List of Free code DOM


  • ANSIdom
    a DOM implementation in ANSI escape codes, render HTML to your terminal.
  • apollo
    Standalone class manipulation API for HTML5 and legacy DOM.
  • better dateinput polyfill
    input[type= date ] polyfill for better dom.
  • better form validation
    Form validation polyfill for better dom.
  • bonzo
    library agnostic, extensible DOM utility.
  • brite
    Brite is a minimalistic but powerful DOM Centric MVC framework built on top of JQuery for large scale and high quality HTML5 and HTML 4 application. (MIT Licensed).
  • Burner
    A rendering engine for DOM based animation.
  • classtweak
    small JS library for DOM class manipulation #browser # component.
  • Color Band
    Decorative color band for DOM elements as a jQuery plugin.
  • color spy
    jQuery plugin to calculate actual color values of DOM nodes.
  • consistent.js
    Consistent is a small and simple Javascript framework to enable an abstract model to be synced with the DOM.
  • cssanimevent
    Cross browser compatible library to handle CSS 3 animation and transition DOM events with a fallback pattern for unsupported browsers.
  • data graft.js
    animation friendly differential DOM template engine.
  • dbjs dom
    DOM bindings for DBJS database engine types.
  • delegate.js
    DOM event delegation component.
  • dialog
    Simple dialogs that takes a string , a DOM element or a URL.
  • dollardom
    A 5k Javascript library for selecting, styling, traversing and animating DOM elements.
  • DOM shim
    Shims out the entire DOM4 API.
  • dom treemap
    DOMTreeMap is a robust, library agnostic, HTML /CSS/JavaScript TreeMap visualization library.
  • dom.js
    Self hosted JavaScript implementation of a WebIDL compliant HTML5 DOM.
  • dome
    Dome: A Simple DOM Library.
  • DOMinator
    adding animation to dom elements.
  • domjs
    DOM template engine for client and server.
  • domparsing
    DOM Parsing and Serialization Standard.
  • Drag Data
    A Live Widget that copies a the value of the data data attribute on a DOM element into a drag event on that DOM element to allow transfer of the value of data data to the drop target of the drag event.
  • draggable.js
    Make your DOM elements draggable easily.
  • DSt
    DSt is a lightweight JavaScript library for HTML5 DOM Storage (localStorage).
  • EaselJSRenderers
    Runtime pluggable renderers for EaselJS (Canvas 2D, WebGL, HTML DOM, SVG).
  • elation component deepzoom
    Javascript library for viewing DeepZoom images. Supports DOM, canvas 2d , and WebGL render methods.
  • event shim.js
    A W3C DOM Event API shim for IE 8.
  • evolib
    JavaScript API library with various functionalty: ajax, animations , CSS selectors, CSS manipulation, DOM3 Event model, attribute helpers, DOM helpershtml helpers and stuff.
  • express jsdom
    Server side DOM for express.js.
  • fastdom
    Eliminates layout thrashing by batching DOM read/write operations.
  • fastFrag
    A purely client side JavaScript template powered by JSON and returning valid Document Fragments for DOM insertion.
  • fdl js
    Javascript implementation for a force directed layout. Includes a physics engine in pure js and a jquery wrapper as an interface with the dom.
  • firefox skyscraper
    A skyscraper "sculpted" in DOM and Firefox 3D view.
  • FPS CSS3 D
    A prototype repository test bed to help create relatively advanced 3 d scenes and animations (particularly simple VR experiences in first person view) in pure CSS on an HTML page using just the DOM, for targetting platforms on webkit browers such as Chrome and Safari, on both desktop and mobile platforms.
  • FreeDOM
    A js framework to filter, sort and page html tables. It doesn't "super populate" the DOM and is optimized to very big amount of data.
  • gdi intro javascript
    Course on introduction to Javascript, including DOM, events, animations , and objects. Curriculum originally developed by Pamela Fox.
  • grunt dom munger
    Grunt task to read and manipulate HTML with CSS selectors.
  • htmlbars
    A variant of Handlebars that emits DOM and allows you to write helpers that manipulate live DOM nodes (very much still a WIP, and focused on the data binding use case).
  • jasmine
    DOM less simple JavaScript testing framework.
  • jasmine dom
    An add on for the Jasmine Javascript test framework.
  • javascript client side session storage
    Extensible Wrapper for HTML5 DOM Storage, Microsoft UserData, Cookies & using JSON.
  • Javascript Game Engine
    This is a copy of Jacob Seidelin's Ray Casting engine in Javascript, DOM and Canvas.
  • jazzfusion
    MVC JavaScript Framework, ORM Agnostic, DOM/ Ajax Lib Agnostic.
