List of Free code HTML5


  • 2 Dock
    2D HTML5 platform engine.
  • 27c3 Planer
    HTML5 27c3 Schedule for the iPhone.
  • 5 lide
    HTML5 based slides make for App Engine.
  • accessifyhtml 5 .js
    While most browsers work all right with the new semantic elements of HTML5 , they don?t add the ARIA accessibility attributes that the specification demands. This small JavaScript adds those attributes to enhance accessibility of web sites.
  • AdCouncil StopTheTexts
    Box 2D HTML5 site.
  • address
    Deal with URL manipulation crossbrowser (html5/hash).
  • Alfresco HTML5 Client
    Pure HTML5 and Javascript Alfresco client.
  • analog sticks
    Analog thumb sticks for iOS using HTML5.
  • Animation Test
    the source code for html5 animation with user input. Using easeljs and written in typescript.
  • animation tool
    This is a tool to create short HTML5/Javascript animations , based on the animation app demoed in Bret Victor's Animation App Demoed in the Talk Inventing on Principle. I am trying to port a limited version of this app to the web.
  • Animation with JavaScript and HTML5
    This is the code to go along with my 2011 cf.objective() presentation of the same name.
  • annotated video player
    Annotated Multichapter HTML5 Video Player.
  • appengine boilerplate
    Boilerplate setup for App Engine with html5 boilerplate 2.0, OpenID, memcache, user preferences, and more.
  • appframework
    The definitive HTML5 mobile javascript framework.
  • AppWarp JS HTML5 SDK
    AppWarp client SDK and sample for HTML5/JavaScript applications.
  • arbiter
    A lightweight html5 history library for ender.js.
  • audia
    An HTML5 library that implements (and extends) the Audio object using the Web Audio API.
  • audio 5 js
    The HTML5 Audio Compatibility Layer.
  • audiojs
    A cross browser javascript wrapper for the html5 audio tag.
  • Autocomplete
    Cross browser autocomplete implementation using HTML5 's <datalist> element.
  • Avaku
    Client side avatar customization engine written in pure JavaScript for HTML5 canvases.
  • bespinclient
    The Bespin project is building a web based code editor using the emerging HTML5 standard. The editor is easily extensible with JavaScript and can be used in your own applications. (the mozilla/ mirror is READ ONLY, synchronized from mercurial).
  • bitcoinjs gui
    Bitcoin client implementation in HTML5 /JavaScript.
  • blankhtml 5 slides
    Slides from slides. html5 "blanked" for bootstrapping new slides *Deprecated now* since html5 slides/.
  • Boilergrid for Compass
    This is a mashup of Paul Irish's HTML5 Boilerplate with Semantic Blueprint through Compass and SASS/SCSS.
  • browserfountain
    HTML5 particle system using browser logos.
  • bulldog
    HTML5 task manager, built on todo.txt.
  • buzz
    Buzz is a small but powerful Javascript library that allows you to easily take advantage of the new HTML5 audio element. It tries to degrade silently on non modern browsers.
  • CALjs
    CALjs is a iCal/Outlook like calendar component built for HTML5/JavaScript applications. It is also fully touch enabled so it can run on devices.
  • campingstove
    Campingstove is a boilerplate for platform independent mobile app development with html5 and well structured, modularized javascript.
  • ClearStyle
    Stylesheet for ClearBlade's HTML5/hybrid mobile applications.
  • cocos 2d html5 orthogonal tile
    Cocos 2D HTML5 Adventure using an orthogonal tile map.
  • cocos 2d html5.ts
    Typescript version of cocos/cocos 2d html5 repository.
  • CoderDeck
    Create live coding HTML5 based presentations and workshops.
  • Comic Surfer
    HTML5 Comic visualizer mobile App and authoring tool.
  • command and conquer
    Command & Conquer in HTML5 /Javascript.
  • compass html5 boilerplate
    Compass version of the Html5 Boilerplate project by Paul Irish.
  • componentjs
    ComponentJS Powerful run time Component System for structuring HTML5 based Rich Clients.
  • ControlsOverlay.js
    Touch controls for use with Cocos 2d HTML5.
  • convert o matic
    An HTML5 Boilerplate based landing page template.
  • Coulisse
    Coverflow like effect for HTML5 enabled browsers.
  • creative html5
    A class about JavaScript, html5 and creative coding.
  • croquis.js
    HTML5 drawing tool library.
  • csl editor
    cslEditorLib A HTML 5 library for searching and editing CSL styles.
