List of Free code Validation


  • a11yvalid
    Accessible Form Validation Examples.
  • apex live validation
    Client side form validation in Oracle APEX.
  • assurance
    Validation / Sanitization library for node, with a clean & functional API.
  • castform
    Async form validation on the client and server.
  • CheckboxListFor
    Html Extension method for showing list of checkboxes in mvc with Unobtrusive validation.
  • checksley
    Validate your forms , frontend, without writting a single line of javascript!.
  • claims
    API client for federated claims based security , including parsing and validating claims tickets and interacting with claims authorities.
  • creditcard
    Creditcard number parsing , validation and information extraction.
  • DateCustomValidationExample
    Date Custom Validation Example with Data Annotations and MVC 3.
  • direct schema
    JSON Schema validator, with an emphasis on experimental new features.
  • ember form components
    Reusable form components for emberjs with built in validation.
  • ember validations
    Ember Validations An Ember.js library for handling object validations.
  • ezdz
    A jQuery plugin to turn any standard input type file into a nice drag & drop zone with validators and previews.
  • form validation
    A super light, flexible, easy to use form validation in javascript (requires jQuery).
  • form validator plugin
    nice looking and robust form validation.
  • formal
    Simple, flexible node.js form module with casting and validation; highly inspired by mongoose.
  • formtastic validation
    validate form fields on the fly with formtastic.
  • formvalidation.js
    Polyfill for form validation.
  • fuel infusedauth
    A layer on top of SimpleAuth that adds an email validation component and some basic view scaffolding for login,reigsiter,forgot password , and account verification. Includes an ORM based User Model as well.
  • Gedit Clientside Plugin
    Gedit plugin to format, minify, and validate javascript and css.
  • guard.js
    guard.js Guards your JavaScript library or project by validating its APIs.
  • H 5 F
    a JavaScript library that allows you to use the HTML5 Forms chapters new field input types, attributes and constraint validation API in non supporting browsers.
  • h 5 Validate
    An HTML5 form validation plugin for jQuery. Works on all major browsers, both new and old. Implements inline, realtime validation best practices (based on surveys and usability studies). Developed for production use in e commerce. Currently in production with millions of users on
  • Happy.js
    $(' form ').isHappy() ? Lightweight, extensible form validation plugin for jQuery/Zepto.js.
  • hq validate
    String validation and sanitization not error messages, just simple true/false answers.
  • ht 5 ifv
    HTML5 inline form validator.
  • HTML5 Form Shim
    That is a jquery plugin, which emulates HTML5 Form behavior on old browsers. The plugin also allows to customize form submission validation tooltips and field validation callbacks (e.g. via XMLHttpRequest).
  • Html5 Form Validation
    A complete cross browser form validation script.
  • html5 form validation with style
    Use HTML5 Validation today! Future Val uses HTML5 inputs and validation attributes to create validated forms with custom stylable message boxes. This gets around not being able to style HTML5's Ghost Error Boxes.
  • html5 Forms.js
    Implements a subset of the HTML5 Forms module, including calendars, colour swatches, sliding widgets, client side validation and more.
  • image url for angular
    AngularJS directive for validating and figuring out width/height from an image url.
  • jayschema
    A comprehensive JSON Schema validator for Node.js.
  • jq idealforms
    The ultimate framework for building and validating responsive HTML5 forms.
  • jquery tinyvalidate
    A (relatively) tiny form validation plugin.
  • jQuery Validation Engine
    jQuery form validation plugin.
  • jquery validationEngine2 VE2
    VE2 is a fork of the original jquery validationEngine found at http://www.position form validator because form validation is a mess/.
  • jQuery.Validation.Unobtrusive.Native
    Provides MVC HTML helper extensions that marry jQuery Validation's native unobtrusive support for validation driven by HTML 5 data attributes with MVC's ability to generate data attributes from Model metadata. With this in place you can use jQuery Validation as it is. Please look at the project site for demos and documentation.
  • jqueryforms
    Build forms from jSON string get the form values in the Json string and load the form values from the json string along with form validations.
  • jsmvc extras
    JavaScriptMVC plugins for JSON RPC, form validation, date parsing, xUnit test output and more...
  • json edit
    schema to form + validation to json that conforms to schema.
  • json gate
    A friendly, fast JSON schema validator.
  • Json Test
    JSON validation & testing stack using Orderly + JSON Schema + QUnit.
  • json validate
    JavaScript json schema validation library.
  • jsonlint
    A JSON parser and validator with a CLI.
