List of Free code CSS3


  • 2012 06 js css3 presentation
    UtahJS presentation on JavaScript with CSS3 animation.
  • 3 D CSS Text
    Generates 3 D CSS text with the CSS3 property 'text shadow'.
  • 3D Domo in CSS 3
    I've made this experiment during my last research about using 3D & CSS 3 in web browsers. It works on Google Chrome & Safari (including mobile version for iOS).
  • 52framework
    First HTML5 and CSS3 framework.
  • android apps compass
    Open source project, has been developed over a weekend. It's navigational instrument that measures directions. (It's basically a Compass). Technologies used : Android SDK, Java, PhoneGap, HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery Mobile.
  • animate
    Animate.js CSS3 animations without a single line of CSS or JavaScript!.
  • animated heart beat
    An example of what CSS3 can do.
  • Animation Fill Code
    An app to "fill" in all the necessary code for CSS 3 keyframe animations.
  • Animelt Plugin
    My toy for complex animations ( css 3 fallbacks), just to play guys.
    Test cases of various web technologies ( HTML5 , CSS3, JavaScript).
  • articlecls
    HTML5/ CSS3 template to be used for print/paged media.
  • asdf
    A remake (HTML5, CSS3, JS) of the 1978 launched Simon electronic game.
  • b 3 css3
    B 3 Studios CSS3 Generator.
  • backflip
    A CSS3 / JavaScript Slideshow thingy.
  • beckonclient
    Javascript, HTML5 and CSS3 based digital signage using Sinatra!.
  • bedazzle
    CSS3 Animation Scripting with JS.
  • beemuse
    Sweet framework agnostic CSS 3 front end components.
  • borderimage
    cross browser implementation of border image CSS 3 property.
  • buttonizer
    a cool HTML5/ CSS3 button generator. Collaborative project with
  • c 3 d
    A *.obj to CSS3 converter.
  • chacker
    CSS3 flipping text effect.
  • charlie.js
    A small framework for synchronizing video and CSS 3 animations.
  • chess game
    A sample Chess Game made with HTML5 and CSS3 and targeting multi plateform. (made for "HTML5 Game Most Wanted") the game is not fully finished but illustrates some concepts explained in the book.
  • circleplayer
    A CSS3 HTML5 audio player with a circular seekable progress bar and complete fallback.
  • CNN Like Swipe From Top Menu Zepto.js Mobile HTML5
    This is an example prepared to show off a type of sliding drawer menu similar to CNN's iPhone app, but using HTML5 Hybrid approach with Javascript, CSS3 , and Zepto.js. Paired with PhoneGap its a great menu treatment technique.
  • coverflow
    Coverflow using CSS3 transformation, rewrite of Addy Osmani & Paul Bakaus Coverflow to ensure a clean separation of dependencies.
  • creative list effects
    Creative Add/Remove Effects for List Items with CSS 3 Animations.
  • css 3 foundation
    NOTICE: Official repository moved to ravasthi/ css 3 foundation.
  • css 3 microsoft metro buttons
    my CSS 3 library for making Microsoft metro themed buttons.
  • CSS 3 Playground
    Experiment with css 3 styles directly in the browser.
  • css buttons generator
    A CSS 3 buttons generator.
  • css indicators
    Pure CSS3 indicators (a.k.a. Ajax loaders).
  • css Sandbox
    a test rig for mobile CSS3 media queries.
  • CSS Workshop
    6 hours workshop covering almost everything in CSS 2 and CSS3.
  • css3
    Slides from my presentation at DevChatt 2011.
  • CSS3 3 D Furniture Showcase
    A rotating 3 D furniture showcase.
  • css3 button maker
    Create CSS3 Buttons with a easy to use GUI.
  • css3 experimentos
    Meus experimentos com CSS3 e HTML5.
  • CSS3 Generator
    Web App for testing and learning the CSS3 features.
  • css3 logo
    GDUT's logo by CSS3.
  • CSS3 Product Wall
    A CSS3 only product wall that demonstrates the use of the :target pseudo selector.
  • CSS3 Storyline Animation
    Demonstration of CSS3 Storyline Animation using jQuery Transit Library.
  • CSS3 Tiler
    A CSS3 3 D based image slideshow.
  • cssbookshelf
    A bookshelf in CSS3.
  • Cube3D
    Tech demo to create a 3D cube using CSS 3 transformations and provide sensible/meaningful control for rotation.
  • Cubeedoo
    Mobile Memory game in HTML5 / CSS 3.
  • czbox
    Photo lightbox based on jQuery / Zepto.JS & CSS3.
  • darkbox
    A javascript lightbox using CSS3.