    An offline capable, html5 currency converter app for the iPhone.
  • d3 audio spectrum
    Spectrum analysis demo using D3 and HTML5 audio.
  • demo messaging
    HTML5 Messaging Demos for WD Code 2012.
  • demoanimations
    Simple HTML5 animation demo.
  • demos html5 realtime
    HTML5 demos of clients interacting with each other in real time.
  • dicetower
    A 2D HTML5 Dice Tower.
  • DonutChart
    Data driven html5 chart control with custom animations.
  • Double Dragon
    Double Dragon HTML5 (Impact JS).
  • DownloadBuilder.js
    A JavaScript library that uses the HTML5 Filesystem API to create concatenated single file custom builds for front end projects.
  • Drag DropHelpers
    This library smooths out the differences between the different browser implementations of the HTML5 Drag and Drop module. It is not a polyfill.
  • drag n drop uploader
    HTML5 drag and drop file uploader.
  • Dragon Drop
    Turn HTML5 drag and drop sites into a fiery wasteland.
  • dragon video
    A WordPress plugin for converting uploaded videos to HTML5 format (h264, webm, ogv) and displaying them with the <video> tag.
  • drawback
    The Drawback framework provides a seamless way to render 2D drawings on the client side using HTML5 technologies with a server side backend.
  • dropfile
    Dropfile is a shim which uses Silverlight to recreate the part of the HTML5 FileAPI which lets us drag files into the IE browser and read em'.
  • dropit
    An HTML5 drag &drop media uploader application for
  • DropZone
    Nice modular HTML5 + Flash + HTML 4 uploader.
  • DuckHunt JS
    DuckHunt ported to JS and HTML5 with a level creator.
  • duplikit
    An HTML5 Framework that brings a native look and feel to iPad Web Applications.
  • Easy HTML5 Template
    A simple starting point for your HTML5 projects.
  • easy ratings
    HTML5 based drag &drop info retriever for movie files.
  • edward
    An animation framework based on HTML5 Animation JavaScript Lamberta/dp/1430236655.
  • etch
    An Etch A Sketch written in HTML5.
  • events site template
    Template site for events (see an example on: lon ).
  • fd slider
    An Unobtrusive Accessible Slider script that can also be used as an HTML5 Input Range polyfill solution.
  • FDC HTML5 Example
    Example Code for using HTML5 with
  • FDC HTML5 Template
    This is some sample code that provides a starting point for an HTML5 Visualforce project. It includes some useful HTML5Boilerplate features and an ant build script.
  • fifer js
    A micro library for the HTML5 Audio API with flash fallback.
  • FileTransfer
    FileTransfer via. WebRTC and HTML5.
  • fireshell
    Fiercely quick front end boilerplate and workflows, HTML5 , Grunt, Sass.
  • flarevideo
    HTML5 & Flash Video Player.
  • FlexReplaceState
    Example of using the new HTML5 session history APIs with Flex.
  • flowplayer
    The HTML5 video player for the web.
  • Frantic S3 Browser
    File browser and uploader for Amazon S3. Fully HTML5 based, no server needed.
  • fronteers
    HTML5 presentation of the 2010 fronteers conference.
  • fs.js
    A higher level file system API for HTML5 FileSystem.
  • ft style offline web app part 1
    The bare ingredients to create an FT style HTML5 app.
  • Fullscreen API Attack
    Demo of phishing attack on the native HTML5 full screen API.
  • generator h 5 bp
    Scaffolds out HTML5 Boilerplate.
  • generator server configs
    Scaffolds out webserver configuration for various platforms. Goes well with HTML5 Boilerplate.
  • Geo 5
    HTML5 + Geo = Geo 5 :: Interactive maps using HTML5 data tags, no coding!.
  • git html5 .js
    pure Javascript git implementation for your browser.
  • Glance
    A social network based mobile application developed in HTML5 under Kik Card platform.
  • glider
    GDG branded version of Google I/O 2012/13 HTML5 Slides.
  • gnos
    Network Management System based on HTML5.
  • goban
    Go board in HTML5.
  • grails uploadr
    HTML5 Drag and Drop file upload plugin for the Grails framework.
  • GrocerySync CouchApp
    HTML5 interface to the Couchbase demo grocery list tracker.
  • grooveshark html5
    An HTML5 Grooveshark client.
  • grunt manifest
    Generates HTML5 Cache Manifest files.
  • h 5 bp redux
    H 5 BP Redux HTML5 Boilerplate, with a few extra things added.
