List of Free code CSS


  • 1 css
    1 CSS CSS dialect made for fun.
  • 3 D demo
    3 D CSS transform demo of the foldable avatar builder used in
  • 404 animation
    CSS keyframe animation for a 404 page.
  • absurd
    Writing your CSS in JavaScript. That's it!.
  • abusing preprocessor asts
    One of the coolest benefits of preprocessors is that they have easy to grok open source parsers that you can actually get into. By injecting yourself after the pre CSS code has been parsed, you can have a data centric view of your styles. You can use.
  • adapt
    Adapt.js serves CSS based on screen width.
  • aight
    A collection of tools for making reasonable JavaScript and CSS work in IE8.
  • ajaxtabscontent
    This is a versatile Ajax Tabs Content script that lets you display content pulled from external files inside a DIV and organized via CSS tabs.
  • Alice
    AliceJS (A Lightweight Independent CSS Engine) is a micro JavaScript library. For a demo, click the link below.
  • alt checkbox
    Style checkbox with CSS and Icon Fonts with help of alt checkbox jQuery plugin. It's a nice alternative for standard html checkbox.
  • andamio
    A set of mini CSS design patterns.
  • android book example files
    The example files for Building Android Apps with HTML , CSS, and JavaScript.
  • anima
    CSS animations with a soul.
  • animated slideshow
    An example feature tour using CSS animations.
  • animation basics
    CSS / JS Animation Basics.
  • animation studio
    Compass extension for creating advanced animations in CSS.
  • animation workshop
    Learn how to make a cartoon with newfangled CSS animations and web audio via traditional animation techniques.
  • animato
    Framework for CSS Based Animation.
  • Anole
    Another responsive css framework.
  • argos gcrm
    HTML/CSS/JavaScript mobile SData client views for the GCRM contract, based on argos sdk.
  • argos saleslogix
    SalesLogix specific HTML /CSS/JavaScript mobile SData client based on argos sdk.
  • assemble less
    Grunt task for compiling LESS to CSS.
  • assets pack
    Clever packing of. css ,.less,.js files.
  • atomify
    An atomic web development tool keep all your templates, css , and js for each node module together.
  • Baraja
    Baraja is a jQuery plugin that allows to move elements in a card like fashion and spread them like one would spread a deck of cards on a table. It uses CSS transforms for rotating and translating the items. There are several options available that will create various spreading possibilities of the items, for example, moving the items laterally or rotating them in a fan like way.
  • Beer Me
    Mobile application that tells you where the closest beer is, based on your location. One native Android branch, and one PhoneGap (cross platform mobile development framework based on HTML , CSS and JavaScript) branch.
  • Behaviour Assertion Sheets
    CSS like declarative DSL for web integration testing.
  • Bit Shadow Machine
    Build particle animations with JavaScript and CSS box shadows.
  • Bits
    Bits Editor is your personal playground to develop in HTML , CSS, and Javascript, all from your own server.
  • Blender
    A utility to generate Cappuccino theme files from a CSS file.
  • blue board
    BlueBoard html/ css /javascript project dashboard / statusboard.
  • bones
    Skeletal Rails app with all jQuery+devise+paperclip+blueprint. css +formtastic+pagination baked right in!.
  • BookJS
    BookJS is a Javascript library that can be included in HTML files to render the contents of the HTML to pages that can be printed to PDF using CSS Regions. it requires a browser wit support for CSS Regions.
  • bootzilla
    Bootzilla is a suite of CSS components and JS features for developing apps in B2G.
  • borschik server
    Dev HTTP server to process JS and CSS files with borschik.
  • browserhacks
    An extensive list of CSS /JS browserhacks from all over the interwebs.
  • Bubble Bar
    OSX inspired menu bar featuring rich CSS & jQuery animation.
  • buddy
    A build tool for html/js/ css projects.
  • bunch.js
    A stand alone, manifest driven JS/ CSS bundler.
  • BundleBuilder. Url Resolver
    Converts relative resource references in CSS files to absolute paths so they resolve after bundling and minification.
  • carto
    fast CSS like map stylesheets.
  • Ceaser CSS Easing tmbundle
    TextMate bundle for the Ceaser CSS Easing Equations.
