List of Free code Security


  • 0d1n
    just another web security tool.
  • apiengine client
    Api Engine Web Client Turbo charge your APIs with our secure & collaborative API document builder & distribution platform.
  • applicati
    Object and web framework based on a Capability Security Model.
  • AuthenticationAngularJS
    This code is an example to create secured routes in AngularJS.
  • aws security groups
    AngularJS application to allow you to visually manage and inspect AWS security groups.
  • beepbop
    Computer Security class project.
  • bvd
    CI Monitor is a tool for monitoring and presenting the status of CI Builds running on multiple Jenkins installation for Voltage Security.
  • CF Sandbox Security
    ColdFusion Scriplet that check for Tag restrictions.
  • cnam security
    Der Blog zur Vorlesung Sicherheit und Netze.
  • commons user
    Example of Full Stack Java/Spring/Flex/Javascript security implementation.
  • content security policy test
    A Google Chrome extension showing how to use underscore's templating abilities.
  • course
    Spring Security Video Course with Packt.
  • CPrakash. Security .ActiveSTS
    WIF based Active STS A Fun Project.
  • cradle security
    This module is a simple extension of the Cradle module for CouchDB database.
  • cryptocat chrome
    Cryptocat app for Google Chrome benefits in security by loading code locally.
  • csp playground
    Content Security Policy (CSP) Playground.
  • csp talk 2013
    Talk on Content Security Policy given at HTML5DevConf 2013.
  • csp tester
    This extension helps web masters to test web application behaviour with Content Security Policy (CSP) ver. 1.0 implemented.
  • Cybersecurity wiki tables
    Custom tables for the cyber security wiki.
  • daybed keypass
    daybed keypass is a Javascript WebApp that store password the secure way. With offline usage and online synchronization.
  • deuxdrop
    Deuxdrop is a secure messaging system designed for mobile phones and desktops. The messaging protocol is distributed similar to email but built with real security /identity and contact addressing similar to chat systems like jabber.
  • DotnetKoelnBonnSTS
    The Security Token Service of the dotnet K?ln/Bonn e.V.
  • faye client with security
    Faye Sinatra App and web client with security extension.
  • fh security demo app
    Demo app to show how to use $fh.sec APIs.
  • Fireshark
    fireshark is a web security toolset enabling linkage and analysis of potentially damaging websites.
  • flack jacket
    Security audit demonstration application.
  • Framework Security
    Contains examples and POC to consider on framework security.
  • geoserver security
    This optional module allows one to delegate layer administration to groups of users. Tested with GeoServer 1.7.x only.
  • happy to security
    A fun filled walk through security careers step by step...
  • helmet
    Collection of middleware to implement various security headers for Express / Connect.
  • hood
    Cover your head. Security headers middlware.
  • http nowhere
    A browser extension to block unencrypted web traffic for added security.
  • https everywhere
    Encrypt the Web! Automatically use HTTPS security on many sites.
  • ip security camera viewer
    Displays a wall of constantly refreshing IP cameras. For surveillance or random fun.
  • jsprime
    a javascript static security analysis tool.
    The raw source site for my github page. This is required because github will not run jekyll plugins for security reasons.
  • kss
    Security via keystroke biometrics.
  • lab spring mvc
    spring+spring mvc+spring security +hibernate.
  • Leave Management System
    the Leave.Employee can apply for leave after login.Total holidays will be automatically generated as total of working days and holidays falling within Leave date range.The system is secure and address all the aspect of employee management in any organization.
  • lusca
    Application security for express apps.
  • mapsona
    A compact mapping application for low bandwidth and high security scenarios.
  • mechhome nodejs
    A framework for DIY home automation and security monitoring in node.js.
  • MinnoxAlarm
    Home automation and security.
  • mouseware
    Secure random passwords in javascript.
  • moz dashboard
    Mozilla ( Security ) Dashboard.
  • moz websecbugs
    Mozilla Web Security Bugs Dashboard.
  • narwhal couchdb
    CouchDB Client common js secure module.
  • network security notes
    Notes about class on Network Security held by prof. Nicola Laurenti on 2nd semester 2013 at UniPD.
  • ng security service
    GoCardless Angular Security Service.
  • node apt repo
    An apt repo that uses S3 as a backend and has basic token security.
  • node client sessions
    secure sessions stored in cookies.
  • node secure config
    A simple module for loading application configuration settings from JSON files.
  • node security middleware
    Security middleware for Node.js.
  • node srp
    Secure Remote Password (SRP).
  • node sts
    Simple security token service for SharePoint.