  • H 5 BP Symfony2 Bundle
    A Symfony2 Bundle for utilising the h 5 bp v1/2 html5 boilerplate code.
  • h 5 ive
    A collection of thin facade APIs wrapped around HTML5 JavaScript features.
  • hieroglyph
    HTML5 slide generation for Sphinx projects.
  • html slideshow
    Lightweight HTML5 based slideshow.
  • html5 animation framework
    Unabashed clone of animation framework/.
  • HTML5 Animator
    HTML5 Animator is a Web based 2D animation system for HTML5.
  • HTML5 Annotation Tool
    A package of code for quickly and easily annotating videos in a web browser.
  • html5 application blueprint
    Source Code Samples and other assets for the HTML5 Application Blueprint.
  • html5 audio editor
    A small audio editor written in html5 and javascript without usage of external plugins.
  • html5 audio player
    Sample implementation of an HTML/JavaScript audio player.
  • HTML5 Boilerplate Jekyll Template
    HTML5 Boilerplate Jekyll starter with compass built in.
  • html5 boilerplate wordpress
    A starter boilerplate theme for Wordpress containing a few extras to help get more involved themes up and running.
  • html5 bombergirl
    Bomberman written in JavaScript.
  • html5 box 2d experiments
    HTML5 and Box 2d web Experiments.
  • HTML5 Clear
    [DEPRECATED] A replica of the Clear iphone app in HTML5.
  • HTML5 Clear v2
    HTML5 Clear version 2.
  • html5 denver polyfills
    HTML5 Denver: "Polyfills For The Pragmatist" slides and demos.
  • html5 drag and drop
    A demo project to tinker with HTML5 drag /drop & IE compatibility.
  • HTML5 Drag DropExample
    Proof of concept project to showcase HTML5 Drag &Drop feature.
  • html5 expense
    Expense reporting reference app demonstrating HTML5 and cross platform mobile.
  • HTML5 Face Detection
    HTML5 Video Face Detection with the CCV Javascript Library.
  • html5 file uploader
    JavaScript library that manages file uploads using html5 drag and drop and file API's.
  • HTML5 Fileupload with Rails3
    A Drag and Drop HTML5 Fileupload Application with Rails3.
  • html5 fullscreen player
    A sleek set of html5 video controls optimized for a leanback video experience.
  • HTML5 Guitar Tab Player
    A music player plug in for Vexflow.
  • HTML5 History API
    HTML5 History API expansion for browsers not supporting pushState, replaceState.
  • HTML5 JavaScript Gamepad Controller Library
    Library for accessing gamepads in modern browsers.
  • html5 kit
    Resets and defaults for HTML5. Demo to come. Unstable/untested.
  • HTML5 map and video syncing
    A "Indiana Jones" style animation of a video over a map using Google Maps and HTML5 video.
  • html5 offlineapps
    The sample HTML5 apps I used for my Cocoaheads presentation on May 7, 2010.
  • HTML5 placeholder polyfill
    Small and robust polyfill for the HTML5 placeholder attribut.
  • HTML5 Pong
    Multiplayer Pong, Google HTML5 Hackathon @ U of Ottawa, 2011.
  • html5 presentation
    HTML5 : What's new? What's changed?.
  • HTML5 Raycaster
    A basic raycasting engine in JavaScript.
  • html5 realtime push notifications
    HTML5 Realtime Push Notifications.
  • html5 responsive wordpress shell
    A great starting point for quickly creating WordPress Themes using HTML5.
  • html5 shared web worker examples
    A simple project to explore shared web workers.
  • html5 slides uulm
    An HTML5 based slide deck (Ulm University Corporate Design).
  • HTML5 Sticky
    HTML5 Sticky sticky notes app for the web !.
  • html5 synth
    HTML5 demo: simple JavaScript based audio synthesizer.
  • HTML5 TODOs Application
    Creating a BlackBerry application using HTML5 and BlackBerry WebWorks SDK.
  • html5 trader
    The HTML5 trader demo.
  • HTML5 Tumblr Mobile App
    Tumblr + HTML5 + Phonegap = Mobile App.
  • html5 videoEditor
    An ongoing project, trying to create a simple VideoEditing tool in the browser using JavaScript.
  • html5 videowall
    an html5 video wall.
  • html5 webcam avatar
    html5 webcam avatar for modern browsers.
  • HTML5 WebStorage Sample
    A simple drag and drop example to demonstrate HTML5 WebStorage.
  • html5devconf 2011 box 2d
    Box 2D presentation for HTML5 Dev Conf.