  • centage
    Fluid css framwork using less.js.
  • Ceribrate
    Homepage Design for a Social Network with fluid CSS transitions and Cross Browser working.
  • ClassIE
    Internet Explorer detection for JS and CSS sides.
  • Clientside
    Sublime Text plugin to minify, format, and lint CSS and Javascript.
  • Clueless
    CSS framework based on less.js and HTML5 Boilerplate, inspired by Flaw{LESS} and LESS Framework 2.
  • cm rotate.js
    Rotate js using CSS transition.
  • compass 52 framework
    A Compass plugin to use together with the 52 CSS framework.
  • compass css lightbox
    a css only lightbox implementation for compass.
  • compass elastic plugin
    Plugin to bring the Elastic CSS framework to Compass.
  • concoct
    Haml, less css , coffee script and require js compiler for Java.
  • Condom.css
    A collection of css modules.
  • cordova jquerymobile boilerplate
    Very simple minimal cordova (phonegap) jquery mobile boilerplate, only html , js & css.
  • counter
    Counter component (countdown flippy CSS thing).
  • css 2json
    Convert style sheets to json.
  • css animation
    When certain HTML elements come into the web browser viewport, animate them in using CSS animations.
  • css animation emitter
    CSS animation /transition events emitter.
  • css animation tutorial
    css_ animation _tutorial (ver.Korean).
    This will parse the CSS and tell you what versions of IE support it.
  • css bundle
    This is a bundle of CSS tips that have been very helpful in my projects.
  • css condense
    A CSS compressor that shows no mercy.
  • css controls
    Cross browser stylesheet creation and css rule creation/deletion (includes IE6 support).
  • css gmail loading
    Gmail iPhone App like loading animation implemented in pure CSS.
  • css modal
    A modal build out of pure CSS.
  • css parser
    Standards based CSS Parser.
  • CSS Patterns Workbench
    CSS Background Composer (formally CSS Gradient Editor).
  • css prefix
    insert a prefix into every class and identifier in a css document.
  • css presentation
    Slides for W3C Conf presentation.
  • css ratiocinator
    because your CSS is garbage.
  • CSS selector engine
    Fast and lightweight querySelector[All]/getElementsByClassName/matchesSelector.
  • css slap chop
    remove unused selectors from your css.
  • css smasher
    Minify and compress your CSS , using JavaScript.
  • CSS SpritePad
    A browser application to create CSS spritemaps with according stylesheets.
  • css stringify
    CSS stringifier using the css parse AST.
  • css url edit
    Collection of simple functions for CSS url manipulations.
  • css value
    CSS property value parser.
  • css whitespace
    Convert whitespace significant CSS to valid CSS.
  • CSSAnimation
    CSS Transitions and Transforms with JavaScript.
  • cssarrowplease
    Generate CSS tooltip arrows.
  • cssbeautify
    Reindent and reformat CSS.
  • csscomb.js
    CSS coding style formatter.
  • cssdb
    CSSDB: A curated collection of great CSS , Sass, LESS and Stylus libraries.
  • cssdiet
    (WIP) A DevTools extension for multi page unused CSS auditing.
  • cssess
    JS tool to scan websites for unused CSS selectors.
  • csshttprequest
    CSSHttpRequest is cross domain AJAX using CSS as a transport.
  • cssp
    Ometa JS based CSS parser.
  • cssparser.js
    cssparser.js is a parser that generate json from css with matched orders & structures.
  • cssprettifier bookmarklet
    A bookmarklet for prettifying your CSS.
  • CSSselect
    a CSS selector compiler/engine.
  • cssSelectors
    A collection of CSS selectors with examples.
  • csster
    Javascript library to generate CSS styles similar to SASS.
  • csstools
    CSS Tools is an experiment into how we can improve the CSS telemetry in a browser.
  • CSSunit
    Unit Testing framework for CSS using JavaScript, jQuery and QUnit.
  • cssx
    Rewrite of cujo's cssx library for extending css in older browsers (requires an AMD loader).
  • cupcake
    Html, scss/css, js component library by Kunstmaan.
  • cups
    cup riddle built in jquery, css, and html. it was featured in a diehard movie..
  • dabblet
    An interactive CSS playground.
