List of Free code Password


  • 1Reader
    A 1 Password keychain reader for 1 Password.
  • activator
    Easy user activation and password reset, with email confirmation, for nodejs.
  • ADAMChange Password
    Change a users password in ADAM or AD LDS with minimum privilages.
  • angular shims placeholder
    Add Angular directive to emulate attribute ?placeholder? in text and password input fields for browsers, such as IE8 and below.
  • arrispwgen
    A " password of the day" generator for Arris TM602A cable modems.
  • awspass
    Javascrypt password manager in Amazon S3.
  • BugMeNot
    Find logins/ passwords for websites that force you to register.
  • chrome password maker
    Easy Password Maker for Google Chrome.
  • chrome password reminder
    Chrome extension password reminder.
  • chrome passwordmaker
    A chrome extension based on Create unique passwords for every webpage using a hashing algorythm.
  • codebox
    A little password protected box that teaches school kids the importance of cryptography.
  • Correct Horse
    (Battery staple.) A better password generator.
  • Countersign
    Countersign is just a simple password manager!.
  • cryptobox
    Bunch of Ruby scripts to manage passwords database.
  • cryptobox2
    Bunch of Ruby scripts and simple HTML application to manage passwords database.
  • cryptonite
    Web App for managing and sharing password and other sensitive securely.
  • doh
    Domain Hash password generator.
  • enablePlaceholder
    Sturdy and very lightweight jQuery plugin to enable same HTML5 placeholder functionality in all browsers. Note: password placeholder is not supported in favor of simplicity.
  • endecrypt
    Password based en /decryption of arbitrary data with and for node.js.
  • enlargeyourpassword
    Tired of reusing that same old password all over the web? Spice it up and get a real strong password ! Coming in seven sizes from XXS to our favorite XXL.
  • EpiPass
    Epitech Password Sheet Manager.
  • freepass
    Per domain password generation tool.
  • FreeSafe
    WEB crypted password container.
  • fxos app hass
    Hass Password generation app for FirefoxOS.
  • generator password
    An application to generate new passwords easily.
  • giuliani
    Chrome extension for storing eid and password credentials on all utexas subdomains.
  • gombot
    (EXPERIMENTAL) The server component of a product that remembers your passwords for you.
  • Grid Mapper
    Map reports from first responders on a grid overlay. See Grid MapAuth for password protection with Node.js.
  • handshake js
    Open source JavaScript API for authenticating your users without requiring a password.
  • hash
    Generates unique passwords for each site based off of a master password. No storage necessary.
  • Hashwords
    Some nifty JS code for auto generating strong passwords per domain using one way hashes.
  • html5random pass gen
    Random password generator via knockout.js.
  • ignotifier chrome
    Multiple account Gmail notifier for Chrome (without storing passwords ).
  • image passwords
    HTML5 Canvas: Generating keys from memorable image sequences.
  • jpgen
    A password generator inspired by the xkcd Password Strength comic.
  • jquery. password Mask
    jquery. password Mask is a jQuery plugin to allow users the ability to toggle password masking.
  • jQuery. password Strength
    jQuery. password Strength is a small jQuery plugin that visualizes the strength of a password entered into an input field.
  • jquery.pwstrength
    A jQuery plugin to indicate the strength of passwords.
  • jquerypasswordrevelator
    With a button in the box that allows you to see the password when the user clicks on it and hide when the user no longer holds the button as in W8.
  • js scrypt
    Emscripten compiled Javascript version of scrypt, a high quality password based key derivation function.
    Compact One Time Password Generator (RFC6238).
  • jsvault
    A JavaScript based password vault web app.
  • keepasshttp
    KeePass plugin to expose password entries securely (256bit AES/CBC) over HTTP.
  • keepitsafe
    A place to store passwords.
  • keybearer
    Allow M of N friends to combine secret passwords to unlock your file.
  • keyring
    Keyring for webOS Easy password management on your phone.
  • kpwdmanagement
    Tiny multi user password management with webbased interface.
  • LastWord
    Deterministic password re generator and manager.
  • Lazy Hamilton
    Distributed computing with a web service to break (double) hashed password.
  • libpwsafejs
    Javascript library for Twofish encrypted Password Safe databases.
  • LockMyApp
    A SIMBL plugin to lock cocoa applications with a password.
  • macguffin
    HMAC password generator for Chromium.
  • Mellt
    A brute force password checker that returns a meaningful number describing the real world strength of your password.
  • memorablepw
    GAE app which continuously tweets memorable passwords.
  • MintSync
    Password Syncronisation Server & Browser Clients Extensions.
  • mkpasswd
    Generate a password from a master password , an username and a service name (Dutch).
  • mongoose hashed field
    A hashed password field plugin for Mongoose.
  • my password
    My Password is a password manager based encryption. This means that the My Password will never store your keys on your computer or online. Avoiding them to be lost or intercepted.
  • nakedpassword
    jQuery plugin to encourage strong user passwords.
  • ninja casino
    User registration / lost password support for Ninja Framework.
  • node boilerplate users
    Same as my node boilerplate but with support for user accounts using passport local strategy and bcrypt for salty, hashy passwords.
  • node userdb
    A user+ password API for managing user credentials.
  • nswp
    Not So Weak Passowrds, a password generator based on SHA1.
  • onceler
    A one time password library for node.js.
  • One Password
    Utilities that enable users to generate strong passwords from one masterkey.
  • onepasswordjs
    JavaScript implementation of the 1 Password cloud keychain.
  • oplop
    Adaptation of the official Oplop password generator at with offline, iOS, and Google Gadget support.