  • htmlshell
    A quick custom boilerplate HTML5 markup generator.
  • humongous
    An standalone Mongo Browser for Ruby, using HTML5. Just run and forget.
  • hxcc
    Cocos 2d html5 for haxe.
  • Hyro
    A real time desktop HTML5 editor view your html while you code it.
  • iioengine
    The iio Engine streamlines the development of HTML5 applications. This repo contains the most recent version of the iio Engine core framework.
  • iLepra html5
    Mobile HTML5 lepro client.
  • illuminated.js
    Illuminated.js ? 2D lights and shadows rendering engine for HTML5 applications.
  • impressEx.js
    An HTML5 slide engine based on impress.js.
  • init
    INIT extends HTML5 Boilerplate, adds more structure for SCSS files, JavaScripts, includes build tasks and a whole lot more.
  • intercom.js
    A client side cross window message broadcast library built on top of the HTML5 localStorage API.
  • ionic
    Advanced HTML5 Mobile App Framework. A beautiful front end framework for developing hybrid mobile apps in HTML5.
  • ios7 blur html5
    iOS 7 Blur in HTML5.
  • iPad HTML5 Magazine Reader
    xcode project for publishing an html5 magazine using Monocle ereader.
  • iPhoneSMS
    A web based HTML5 application for storing SMS messages offline.
  • Jaat
    Just another animation tool. Mainly created to better learn JavaScript and Html5.
  • javascript editor
    codemirror + esprima powered html5 javascript editor component.
  • jdi
    " HTML5 is Ready Contest" 1st prize winning app.
  • jelly
    jelly no puzzle in html5.
  • js konami code event
    Konami code event for your HTML5 web app/page.
  • jsPDF
    Generate PDF files in JavaScript. HTML5 FTW.
  • jsper
    Wrapper around HTML 5 localStorage, get latest version from the releases folder.
  • jsrobowar
    A port of RoboWar to the web browser using JavaScript and HTML5.
  • juggler
    Juggler is a free and open source framework to build html5 mobile apps and deploying them to devices thanks to phonegap.
  • kathyleegiffer
    HTML5/Ruby drag and drop animated gif builder.
  • keydown
    An HTML5 presentation builder.
  • kickoff
    A simple template for HTML5 Sinatra apps.
  • kimchi
    An HTML5 management interface for KVM.
  • kitchensink html5 mobile example
    Demo application on OpenShift | The kitchensink html5/mboile JBoss Quickstart application.
  • LajiliEngine
    A HTML5 engine with gamepad integration and Box 2D abstraction layer.
  • lazeroids node
    massively multiplayer html5 asteroids.
  • leviroutes
    A basic routes framework for JS that hooks in to HTML5 history.
  • Lib Ray
    (Eyebeam #7 of 13) My attempt to implement Terry Hancock's Lib Ray spec for open HTML5 based HD video collections.
  • localtour
    HTML5 Mobile web app for displaying information from a Localwiki deployment as an tour.
  • locstor
    JavaScript helper library for HTML5 localStorage.
  • loStorage.js
    Client side storage the way it should be ? using the HTML5 localStorage API.
  • mad chatter
    Mad Chatter is a fun, easy to customize chat server written in Ruby utilizing HTML 5 Web Sockets.
  • Magento Boilerplate
    Magento Theme Package based on HTML5 Bolierplate by Paul Irish coupled with CSS3PIE by 327 Creative LLC.
  • mapgen
    a simple 2d map generator with HTML 5 and JS | spryMap JS lib by Charlie Andrews.
  • meteor gsap
    Professional Grade HTML5 Animation in a smart package for meteor.
  • metroappsite html5
    A metro themed template website for Windows Store apps.
  • micaptcha
    A mouse intervention CAPTCHA implementation with HTML5 native drag and drop.
  • micropolisJS
    A port of Micropolis to JS/ HTML5.
  • mindhead.js
    Welcome to Mindhead. Prototyping EEG Neurofeedback + HTML5.
  • mindmaps
    An open source, offline capable, mind mapping application leveraging HTML5 technologies.
  • mmengine
    2D HTML 5 Engine.
  • mobiscroll
    The customizable HTML5 spinner/scroller control for touch devices like smartphones and tablets.
  • MooPlay
    tools to build your own player on top of an html5 video element.
  • mugen pazdora
    A "Puzzle & Dragons" clone by HTML5 /JavaScript.