  • dateselect
    Dateselect a time based job scheduler with CSS like selector syntax.
  • dbushell Origin
    My HTML5 , CSS, and JavaScript starting point for front end development with automated build tasks.
  • designer
    A video.js player skin editor using a live CSS editor.
  • Developer Docs
    Best practices for interactive development (HTML, CSS , JavaScript, etc).
  • div 3 d
    div 3 d my take on transformed CSS.
  • Donatello
    Pure CSS drawing library for the browser.
  • dookie css
    stylus driven css library.
  • doverjs
    Find unused css selector from your style sheet files, Support for dynamic scripting.
  • DraggableSitemapJS
    JS, HTML and CSS that show how a nested sitemap can be constructed and enhanced to allow dragging and dropping to reorder.
  • DressUp
    Automatically import CSS into your JavaScript files.
  • e CSSential
    An experiment in optimized loading of mobile first responsive CSS.
  • e CSStender .js
    eCSStender enables developers to patch CSS support in browsers and experiment with new features. It also enables designers to keep browser specific hacks out of their CSS files.
  • ecsstract
    XULRunner application for scraping using JSON /CSS definitions.
  • Editr.js
    HTML , CSS and JavaScript playground.
  • element finder
    Find in Files with CSS selectors.
  • emile
    emile.js is a no frills stand alone CSS animation JavaScript framework, named after ?mile Cohl, early animator.
  • enterprise css
    Provides proven high performance, enterprise level and scalable CSS tips and best practices.
  • Eve.js
    A <3kb JavaScript file providing three simple methods to organize code into CSS namespaces which magically restrict code to the current context, allowing for dramatic reductions to code size and development time.
  • excssive
    A drag and drop CSS compressor.
  • Experimental CSS
    Experimental CSS (Ex CSS ).
  • express minify
    An express middleware that automatically minify and cache your javascript and css files.
  • fancy upload
    With only HTML, CSS and simple JavaScript, create a stylized file upload facility.
  • FireLess
    FireLess is a Firebug extension that makes Firebug display the Less filenames and line numbers of LessPHP generated CSS styles rather than those of the generated CSS.
  • firesass
    FireSass allows Firebug to display the original Sass filename and line number of Sass generated CSS styles.
  • firestylus
    FireStylus allows Firebug to display the original Stylus filename and line number of the Stylus generated CSS styles.
  • firmin
    A JavaScript animation library using CSS transforms and transitions.
  • flash cards
    Simple, animated, and imageless flash cards using HTML/ CSS /jQuery.
  • flex combo
    The Flex combo is a javascript and css file combo server. It support various kinds of combo format by modify configuration(eg. yahoo combo). Default, it's a taobao format combo.
  • flipbox
    Double sided flip box using css transformations.
  • foundation sphinx theme
    Sphinx theme based on the Foundation 4 css framework.
  • ftscroller
    FTScroller is a cross browser Javascript/ CSS library to allow touch, mouse or scrollwheel scrolling within specified elements, with pagination, snapping and bouncing support.
  • G set CSS Reset Boilerplate
    A super light weight CSS Reset and HTML Boilerplate.
  • geany for front end dev
    Additional filetype definition & global tags to enhance HTML /CSS/JS/AS development of Geany. To download Geany and install these files, see README below.
  • gerstner.js
    Generate CSS styles from JS.
  • gonzales pe
    Gonzales Preprocessor Edition (fast CSS parser ).
  • gplustheme
    Google Plus like CSS +HTML.
  • gradient scanner
    CSS gradient generation tool.
  • gradle css plugin
    Gradle plugin for working with CSS.
  • grunt contrib compass
    Compile Compass to CSS.
  • grunt contrib less
    Compile LESS files to CSS.
  • grunt contrib sass
    Compile Sass to CSS.
  • grunt contrib stylus
    Compile Stylus files to CSS.
  • grunt css
    This grunt plugin is deprecated!.
  • grunt css combo
    Grunt plugin for CSS Combo, a css module combo tool.
  • grunt css metrics
    Grunt task to analyse css files and log simple metrics.
  • grunt css url replace
    Grunt task to replace css urls with absolute path.
  • grunt cssc
    grunt plugin for css condense support.
  • grunt csscomb
    The grunt plugin for sorting CSS properties in specific order.