  • jsrsasign
    The 'jsrsasign' (RSA Sign JavaScript Library ) is an opensource free cryptography library supporting RSA/RSAPSS/ECDSA/DSA signing/validation, ASN.1, PKCS#1/5/8 private/public key, X.509 certificate and CRL in pure JavaScript.
  • JSV
    A JavaScript implementation of an extendable, fully compliant JSON Schema validator.
  • judge
    Client side form validation for Rails.
  • ketchup plugin
    Tasty jQuery Form Validation.
  • Knockout Validation
    A validation library for Knockout JS.
  • License.Manager
    A web based license manager for Portable.Licensing developed using AngularJS and ServiceStack. Portable.Licensing is a cross platform software licensing framework which allows you to implement licensing into your application or library. It provides you all tools to create and validate licenses for your software.
  • livevalidation
    Open source javascript library for slick, powerful, and easy client side validation.
  • Mesosphere
    A dual client/server side form data validation and transformation package for Meteor.
  • mf text length
    A text length form validator and display directive for AngularJS.
  • moment
    Parse , validate, manipulate, and display dates in javascript.
  • mongoose forms
    Form library for Mongoose using Handlebars and Node Validator.
  • mongoose utils
    Collection of mongoose validations, plugins, and utilities.
  • ng password demo
    Angular.js password strength validation demo.
  • nod
    jQuery plugin that gives you frontend validation for forms.
  • node Date Validator
    A simple year, month, day validator that works in both Node.js and in browsers.
  • node form validate
    A validation module for nodejs and express.
  • node validator
    String validation and sanitization in JavaScript.
  • node yubico
    Node library for validating Yubikey One Time Passwords (OTPs) based on the validation protocol version 2.0.
  • NodeJS Form Validation
    Form validation in Node.js using express validator.
  • one validation
    Regexp based validation collection for common internet validation tasks.
  • package. json validator
    A tool/library for validating npm/node package. json files.
  • Parsley.js
    Validate your forms , frontend, without writing a single line of javascript!.
  • password Policy.js
    A multi policy password validation tool for node.js and the browser.
  • Persian Date
    javascript date library for parsing, validating, manipulating, and formatting persian dates System.
  • play jqvalidate
    Client side form validation based on your Play framework model annotations.
  • Pretty CSS
    CSS beautifier, lint checker, validator.
  • ProductsManagement
    A FUBUMVC sample application, focused on assets management, localization and validation.
  • Pupil.js
    A string based input validation library for JavaScript.
  • Quaid JS
    JavaScript Forms Validation library.
  • read package json
    The thing npm uses to read package. json files with semantics and defaults and validation and stuff.
  • reformer
    Self contained, self rendering, self validating forms that can only output valid data.
  • regulate.js
    A versatile validation library for the browser and server.
  • remoteValidation
    rails remote form validation.
  • restposten
    Data persistence based on JSON Schema definition and validation.
  • routeme
    Named routing with json validation, URL generation, and more. Meant to tag team with Express.
  • schema.js
    Sophisticated JSON schema based data validation and adaptation.
  • sfJquery Form ValidationPlugin
    Adds client side validation to sf Forms using jQuery and the jQuery Validation plugin.
  • silverstripe zenvalidator
    Faster, easier client and server side form validation for SilverStripe.
  • spine.validate
    Simple model validation framework for Spine. Allowing you to mix strong validation rules with fluid english context.
  • springbvjquery
    Spring MVC Bean Validation sample using JQuery.
  • textorum
    Advanced, validating, text editing component. Part of the Annotum project.
  • tv4
    Tiny Validator for JSON Schema v4.
  • underscore data
    data querying and validating tools based on underscore.js.
  • valerie
    A validation library for Knockout (KnockoutJS).
  • valid url
    Node module that provides URI validation functions.
  • validate form
    Easily validate a form element against a set of rules.
  • validate form tip
    A tooltip error message plugin for validate form.
  • validatious
    Client side form validation with unobtrusive JavaScript.
  • validator
    HTML form validation. Perfectly made for all scenerios, lightweight, semantic & easy to use.
  • validatr
    Cross Browser HTML5 Form Validation.
  • validetta
    A tiny jquery plugin for validate your forms.
  • ValMon
    NodeJs module for DAO layer with validations and referencial integrity in Mongo databases.
  • Verse
    A grammar for parsing and validating MTG cards.
  • vouch
    JSON schema validation... for humans.
  • z schema
    JSON Schema validator for Node.js.
  • zerovalidate
    A minimalist javascript form validator.

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