  • pak dh client
    An RFC 5683 compatible password authenticated key (PAK) Diffie Hellman (DH) exchange client.
  • PartialMaskField
    Provides capability for partial password masking on a Titanium TextField.
  • PassBox
    Securely store your passwords on Dropbox.
  • Passcodes
    A hash based password management system.
  • passfield
    Advanced javascript password field.
  • passforge
    zero storage password management.
  • passhasher
    Generate Passwords by Hashing them.
  • passify webos
    Passify is a simple password generator for Palm webOS. The user can choose to generate a password between 4 and 20 characters in length and can specify whether numbers, symbols, or mixed case should be used. Once a password is generated, it can easily be copied to the webOS clipboard to be used in other applications.
  • passkeep
    A password manager built in rails.
  • PassSafe
    Browser based password safe.
  • passup.js
    A hacker's tool for keeping web passwords up to date.
  • passwd
    A simple password generator in node.js.
  • password
    A handy jQuery plugin to allow you to check any password field live.
  • password .web
    Web based multi user password manager with client side encryption using CryptoJS.
  • password helper
    A set of simple tools for managing passwords in your browser.
  • Password Meter
    a generic password checker.
  • Password Pusher
    Password Pusher is a Ruby on Rails application to communicate passwords over the web. Links to passwords expire after a certain number of views and/or time has passed. Hosted at
  • password self service
    Let Active Directory users to change their passwords via a webpage.
  • password sheets
    Rails site to generate password sheets.
  • password strength
    password meter jquery plugin.
  • password strength spike
    A spike on the password strength from
  • password Strength.js
    A javascript module to add a password strength meter easily.
  • Password
    A simple microsite for testing the strength of passwords.
  • Password Tags
    Adds user specified tags to Mozilla Toolkit's Password Manager.
  • Password Test
    Web application to test your password.
  • password toggle
    jQuery plugin to toggle an input between password and text.
  • passwordgen
    Chrome extension that generates passwords based on a master password and current domain.
  • passwordgen.js
    Password generator for the command line.
  • passwordmaker
    Password Maker Chrome Extension.
  • passwordpeek
    A bookmarklet and Chrome extension for temporarily revealing the contents of a password field.
  • passwordthing scala
    Play application implementing a simple password safe.
  • passwordwidget
    A password generator widget for Mac OSX Spotlight.
  • passy
    A password generator for Ubiquity.
  • Personal Password Manager
    Personal password manager lets your maintain your custom password manager on google apps engine.
  • PGPPwdTool
    An HTML5 app to locally store a PGP encrypted password list.
  • phash
    one password to hash them all.
  • Play20StartApp
    Starting APP Play Framework 2.0, with Signup, Signin, Reset password, Change Email from Settings... Common uses cases.
  • ppd
    PPD: PGP Passwords via Dropbox.
  • prevue.js
    A jQuery password preview plugin.
  • Privacy Plugin
    A privacy plugin for WordPress that password protects an entire blog.
  • psswrd
    Show/hide toggling for password inputs.
  • PWChecker
    jQuery Strong Password Plugin: Power PWChecker.
  • pwdhash.safariextension
    PwdHash Safari browser extension generates theft resistant passwords.
  • pwgen for bios
    Password generator for BIOS.
  • pwhash
    Generate password hashes from the command line.
  • regenboog
    So long, and thanks for all the passwords !.
  • reset password dialog
    Customised login page for Alfresco Share, including a password reset dialog that can be used to recover a lost password.
  • Riak Backed Password Vault
    A password vault based on the Riak document database.
  • rndy
    Utility for managing passwords.
  • roswell
    A simple self hosted password management server.
  • Sails Full Auth
    Sails JS Full Auth with Passport and Password Hash.
  • Saved Password Editor
    Gecko application to allow creating and editing saved passwords.
  • setpass
    Reset your password for multiple services at once.
  • SHA1 256 Password encoder
    Flex MD5 / SHA1 256 Password encoder.
  • Show Passwords
    A Google Chrome extension that reveals passwords on focus.
  • ShowHackathon Password
    A Windows 8 Metro style app which displays a password to register for a hackathon.
  • SimpleSafe
    Simple Online Password Storage.
  • sixarm ruby password attribute ? Ruby ? Password Attribute module to add BCrypt to an ActiveRecord model.
  • supergenpass
    A free bookmarklet password generator.
  • Tapsure
    A browser extension that allows you to tap your passwords.
  • telepathy
    A telepathic password manager.
  • text vault
    Chrome Packaged App for Encrypted Notes / Passwords.
  • Trunkeys
    Password Manager App for BlackBerry.
  • unip
    Online HTML5 password calculator for most popular web services.
  • uniqpass
    An Chrome extension could generate unique passwords for you on different sites.
  • upfile wd exp
    When I open that url it need to ask for password and once the password is correct it need to download the file. The URL should not work after the expiry date and should display message "URL was expired".
  • uupg
    Universally Unique Password Generator.
  • Wasabiii
    Super duper simple password generator.
  • web safe
    A browser based online password safe solution.
  • webos otp
    Simple WebOS application implementing both RFC 4226 (counter based) and 6238 (time based) for generating one time password. Compatible with Google Authenticator.
  • worker users
    creates user databases , user confirmations, forgot passwords, etc.
    Generate XKCD passwords that is easy to remember and hard to guess.
  • yet another password manager
    super straight forward single user json aes based online password manager.
  • zarafa webapp passwd
    Plugin to add functionality of changing of password from zarafa webapp.
  • zkpwman
    A simple zero knowledge password manager.
  • ZScalerSux
    This is my extension for Chrome which allows you to save a username and password for your Zscaler login screen to avoid losing as much time as possible.

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