  • grunt csso
    Minify CSS files with CSSO.
  • grunt fontsmith
    Grunt plugin for composing SVGs into multiple fonts, a character mapping, and CSS variables.
  • grunt frontend
    CSS and JS minifier that respects source modification.
  • grunt html smoosher
    A grunt task which takes a html file, finds all the css and js links, and outputs a version with all the css and js written inline for ease of pasting into a cms.
  • grunt inline css
    Grunt task for turning an html file with linked css to inline css. Great for emails.
  • grunt jsbeautifier
    Beautify js, css, html and json files using Grunt.
  • grunt recess
    Lint and minify CSS and LESS.
  • grunt rework
    use gruntjs to rework your css files.
  • grunt sample
    Basic grunt sample code to join.js or.css files.
  • grunt sass
    Grunt task to compile Sass SCSS to CSS.
  • grunt static inline
    A grunt plugin to replace url from static files such as img,js,css an put inline in a template.
  • grunt styl
    Grunt task to preprocess CSS with Styl.
  • grunt style injector
    Live CSS injecting with NO page refresh.
  • grunt styleguide
    Universal CSS styleguide generator for grunt.
  • grunticon
    A mystical CSS icon solution.
  • hanami
    A Tetris clone, written in Javascript and CSS , with a little jQuery magic.
  • head start
    Get a head start. A small tree of folders and files to start a new HTML project, including CSS reset, jQuery, pngFix, Cufon and SWFObject2.
  • helium cli
    A tool to detect unused CSS across multiple web pages.
  • holo web
    CSS that imitates the Android 4 Holo themes.
  • hone.js
    html, javascript and css optimization.
  • Hoodie
    The zippered hoodie of HTML /CSS frameworks.
  • hq Widgets
    hq Widgets is a ?high quality? home automation HTML, JS, CSS widgets library.
  • html Animation
    IOS: html + css or javascript animations in IOS.
  • HTML Sketch
    Boiler plate Javascript and CSS to quickly sketch out a page, animation or interface.
  • HTML5 Boilerplate WordPress Theme
    Default WordPress theme build on top of HTML5 Boilerplate in conjunction with Compass CSS. Using the build script of HTML5 Boilerplate to optimize and minify your custom WordPress theme!.
  • HTMLiveCode
    A browser based editor for real time HTML /CSS/JS prototyping.
  • infiniwall box 2 dweb
    HTML5 CSS transform empowered by Box 2d Web.
  • Inline CSS Extractor
    This web app allows users to paste an HTML file onto the page. A new version of that HTML without inline styles, and an external style sheet that is generated from the original HTML's inline CSS will be returned.
  • InstantSprite
    A fast browser based CSS Sprite Generator.
  • iphone kit module
    A set of html, css, js code packed to work in a wordpress environment to send shopping cart information to lightspeed ecommerce solution.
  • ItemSlider
    A tutorial on how to create a simple category slider with a minimal design using CSS animations and jQuery. The idea is to slide the items sequentially depending on the slide direction.
  • jacss
    JavaScript and CSS presentations.
  • css animation with css animation.
  • jeet
    A light, semantic, responsive, CSS framework built from the best parts.
  • jekyll 960
    Jekyll blog template using css framework.
  • jQTouch
    Create powerful mobile apps with just HTML , CSS, and Zepto.js (or jQuery).
  • jQuery Animate Enhanced
    Extend $.animate() to detect CSS transitions for Webkit, Mozilla, IE>=10 and Opera and convert animations automatically.
  • jquery blackCalculator
    blackCalculator is a jQuery plugin for create a calculator. It supports CSS customization, easy translation, two options of calculators, cross browser, allow and disallow keyboard!.
  • jquery css Hooks
    Collection of css Hooks that work with jQuery 1.4.3+.
  • jQuery Custom File Input
    CSS Friendly File Input.
  • jQuery Custom Input
    Accessible, custom designed checkbox and radio button inputs styled with CSS (and a dash of jQuery).
  • jquery goodies
    A collection of useful jquery extensions that change the behavior of HTML elements simply by applying a CSS class.
  • jquery ie6hover
    Add support for the :hover CSS pseudo selector to Internet Explorer 6.