  • dh2012
    Slick new site for 2012 full of CSS3 animations.
  • DirectionAwareHoverEffect
    How to create a direction aware hover effect using CSS 3 and jQuery. The idea is to slide in an overlay from the direction we are moving with the mouse.
  • dom3d
    Rendering 3d with CSS 3.
  • drawerjs
    A simple off canvas navigation built with JavaScript & CSS 3. It's library agnostic, provides support for jQuery and AMD and it's simple to set up and use.
  • dumbSlider
    A really dumb jQuery + CSS 3 slideshow.
  • dyluni
    A simple website framework for a quick start on new designs. Uses SASS, HTML5 and CSS3.
  • easie
    Css 3 like easing functions for jQuery ? tweakable and fast.
  • eCSStender. CSS 3 backgrounds and borders.js
    An implementation of the CSS 3 Backgrounds and Borders module.
  • eCSStender. CSS 3 selectors.js
    An implementation of the CSS 3 selectors module using eCSStender.js.
  • eCSStender. CSS3 grid alignment.js
    The proposed grid alignment module.
  • emotiglobe
    Node.js + WebGL Experiment: See how the world is feeling in realtime... #javascript #node.js #webGL # html5 #css3.
  • fancy timeline transition
    This is a port of the Google+ iPad app timeline purely done with CSS 3.
  • fez
    css3 framework in stylus.
  • fi labs css 3 coverflow
    Fi Labs CSS 3 Coverflow.
  • firstClass
    A clean responsive framework powered by LESS based on, HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery.
  • flawless.css
    A full stack html5 and css3 framework that uses less.js as it's core to provide a truly modular system with addons and other cute stuff ; D.
  • flexlayout
    css3 box model layout.
  • flightboard
    A HTML5 & CSS3 flightboard from an airport that is automaticly updated using AJAX , jQuery and JSON.
  • flipclock
    HTML5 / CSS3 based flipclock.
  • fontcolor
    Multicolored fonts on the web with pure css3. Inspired by
  • Fractionless Boilerplate
    HTML5 /CSS3 framework with tools to help implement common design patterns without being overly opinionated and bloated.
  • fun games css
    Interactive slides for my SXSWi 2013 talk entitled Fun and Games with CSS3.
  • Game Engine Sandbox
    HTML5/ CSS3 /JavaScript game engine evaluations and demos.
  • gfx
    CSS 3 3D animation library.
  • ghostwriter
    html5 , css3, javascript illustration app (use "simple" branch!).
  • Giganta HTML5 CSS3 Boilerplate
    Open source html5 flexible css3 layout boilerplate template for web designers.
  • gradientD
    Gradient Designer Generate CSS 3 Gradient Code w/support for SCSS.
  • grails reskin
    Sandpit project for re skinning Grails using HTML5 semantic markup & CSS3.
  • gridless boilerplate
    Gridless is an awesome HTML5 and CSS3 boilerplate for making responsive, cross browser websites with beautiful typography.
  • haz
    See at a glance which of the latest HTML5 and CSS3 features are supported in your browser.
  • html5
    HTML5 CSS3 code sample.
  • html5 blackboard
    Blackboard demo written with HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript.
  • html5 css3
    The HTML5 and CSS3 course from InstructorMatters.
  • html5 css3 circle music player
    html5/ css3 circle music player.
  • html5 css3 for designers
    This will be the general repository to support the course and tutorials of our HTML5 and CSS3 meetup.
  • html5 css3 mobile demo
    Demonstration of using jqTouch and iScroll3 with HTML5 and CSS3 on the iPad. Show at Amped Web 2010.
  • HTML5 CSS3 Projects
    HTML5 & CSS3 Experimental Projects @ Codescape.
  • HTML5 CSS3 template
    includes HTML 5 Boilerplate css, html templates with Selectivzr, IE9.js, css3 media queries for IE7 8, PIE.js.
  • html5 rubik
    Rubik's cube made in HTML5 using just CSS3 and Javascript. Optimized for Mobile and Tablet devices.
  • htmlhomepagetemplate
    Tutorial: Building a homepage template with CSS3 & HTML5 magazine #227 (March 2012). Original source code.
  • ike
    CSS3 , jQuery, JSON Based Robot.
  • interactive hdr.js
    An interactive HDR viewer using <canvas> and CSS3.
  • Intro to CSS3 Properties
    CSS3 fun. Box shadows, opacity, border radius, and transitions.
  • Javascript 3DCubeMenu
    CSS3 for animation , keyboard Up/Down/Left/Right for navigation, jQuery Mobile for gesture navigation(demo).