  • jldom
    DOM implementation in JS, full CSS3 support, and a fun little HTML parser.
  • jquery .actual
    Get the actual width/height of invisible DOM elements with jQuery.
  • jquery abbreviate
    Abbreviates a jQuery collection , hiding or showing n elements. Provides a DOM element that, when clicked, will reveal the abbreviated elements.
  • jquery curtain
    jQuery Plugin for adding an ajax loading "curtain" to a DOM element.
  • JQuery Data Binding Plugin
    JQuery plugin for bidirectional data binding between DOM items and simple JSON objects, which act as view models.
  • jquery expect
    Simple DOM assertion library.
  • jquery haml
    jQuery haml is a haml like language written in JSON. This allows for easy dom building so that web apps can do more work independent of the server for a better user experience.
  • jQuery MaskifySlider
    An image slider which positions your images on different DOM elements as if they were acting as a mask.
  • jquery virtual dom events
    A collection of jQuery special events that provide more precision over normal DOM events.
  • jquery. datetime
    Automatic human readable datetimes in the DOM.
  • jquery. grid Fit
    Make DOM elements obey your grid.
  • json to dom
    Fill in DOM nodes with JSON. Supports arrays and attributes.
  • jsrender
    A lightweight but powerful templating engine, highly extensible, without DOM or jQuery dependency.
  • karma requirejs qunit ember tdd
    A seed application showing how to integrate karma, requirejs, qunit, and ember, which illustrates how to write unit level tests for ember models, and dom level tests for ember views and components.
  • kb javascript framework
    A tiny JavaScript framework for AJAX requests, Modals, Text Editors, Lightboxes, DOM handling, and effects in 5kB.
  • lightnode
    A DOM inspired javascript web server control framework for nodeJS that aims for unprecented control, simplicity and the functionality of traditional servers such as apache or lightnode.
  • lyria
    Lightweight DOM based game framework.
  • Matt s DOM Utils
    A toolbox of HTML DOM utilities.
  • Microdata JS
    Implementation of the HTML 5 Microdata specification for all browsers (including IE8, IE7, IE6 with es5 and DOM shims).
  • mishatools
    html canvas 2d dom and text controls.
  • navigator.js
    NavigatorJS is the ultimate solution to show/hide your dom elements based on a single state string.
  • node jasmine dom
    Run your jasmine runner. html headless using node.js. Output the results in several formats including JSON and JUnit XML (good for integration with Jenkins CI).
  • particle test
    Canvas vs. DOM vs. WebGL vs. ImpactJS vs. PixiJS Particle Test.
  • pinchzoom
    RTP.PinchZoom.js ? A Javascript library providing multi touch gestures for zooming and dragging on any DOM element.
  • Prevel
    Lightweight (5 Kb) all purpose development tool (DOM, Ajax , etc).
  • put selector
    A high performance, lightweight function for creating and manipulating DOM elements with succinct, elegant, familiar CSS selector based syntax.
  • Regre CSS
    The best way to diff the CSS properties of DOM nodes in two similar documents.
  • requirejs drag listener
    RequireJS AMD Module that listens for drag events on DOM elements.
  • role
    jQuery plugin to provide easy way to handle DOM elements by role attribute.
  • RxJS DOM
    HTML DOM Bindings for the Reactive Extensions for JavaScript.
  • scraper
    JS Scraper using jQuery to parse DOM tree.
  • selectorgadget
    Go go CSS / DOM inspection.
  • SLib
    a small js library with shorthands for dom manip and animation.
  • spec js
    Spec.js is a testing framework built on top of Mozilla Rhino and Env.js. The idea is that you can run JavaScript tests without opening browsers, even for DOM manipulation.
  • sprig
    Tiny, efficient DOM components.
  • SpriteMonster.js
    SmokeMonster.js is a tiny javascript web graphics library based on HTML5, CSS3 and DOM which allows you to create platform and browser independent applications or games.
  • tileslider
    jQuery widget to convert an img DOM element into a tile sliding puzzle.
  • trafficlight
    A jQuery plugin to make sequential Ajax calls with DOM feedback (for the user).
  • transparency
    Transparency is a semantic template engine for the browser. It maps JSON objects to DOM elements by id, class and data bind attributes.
  • traversty
    Headache free DOM collection management and traversal.
  • vixen
    Minimal string /DOM templating.
  • voyeur.js
    Voyeur is a tiny (1.2kb) Javascript library that lets you traverse and manipulate the DOM the way it should have been.
  • xml2dom
    Pure JavaScript XML to DOM parser (non validating).

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