  • jquery scroll
    a jquery plugin rendering a custom, CSS styleable vertical scrollbar for overflowed elements.
  • jquery scroll animator
    Animate CSS properties of elements by using the scroll position of the page.
  • jquery super selectors
    A jQuery plugin enabling better CSS selector support for older browsers by leveraging jQuery's excellent selectors.
  • jquery.keyframeanimation
    An animation framework based on a CSS animations like syntax.
  • jquery.minlight
    A jQuery plugin for lightboxes made to work seamlessly with CSS transitions and animations.
  • jquery.pjax.js
    This is pjax behave most naturally. You can automatically load the CSS and JavaScript. It is already resolved a bug in pjax specific. The server configuration is not required. This plugin works from jQuery 1.4.2.
  • jquery.searchBehavior
    JQuery & CSS search widget implementation.
  • jquery.snazzyselect
    HTML Select inputs stylable via CSS.
  • jquery.styleWords
    For those rare instances when you wish that CSS offered a :first words() psuedo class.
  • jquery.transform.js
    jQuery css Hooks adding a cross browser transform property to $.fn. css () and $.fn.animate().
  • jQueryCoreUISelect
    jQuery CoreUISelect is a cross browser easy to stylize select element with jQuery and CSS.
  • json2 css
    Convert JSON into pre processor ready CSS.
  • jsonme
    jsonmu? is a simple HTML/ CSS /JS application that allows you to store your resum?'s contents in a json file and display it as a nicely formatted webpage.
  • JSONSelect
    CSS like selectors for JSON.
  • juice
    Juice inlines CSS stylesheets into your HTML source.
  • kilo
    Demo iphone application with HTML, CSS & Javascript.
  • kinda player
    KindaPlayer is a simple HTML/ CSS based music player.
  • kyubey
    MinimalSlideTool made by HTML/ CSS /JS.
  • landscape
    A Stylus powered frontend CSS toolkit for building rich and beautiful web apps.
  • less precompiler
    Kanso package with build steps for precompiling.less css templates.
  • less preview
    Browser based LESS to CSS converter built on Express.
    Server Side Java Execution of LESS the CSS Preprocessor.
  • lesscss java
    LESS CSS Compiler for Java.
  • lesscss maven plugin
    LESS CSS Maven Plugin.
  • lessless
    compile your project's LESS into CSS and update <links>.
  • live css editor
    jquery online css editor, themeroller like tool for customizing your web page.
  • logo loading animation
    CSS logo animation for a logo.
    Create, publish, and remix love bombs using HTML and CSS.
  • Magento Minify
    Simply enables js and css minification.
  • magicframework
    The Magic Framework for native iphone imitation using html /javascript/css.
  • maple
    Realistic preprocessors based CSS framework for mobile.
  • maven minify sample
    Example maven setup for minifying js/css and changing references to the newly created minified files.
  • maxmertkit old
    Css and javascript framework.
  • mcss
    writing modular css witch mcss.
  • mensch
    A decent CSS parser.
  • minify
    Minifier of js, css, html and img.
  • MiniHTML
    Simple HTML/ CSS rendering engine.
  • Mixd CSS Framework
    Mixd's framework for beginning any front end web build, containing HTML5 , Sass & CSS files, jQuery and a pattern / module library.
  • mixr
    Mixr, is a compiler and pre processor for your Javascript and CSS in Node.
  • MobileReadyFramework
    Mobile Ready Html /CSS/JS Framework.
  • ModalWindowEffects
    A set of experimental modal window appearance effects with CSS transitions and animations.
  • MorphingDevices
    An experimental morphing device slideshow with CSS Transitions for showcasing responsive web design screenshots.
  • MQFramework
    A responsive CSS framework.
  • niweaapp
    The Tages Anzeiger iPas App done in Niwea aka HTML5/ CSS /JS.
  • node combo
    combo for js and css requests.
  • node term css
    style terminal output using CSS.
  • npm css
    Require css from npm.
  • nQuery
    Sizzle powered CSS selectors for libxmljs.
  • nut
    The concise CSS selector engine.
  • nwmatcher
    Fast Javascript CSS Selector Engine and Matcher.
  • Office Ribbon 2010
    Office 2010 Style Ribbon Toolbar in HTML/ CSS /JS.
