MongoDB username and password authentication strategy for Passport using Mongoose.
  • passport oauth2 client password
    OAuth 2.0 client password authentication strategy for Passport.
  • passport oauth2 jwt bearer
    JSON Web Token (JWT) Bearer Token Profiles for OAuth 2.0 client authentication strategy for Passport.
  • password hashing
    Secure authentication using JavaScript password hashing.
  • pattern.js
    pattern.js provides you an easy authentication at login pages and secure password storing.
  • photon.custom authentication
    Sample Client Authentication Services For Exit Games Photon Server.
  • play20 rememberme
    Example Play authentication with remember me cookies.
  • sails starterapp
    A starter Sails app that supports local disk db (dev only) and MongoDb. Also support multiple Authentication methods (Username Password , Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn).
  • sequelize authentication
    A connect module for authentication against a database.
  • Simple Form
    Contact form with client side validation and support for SMTP authentication.
  • SPA Authentication
    Samples of authentication from a SPA.
  • speakeasy
    Easy two factor authentication for node.js. Calculate time based or counter based one time passwords. Supports the Google Authenticator mobile app.
  • spine login example
    quick example of authentication in a spine app. Node.js / express.js backend.
  • spring security test
    Spring MVC with LDAP authentication.
  • srobo external auth
    Student Robotics Network Authentication Client & Server.
  • twitter titanium
    The easiest way to handle Twitter authentication in your Titanium Mobile app.

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