  • jBone
    jBone is a JavaScript Bone Animation library for simplifing and enhancing CSS3 transformations.
  • jPages
    Client side pagination with jQuery and CSS 3.
  • jq css3 infinite coverflow
    A demo of css3 infinite coverflow that loads images from flcikr.
  • jq tiles
    Slider with css 3 transitions and many effects.
  • jqm.hello
    Source code for the CSS 3 Shapes web app by 3Easy at BuildMobile.
  • jQuery Css 3 Finalize
    Tired of adding prefix for each browser when it comes to the new css 3 attributes?.
  • jquery cssmate
    An experiment with CSS3 transitions + jQuery animate.
  • jquery inline slides
    jQuery plugin to display an inline slideshow with CSS3 transforms and fallback.
  • jQuery ViewMaster
    A jQuery CSS 3 slideshow.
  • jquery.flipper
    Flipper Animation for text transitions. Can be used to create Retro style fall down clocks. Uses CSS3 transitions.
  • jquery.growshrink
    Adds two functions to jQuery: $.growFrom and $.shrinkTo for growing/shrinking using CSS3 transforms.
  • jQuery.multipleDraggables
    This is a jQuery plugin that enables you to drag multiple elements at the same time using HTML5 and CSS3. This most probably will not work on all browsers so use at your own risk! If you would like a more stable and backward compatiable release please checkout version 0.10 from the downloads section.
  • jquery.panzoom
    A jQuery plugin for panning and zooming elements using CSS 3.
    Photo Gallery jQuery plugin css3 powered.
  • jquery.transit
    Super smooth CSS 3 transformations and transitions for jQuery.
  • jquery.waypoints
    Jquery plugin for object movement on points (js, html5, css3 , transform, rotate).
  • jQueryMobile CSS 3 Coverflow
    CSS 3 + jQuery Coverflow.
  • jsadvent
    JavaScript/ HTML5 /CSS3 advent calendar system for sharing information in a festive fashion. Brought to you by your pals at
  • jsBreakout
    Breakout game made using css3 transtitions.
  • kenburns
    A Jquery gallery featuring CSS 3 hardware accelerated pan and zoom, Ken Burns style transitions.
  • Laser.js
    JavaScript based Laser precision CSS 3 animation sequencing & timing.
  • Lightbox Ultra
    A lightbox script using latest CSS 3 and JavaScript.
  • LinkHTML5 SDK
    The Mobile Helix Link HTML5 SDK open, standards based SDK for building enterprise apps with HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript; includes a JSF 2 integration.
  • loda button
    jQuery plugin that animates the button icon with CSS 3 when loading...
  • matrix.js
    Featherweight CSS 3 3D engine.
  • Matrix3d Tutorial
    Pragmatic CSS 3 webit transform matrix3d Tutorial.
  • MediaMatcher.js
    A lightweight and easy to use polyfill to synchronize Stylesheets ( CSS ) and JavaScripts (JS) when using CSS3 Media Queries.
  • meldbox
    Meldbox is an in browser web page and app designer for web prototyping and HTML mock ups using advanced CSS3.
  • Modernizr
    Modernizr is a JavaScript library that detects HTML5 and CSS3 features in the user?s browser.
  • moofx
    css 3 enabled javascript animation library.
  • moon
    JavaScript animation framework that uses CSS 3 transitions.
  • move.js
    CSS 3 backed JavaScript animation framework.
  • MovingTheCloud
    Moving the Cloud is an experiment in using HTML5 and CSS3 technologies and Node.js. It was also an experiment on using Node.js on the Cedar stack in Heroku, but that didn't quite work out as expected (more on that later). It's also an Easter egg on the Model Metrics Homepage. Click on the animated 1s and 0s down in the bottom left corner of the screen to get to it.
  • mrsi gallery
    mrsi gallery is a full screen image gallery that takes advantage of CSS3.
  • multi animation slide show jquery css3 html5
    This is a multi animating responsive slideshow plugin using jquery, css3 and html5. I have motivated from this:
  • My Book ReadR
    My Book ReadR : Polished framework to read book as a page online ( HTML5 /CSS3/jQuery).
  • nults4w
    New layout template style for web. HTML5/CSS3/Less/jQuery.
  • oer.epubcss
    "Bakes in" CSS 2 and CSS3 features that are not supported in EPUB.
  • panoramajs
    A JavaScript/ CSS3 implementation of the Windows Phone Panorama Control.
  • path css
    Learning CSS3 by trying to replicate bits of the Path iphone app interface.
  • Pie Menu
    Simple configurable Path Menu written in Jquery and CSS 3.
  • pivot.js
    A CSS 3 D Flickr photo gallery.