  • omeka foundation
    An Omeka theme using the Foundation CSS framework.
  • one by one slider
    Responsive one by one slider supporting touch events. Animations are driven by Animate.css. See demo at
  • oocss
    Object Oriented CSS Framework.
  • oscailte
    Oscailte ? An Octopress theme built on top of the powerful inuit. css.
  • packs
    An open source BoxJS/ CSS /Etc clone, suitable for hosting at Heroku.
  • padrino static
    Padrino Framework Static Filles (js, ujs, css ).
  • Pandoc Quick Start With HTML Template
    Simple html template, css , js and build script I use for generating documentation using Pandoc.
  • Parallax JS
    Parallax page generator from simple HTML & CSS.
  • experiments
    CSS, HTML and JS experiments from
  • periodic table typefaces
    CSS version of Squidspot's Periodic Table of Typefaces.
  • picssel art
    An app to create pixel art using only CSS.
  • play greenscript
    A play framework plugin to help to manage javascript/ css file dependencies and do minimizing.
  • polyfill
    A library to make creating CSS polyfills much easier.
  • pre
    An enjoyable css framework use less.
  • presentation.html5
    Presentation files and demos for the presentation "HTML5 and CSS Let's enhance the web today".
  • Projectwatch
    Watch file changes and run multiple css /js pre processors from one watcher.
  • protorabbit
    A CSS Based Templating and Ajax Performance Framework.
  • protowidgets
    Protoboxen is a Javascript library designed to generate linkable, labelable and draggable CSS boxes.
  • psdtohtml
    Proffessional and Valid hand coding service for HTML, xHTML, CSS, Table less Design, Ruby on Rails Web Development, Web design and Web Hosting Solutions. Convert PSD to HTML PSD to
  • Q
    blazing fast jit compile javascript css selector!.
  • qwery
    a compact, blazing fast CSS selector engine.
  • Responsive
    A super lightweight HTML , CSS, and JavaScript framework for building responsive websites.
  • Responsive Tabs
    jQuery script for creating responsive tabs. The controls behave like regular tabs above a specified screen width (defined by an editable media query in the associated css file), and behave like an accordion on screens below that width.
  • reveal shaders
    Reveal.js presentation using CSS Shaders for transitions.
  • rework macro
    Macro CSS transform for rework/xcss.
  • rework mixins
    CSS mixins for rework.
  • rework suit
    CSS preprocessor for SUIT.
  • rework vars
    CSS spec style variables for Rework.
  • roole
    A language that compiles to CSS.
  • salvattore
    A jQuery Masonry alternative with CSS driven configuration.
  • sassijs
    Use SASS in JavaScript instead of CSS.
  • satisfy
    Satisfy is a stand alone JavaScript module for generating HTML from CSS selectors. Please read the readme for examples.
  • Sauce
    Sauce is a simple javascript framework for building complex transitions as CSS Animations.
  • sbt plugins
    SBT plugins for: Less CSS / JS compilation, Lift run modes, and more.
    Approach for writing and organizing your CSS for large scale projects.
  • scouter
    CSS selector specificity utility. Calculate specificity scores with ease.
  • scriptless slides
    Scriptless slideshow, no Javascript, only HTML and CSS.
  • SDataJavaScriptClientLib
    Client library in JavaScript for consuming SData web services. Also, an HTML/ CSS /JavaScript Mobile application framework.
  • selectik
    Selectik is jQuery plugin, easy use, cross browser selects which can be customised with CSS.
  • selectors L4 link prollyfills
    CSS Selectors Level 4 link Prollyfills.
  • selectors.js
    allows you to define the tree of your css selectors and then enables you to move from element(s) to element(s) with ease.
  • servitude
    JavaScript and CSS Sugar Middleware.
  • Sheethub
    The CSS backdoor API.
  • shining
    Awesome presentations in HTML + JS + CSS.
  • simpl
    Simplest possible examples of HTML , CSS and JavaScript.
  • simpleTooltip
    Tooltip was made with HTML , CSS and JavaScript.
  • site template
    Starting point for markup, CSS , JavaScript, and folder structure.
  • slidr. css
    Slidr. css is a pure CSS slider switch. With Firfox you even get the slide transition.