  • musictab
    MusicTab player is a music player with htlm5 frontend, you can play and make playlists of you music collection in you browser tab. It is powered by sinatra server in the backed and html5 audio player.
  • Neonflames
    Neon flames is a crazy online HTML5 drawing tool.
  • nerd clustr
    SXSW Interactive 2013 HTML5 Hacks App Geo Social Real Time App.
  • ng flow
    Flow.js html5 file upload extension on angular.js framework.
  • node express 3.0 html5 boilerplate
    Boilerplate code for rocking fresh Node projects with Express 3.0, Jade, development & production environments, and asset management for compiling, concatenating and minifying less and javascript files.
  • Node Icecast Streamer
    Icecast Clone with HTML5 Audio Uses ffmpeg to decode files, lame and oggenc to encode.
  • node wiki
    HTML5 editor powered wiki with drag and drop file upload and easy page creation.
  • nodetron
    A peer to peer, rich client web app library that uses HTML5 WebRTC and Web Workers to reduce reliance on central servers.
  • openpanzer
    HTML5 Panzer General 2.
  • p2pu sow html5
    P2PU School of Webcraft September 2010 HTML5 course project website.
  • paquito
    A packet oriented network simulation build in HTML5 & JavaScript.
  • parse 5
    Fast full featured HTML parser for Node. Based on WHATWG HTML5 specification.
  • path
    Simple routing library using HTML5 history.pushState or hashbang for web browsers.
  • phonegap boilerplate
    A boilerplate for HTML5 phonegap applications.
  • phonegap windows
    PhoneGap wrapper for running HTML5 apps as native Windows desktop apps.
  • PinterestPlus
    An improved implementation of the Pinterest "Pin It" button with an HTML5 valid syntax option.
  • Placeholders.js
    A JavaScript polyfill for the HTML5 placeholder attribute.
  • play audio
    Lightweight Wrapper For HTML5 Audio API.
  • playroulette
    Chatroulette clone using only HTML5 features and Play 2.
  • plugin to html5
    Plug in to HTML5 conversion scripts.
  • pmrpc
    HTML5 inter window and web workers RPC and publish subscribe communication library.
  • pow
    An experimental HTML5 presentation tool.
  • Presenteer.js
    Flexible HTML5 Presentation Tool.
  • Project Coho
    The Tyee's legendary HTML5 mobile web app.
  • project maya
    An open source HTML5 implementation of a springboard with icons that will play speech.
  • PropertyFinder HTML5
    Property Finder is an HTML5 based cross platform mobile application for Windows Phone and iPhone.
  • Proton
    A particle engine for html5.
  • punch presenter
    Create Quick HTML5 Presentations with Punch.
  • Rails 3 Haml Sass HTML5 Boilerplate Less framework
    An initial project template with Rails 3, Haml, Sass, HTML5 Boilerplate, Less framework & Live.js.
  • rcloud
    RCloud is an HTML5 frontend for collaboratively developing and sharing R scripts.
  • red boilerplate
    Red optimized HTML5 Boilerplate.
  • remote control
    Remote Control is a tool to control the slides of your HTML5 presentation through a cell phone.
  • resumable.js
    A JavaScript library for providing multiple simultaneous, stable, fault tolerant and resumable/restartable uploads via the HTML5 File API.
  • rocketcharts
    Awesome open source HTML5 financial/statistical charts!.
  • RPG JS
    Create your browser RPG in HTML5 !.
  • RubyConfX code
    The code used for my MacRuby talk at RubyConf X | demos: iVoiceControl (voice recognition), PS3 controller + MacRuby + HTML5, tokenization, headless browser and gowalla sample.
  • S6
    S6 ? HTML5 Presentations.
  • sammy pushstate
    Simple example soca/sammy/couchapp using the Sammy HTML5 History support.
  • scratch html5
    HTML 5 based Scratch project player.
  • ScriptedAmigaEmulator
    Amiga Emulator in javascript and HTML5.
  • seamless talk
    GothamJS 2012 talk on HTML5 's seamless iframe attribute.
  • server configs node
    Express / Connect middleware for websites. Goes well with HTML5 Boilerplate.
  • ShakeIt App
    See what you can do on iPhone with HTML5 ShakeIt App.
  • Shape Matching 2d HTML5
    Shape matching rigid body system using HTML5 as rendering engine.
  • simpli 5
    A simplified HTML5 Javascript library.
  • sinatra html5 boilerplate
    The Sinatra HTML5 Boilerplate is a Sinatra application based on the HTML5 Boilerplate to be used for setting up a consistent base for rapid prototyping.