  • PlayDoo
    A Play! Framework sample application, basically a Todo with CSS3 and HTML5.
  • pleaseWait
    modern ajax load animations with css3.
  • polaroid photo viewer
    Creating a polaroid photo viewer with CSS3 and jQuery.
  • Pushpop
    Creates animated transitions between views resembling those found in mobile apps in CSS 3.
  • QuadCurveMenu Javascript
    Port QuadCurveMenu to jQuery & CSS3.
  • Radiation Dose Chart
    Radiaton Dose Chart from XKCD ported to HTML/ CSS3.
  • Respond
    A fast & lightweight polyfill for min/max width CSS 3 Media Queries (for IE 6 8, and more).
  • responsive fragments
    Using HTML5 data attributes with a device category 'keyword', containing a URL, on (empty) div tags, to have jQuery ( Ajax ) load in (append) that URL as additional content when CSS changes the body:after CSS3 generated content value using a MediaQuery.
  • Responsly.js
    A set of CSS 3 responsible widgets for jQuery.
  • s gallery
    S Gallery: A Responsive jQuery Gallery Plugin with CSS 3 Animations.
  • Scrum it
    Scrum it is digital Scrum Board based on multi touch and modern web technologies. It supports your Scrum Team with a board which can manage projects, team members, sprints, userstories, tasks and the burn down chart. It is written in HTML5 / CSS3, jQuery.
  • selectivizr
    selectivizr is a JavaScript utility that emulates CSS 3 pseudo classes and attribute selectors in Internet Explorer 6 8.
  • selector
    A Super Fast And Compatible Css 3 Selector Engine.
  • self CSS
    a CSS3 WYSIWYG Editor/Generator (in HTML5, CSS3 and JS).
  • sexy css 3 flashes
    CSS 3 Flashes for Rails apps.
  • simpleslider
    A vanilla Javascript and CSS3 slider.
  • site manager
    Create & manage mobile & desktop sites using HTML5 & CSS3.
  • slideshow
    Turn WordPress into a full screen slideshow with CSS3 transitions and photo backgrounds. Adapted from CoDrops Slit Screen Slider.
  • slotmachine
    a slotmachine using jQuery and CSS 3.
  • SmartMove
    Move greener ! This app is made in top notch HTML5/ CSS3. There's no going back to old hacks. Welcome to the future.
  • star wars
    Star wars intro in HTML5 & CSS 3 D.
  • StickySocialBar
    Sticky social networking bar with css 3 transitions.
  • stroll.js
    CSS 3 list scroll effects.
  • stylie
    A graphical CSS 3 animation tool.
  • sunglass animation
    Sunglass logo animation using css3.
  • swipeit
    Playing with CSS3 animations for product browsing.
  • template5
    html5, css3 , sass template.
  • These Days jQuery Slideshow Plugin
    Yet another jQuery plugin for slideshows. Super lightweight. Uses CSS 3 Transitions when available. Offers a gotoSlide(index) method and a beforeTransition(index) callback.
  • Timeline Website
    My curriculum vitae displayed as a timeline with html5/ css3.
  • touch to drag
    Fooling around with touch events and animation using CSS 3.
  • TrackBoard
    A customizable, browser based dashboard built with HTML 5, CSS 3 , and copious JavaScript.
  • tram
    Cross browser CSS 3 transitions in JavaScript.
  • Transition Effects JS Library
    Provides such effect as fade, blur, jalousie, scroll, ladder, zoom and others. Shims CSS3 effects on legacy browsers.
  • Universal CSS Transforms
    jQuery patch to fully enable Cross browser CSS3 Transformations.
  • Vanilla OO Javascript Photoviewer
    Vanilla OO Javascript Photoviewer (with HTML5 and CSS3).
  • Venetian.js
    jQuery plugin for a venetian blind like banner made of rolling stripes animated with CSS 3 3D transforms.
  • View Source Button
    Using jQuery, Code Prettify, and CSS3 :target, we can make a button that pops up a nice looking view of the current pages source code.
  • ViewSpot
    Presentation framework using Javascript, HTML 5 and CSS 3. It is an alternative to PowerPoint, Impress, LaTeX Beamer and KeyNote.
  • web experiments
    Web experiments using pure HTML5 and CSS3 and Javascript.
  • webapp
    web application via html5 and css3.
  • WowWindow
    Modal window plugin for jQuery with CSS3 transformation.
  • wthr
    CSS3 animations for real time weather conditions.
  • zx spectrum sim
    A project for a website written with HTML/ CSS3 /JS and jQuery that should resemble an old application loaded and viewed from a ZX Spectrum.

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