  • NodeJS Keychain
    A security oriented keychain web service.
  • NodeMinder.js
    Linux video camera security and surveillance solution based on ZoneMinder and developed on top of a node.js stack.
  • noderemote
    Remote process launcher/killer with web interface. Node.js project. Security not built in.
  • NSAP
    Network Security Assessment Platform.
  • ntrace
    Command line security tool to detect Cross Site Tracing vulnerabilities, written in node.
  • Oauth2orizeRecipes
    OAuth2 security recipes and examples based on OAuth2orize.
  • oneshallpass
    A little self contained web page for making secure Web passwords. Works offline.
  • PackageStore
    A JavaScript library that allows for flexible storage of data in a secure manner.
  • Panel of Lamb
    Provoke online security at your event via full disclosure!.
  • PassableChrome
    A Chrome extension to generate highly secure passwords.
  • PassableDesktop
    Easy, secure password management.
  • pastie
    Pastie is a secure internal paste bin that runs inside your own network , separate from the public Internet.
  • pcrypt
    Javascript encryption for privacy and security in cloud computing.
  • Photo Box
    Example photo storing application to experiment with express security.
  • RndPhrase
    RndPhrase: Auto generated secure passwords.
  • roma timesheet
    A Rails project that consist on a timesheet (or hours register). The main idea of this project is building up the requirements and implementing software security practices, in order to learn specific security enhancements that can be useful in most of the applications.
  • sauropod
    Sauropod is a secure storage system for user data.
  • secinv
    Suite of tools to build a security inventory database.
    security helper for express. You can make all endpoints secure at once and control accessibility of each endpoint.
  • Security
    Repository of my Computer and Information Security work.
  • security adventure
    Go on an educational Web security adventure!.
  • security eval
    Project to experiment with security in JBoss with picketlink.
  • security ReportTool
    Detect security errors in web applications.
  • sguil web
    SguilWeb A web client for the popular Sguil security analysis tool.
  • sixarm ruby password hash ? Ruby ? Password Hash to do secure SHA256 passwords.
  • sixarm ruby password salt ? Ruby ? Password salt to create secure user friendly passwords.
  • sixarm ruby password text ? Ruby ? Password Text class to generate good secure random password.
  • sniffy
    HTTP/Mail proxy/gateway/load balancer with security testing features like request interception (even for SSL) and reshaping (e.g. hiding clients' user agents).
  • snorby
    Ruby On Rails Application For Network Security Monitoring.
  • solr security proxy
    Node.js based proxy to make a solr instance read only.
  • spot kick me
    A Chrome extension for doing in browser security tests.
  • spring mvc base
    Base project used for my Pluralsight Spring JPA and Spring Security courses among others.
  • spring security bcrypt
    Spring Security bcrypt example.
  • spring security example
    Spring, GenericDao, InitializingBean, @PreRemove, @JoinTable, UsernamePasswordAuthenticationFilter, SimpleUrlLogoutSuccessHandler, ServletContextListener, Logback, @Resource, @ModelAttribute, Tiles.
  • Spring Security SAMLWithRBAC
    Spring Security Project demonstrating Role based Access (RBAC) enforcement end to end using a SAML2 provider (IDP) as the authority.
  • Spring Security SAMLWithXACML
    A sample that demonstrates SAML, XACML, and a Single Page Application using AngularJS.
  • spring security starter
    Code that goes with Spring Security Starter book (2013).
  • srp js
    Implements the Secure Remote Password protocol in Javascript import from js/.
  • Srp4Gwt
    Implementation of the Secure Remote Password protocol for GWT.
  • SRPScala
    Secure Remote Password protocol in Scala.
  • Strength.js
    The ultimate jQuery password input plugin. Featuring secure strength indicator and hide/show password.
  • Talks.Fluent Security .Lightning
    Presentation material for Fluent Security talk at SweNUG Blixten.
  • thunderbird security classifier
    Add security classification to outgoing emails.
  • tietoturva
    Some slides (in Finnish) for data security course in computer science.
  • userCSP
    User Specified Content Security Policy Add on.
  • vibe security wireframe
    For git & github testing purposes.
  • Vindux Security
    Vindux Security Mobile App.
  • Web Security Topics Example Code
    Downloadable code examples from books in the Web Security Topics series by Nigel Chapman and Jenny Chapman.
  • webfight
    Webfigh is a tool for manual analysis of web application security.
  • wysihtml 5
    Open source rich text editor based on HTML5 and the progressive enhancement approach. Uses a sophisticated security concept and aims to generate fully valid HTML5 markup by preventing unmaintainable tag soups and inline styles.

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