  • SkyBrush
    pure JS HTML5 embeddable painting application.
  • slideshow google html5 slides
    Google HTML5 Rocks Slide Show (S9) Template Pack.
  • slidfast
    slidfast is a learning framework created for the book HTML5 and JavaScript Web Apps on O'Reilly Media. All the examples and code are explained in detail in the book.
  • smokescreen
    Code to convert Flash to HTML5.
  • SoBr
    Graphical browser written in javascript for HTML5. This browser can be used to browse networks of nodes and edges.
  • Sound Widget
    A Flash/HTML5 webpage audio player which uses cookies to save enabled state.
  • Space Invaders HTML 5
    Space Invaders HTML 5.
  • spine cocos 2d html5
    Javascript port of spine cocos 2 dx runtime.
  • springmvc hibernate template
    This repository demonstrates building a Spring 3.1 application that uses profiles, HTML5 , caching and Hibernate 4.0, and more.
  • Squire
    HTML5 rich text editor.
  • Stacey HTML5 ived
    A HTML5 version of the default template for Stacey, a wonderfully simple content management system.
  • staterouter.js
    Simple JavaScript HTML5 routing library built on top of History.js.
  • stitches
    HTML5 Sprite Sheet Generator.
  • supersynth
    Interactive HTML5 Super Mario Synth.
  • survana
    An HTML5 application for administering questionnaires on tablets and mobile devices. Developed by the Neuroinformatics Research Group at Harvard University.
  • sw engineering candies fem 2d example
    An Example of Finite Element Method Simulation in Pure Java and HTML5 with Paper.js Library.
  • talk munichjs d3
    HTML5 slides for a talk hold at JavaScript User Group Munich March 7th 2012.
  • TEditor
    Tencent HTML5 Rich Editor.
  • textile editor
    An HTML5 textile editor.
  • The M Project
    'The M Project' is a Mobile HTML5 Application Framework.
  • tile 5
    The Alternative HTML5 mapping library #browser #deprecated [see:].
  • todo.txt html5
    HTML5 local app for managing your todo.txt file.
  • toolbar
    make html5 toolbars that are mouse and keyboard selectable.
  • Touch Friendly HTML5 Website
    HTML5 Experiment demonstrating app like functionality.
  • TradeSpring Chart
    html5 charting toolkit for trading.
  • Tumblr HTML5 Boilerplate
    A Tumblr theme boilerplate based on the HTML5 Boilerplate Very Incomplete.
  • turn.js
    The page flip effect for HTML5.
  • upload
    iframe and html5 file uploader.
  • URL .Address
    A vanilla JavaScript wrapper for URL addressing using HTML5 History, Hashbangs and Anchors.
  • usergrid javascript sdk
    A JavaScript SDK to help make Usergrid powered HTML5 Apps.
  • ushahidi webapp
    A webapp based on HTML5 to collect data and to send data to Ushahidi.
  • vanaja online
    An online 2D MMORPG in HTML5 and Node.
  • VB C50i HTML5 Client
    Canon VB C50i Network Camera HTML5 Client.
    Render Vector HTML5 maps using CartoDB and Carto as styling language, on top of ModestMaps.
  • vid streamer
    VidStreamer.js: A simple streamer for Flash and HTML5 style videos. Supports HTTP pseudostreaming and works with JW Player's bitrate switching.
  • video.js component
    Video.js HTML5 Video Player Component.
  • videojs player
    Package for Concrete 5 ; HTML5 video block with Flash fallback.
  • VNgine
    Javascript, HTML5 Canvases , and Visual Novels. What could go wrong?.
  • Voice Debugger
    HTML5 voice debugger! Demo: debugger/.
  • voxel gamepad
    HTML5 gamepad API support for voxel.js.
  • wand
    A collection of tools for HTML5 web app development.
  • waterlee boilerplate
    Magento HTML5 Responsive Theme Boilerplate.
  • web audio editor
    HTML5 based audio editor.
  • WebChat
    Example mobile web app for the workshop "Forget Native: Learn to Write HTML5 Mobile Apps".
  • webkitSynth
    synth/sequencer using html5 web audio api.
  • WebNotes
    HTML5 Annotations for webpages.
  • wedge.js
    Tiny audio library that provides HTML5 apps with accelerated audio if available, and falls back to Buzz.js.
  • xapp
    An HTML5/Javascript boilerplate for constructing offline enabled mobile apps.
  • Yugen Logo Source
    HTML 5 Yugen logo animation project.

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