  • SlitSlider
    A responsive slideshow with a twist: the idea is to slice open the current slide when navigating to the next or previous one. Using jQuery and CSS animations we can create unique slide transitions for the content elements.
  • smasher
    JavaScript and CSS build tool.
  • Smile
    Programming language similar to JS HTML CSS for Android.
  • Sofresh
    Sofresh CSS bookmarklet.
  • solder
    Combines and minifies JavaScript and CSS at runtime and build time.
  • solrstrap
    Solrstrap is a Query Result interface for Solr written in JavaScript, HTML and CSS.
  • soundcloud soundmanager player
    A custom, evented SoundCloud player that uses SoundManager2 to handle audio. Completely decoupled from your HTML /CSS to just handle audio/playlists/tracks, but has events that are easy to hook into. Also includes a waveform module that is loosely coupled to your HTML.
  • sourcebeautify.vim
    Beautify your javascript, html ,css source code inside Vim.
  • SpiderOakMobileClient
    SpiderOak HTML5 / Javascript / CSS mobile client application, rebooted.
  • split css
    split css files into arrays that you can use to set prefixes.
  • sprite cow
    Sprite Cow helps you get the background position, width and height of sprites within a spritesheet as a nice bit of copyable css.
  • Sprite Packer
    A sprite packer for CSS or CAAT project made with HTML5 d'n'd, Filesystem API and some javascript magic.
  • spriter
    CSS sprite sheet generator.
  • spritey
    javascript util for css sprite animation.
  • starterskit
    Rijksoverheid Starterskit?HTML/ CSS starting point and (hopefully) ?good? code example for building websites in the Rijksoverheid brand identity (see also: pb).
  • Strange Loop 2012
    My Strange Loop 2012 slideshow (reveal.js based HTML /JS/CSS).
  • styl
    Flexible and fast modular CSS preprocessor built on top of Rework.
  • style
    Tiny but useful JS utility that dynamically generates CSS from JS object notation.
  • styletto
    simple css assets manager.
  • Styliner
    Turns CSS stylesheets into inline style="" attributes for HTML emails.
  • SwatchBook
    A tutorial about how to create a swatch book like component that let's you open and rotate the single swatches revealing some details. We will be using CSS transforms and transitions and create a simple jQuery plugin.
  • tablecloth
    A fork of CSS Globe's Tablecloth to target tables less aggressively.
  • tcsst
    Test your CSS , because life's too short to click around.
  • tdcss.js
    A light weight framework for structured HTML /CSS development.
  • Timelapse
    Timelapse is a web browser extension which allows you to slow down and speed up CSS animations and transitions.
  • toast
    A simple CSS and JS resource loader.
  • tongue
    Tongue is a very simple jQuery plugin which allows you to add animated dropdown child element to any elements without using any CSS styles for that.
  • TouchScroll
    TouchScroll is a JavaScript and CSS ?3 based scroller for devices using Webkit Mobile. It is meant to mimic ?native? scrolling feeling and behavior as much as possible.
  • transfornimate
    A CSS transform animation tool.
  • transition events
    jQuery plugin to set listeners to CSS Transition animation end or specific part.
  • tuild
    Tuild A easy and advanced build/minifier for JS, CSS and HTML.
  • ucss
    Find unused and duplicate CSS.
  • UI7
    UI7 is iOS7 like css component.
  • uncss
    Remove unused styles from CSS.
  • Unreadable
    An intelligent/CSS aware HTML Minifier and Optimizer.
  • unused CSS
    Find unused CSS selector on your web application. Work across multiple page.
  • usercss
    User CSS extension for Safari 5.
  • vogue
    Save a CSS file, watch your web browser automatically reload it!.
  • vui
    vui library, include js , css ,tools...
  • webos
    webOS written with HTML, CSS , and Javascript.
  • weibo packager
    batch compressor for js and css , from
  • xmpps5
    Using HTML, CSS , JQuery, Strophe.js, XMPP and PubSub to share a presentation.
  • yaaw
    Yet Another Aria2 Web Frontend in pure HTML /CSS/Javascirpt.
  • yarnify
    knit together html , css, and javascript into reusable bundles.
  • zest
    An absurdly fast CSS selector engine.

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