List of Free code Animation


  • ACHalloween
    A library with halloween themed animations for iOS.
  • Additive Samples
    Sample code showing explicit additive animation techniques.
  • AksLRFViewController
    Ready made Login, Registration, Forget Password Screen In One View Controller. Features: validations + animated error indication. for creating quick demo projects.
  • AngelGif
    converts MOV file into gif animation with selected range.
  • Anim
    The iOS Animation Manager.
  • Animated Paths
    Demo project: Animating the drawing of a CGPath with CAShapeLayer.strokeEnd.
  • animation
    An Animation Queue for iOS.
  • Animation Calibrator
    Load images and calibrate the frame speeds to determine the right animation speeds.
  • Animation Demonstration
    Simple project demonstrating animating a view to answer a StackOverflow question.
  • Animation FromTo
    Sample code of Core Animation 101: From and To.
  • Animation Queue
    Animation queue for ios platform.
  • Animation Test
    Animation Test by iPhone.
  • AnimationChain
    Demonstrates how to use the NSOperation API to chain Core Animation animations together.
  • AnimationPerformance
    Sample iOS app to demonstrate performance tuning of animations with Instruments. This app accompanied my talk "Animating Responsibly" at 360iDev 2013.
  • Animations
    A repository from my 360iDev Speech "Gratuitous Animations How Subtlety in User Experience Design can Impress Your Users and Apple".
  • AnimationTalk
    Code Samples for Animation in iOS talk at NYC iPhone meetup.
  • AnimationTimeWarp
    Sample code of Time Warp in Animation.
  • ANSegmentedControl
    Reader for Mac like Animation NSSegmentedControl.
  • AOHome
    Out of the box home application view controller with nice user interface animation.
  • AOTutorial
    A tutorial component with fade in / fade out animation for background images.
  • AppleTvIntro
    An implementaion using core animation just like apple tv intro in wwdc2007 steve jobs' presentation.
  • April19
    combine gesture recognition and animations.
  • AQGridView Animation Sample
    There's an animation error, when rotating. Logic error or Bug in AQGridView?.
  • AVAnimator
    AVAnimator is an iOS library that makes it easy to implement non trivial animated/video content in iOS.
  • BarChart
    Bar Chart Standalone Component with Animation for IOS.
  • BarProgressView
    Custom UIProgressView class for iOS, which is made out of bars. Highly customisable and works using just Quartz and Core Animation, with no image files needed!.
  • BasicAnimations
    Demo project for Core Animations as used in class.
  • BBCustomBackButton View Controller
    Simple view controller base for customized back buttons that look, animation wise, native.
  • BCSlidingWindowLayer
    Simple & fast frame animation classes for Core Animation.
  • Bezier Animation
    This is a demo of core animation , using key frame animation.
  • blackjack
    blackjack game with core animation.
  • blogpost codesample PullToRefresh
    A custom pull to refresh animation where timeOffset is used to control the timing as you drag down.
  • Bouncing Ball Animation
    Simple CAKeyframe Animation created for Interview.
  • BoxScreensaver
    A fancy box animation that I've been working on. I might change it up to be a game.
  • BRAVO.iOS.Challenge.01 Animation
    Arbitrary Animation Quick Challenge.
  • BRLoadingView
    Great loading view for iOS, makes your user wait with pleasure looking at the cool animation and beautiful colours. iOS refresh view, loading view, please wait view, awesome loading view.
  • BTSPieChart
    Core Animation Pie Chart (with animation and selection).
  • C4MToast
    C4MToast with animation View and localized label.
  • CA360
    Core Animation iOS example code. Lots of it.
  • CADemo
    Core Animation Demo for Boulder iOS developer's meetup.
  • CAEmitter Sample
    A sample app for Particle Effects using Core Animation (CAEmitterLayer and CAEmitterCell).
  • CardFold
    Sample code for doing 2.5D Core Animation Layering.
  • CASlowpoke
    Automatically slow down all Core Animation animations when the Shift key is down.
  • CATextLayerLab
    A simple example demonstrating Core Animation text layer features.
  • CFAAction
    Core Animation Actions in the key of SK.
  • CGArcTimer
    Playing with images , drawing, blend modes, and animation in Quartz.
  • chained animation
    Small library for doing chained animations on iOS.
  • colorkeys
    A simple, fullscreen OS X application to amuse children at the keyboard. Importantly, it does not allow them to do bad things while hitting random keys. Note that this uses Leopard only Core Animation code.
  • Controllable Animations
    The idea of this project is to provide a class like CAKeyframe Animation , but controllable by user interaction such as pinches.
  • Core Animation Demos
    Bob McCune's collection of Core Animation demos.
  • Core Animation Fun House
    Core Animation Examples (Basics, Replicator, Reflection, Wiggle Jiggle, Lissajous Curve, Sine Wave, etc.).
  • Core Animation Game
    example of a game made with core animation and chipmunk.
  • Core Animation Pie Chart
    Pie Chart built using CAShapeLayers, a CADisplayLink and custom layer properties.
  • Core Animation Slider Example
    Core Animation Slider Example on OS X, for my Custom Controls from Scratch presentation.
  • Core Plot
    Core Plot is a plotting framework for Mac OS X and iOS. It provides 2D visualization of data, and is tightly integrated with Apple technologies like Core Animation, Core Data, and Cocoa Bindings.
  • Core Window Animation
    This source code shows how to use the CGSPrivate class to create beautiful window transitions!.
  • Courier Demo
    Demo of Courier's envelope animation.
  • CPAnimationChain
    Open source experiment to create classes that simplify the creation of view animation sequences on iOS.
  • CRSlotLabel
    change the label's text(integer) with animation like a slot.
  • CurlView
    This is a demo project to create a Curl Animation on Images.
  • CurvesWithAnimation
    Example of how to create custom curved views with animations.
  • CustomSegue
    iOS Custom Segue and Unwind Segue with animation.
  • CutViewIntoPieces
    The beginning of replicating the shredder animation in Passbook for iOS using Core Animation.
  • CycleView Demo
    Quartz2D & Core Animation.
  • DCModalSegue
    A custom segue which makes a pushed back modal presenting animation.
  • DDImageView
    NSImageView Subclass which adds Drag&Drop and Animations.
  • DDSlidingPanels
    Sliding Panels for iOS6 with animations and use of the new NSLayoutConstraint feature.
  • DMSplit View
    New NSSplit View class with multiple subviews resize behaviors and animated transitions.
  • Dock IOS
    dockpanel for iphone ,icon jumping , animation views for iphone, dock for ios, how to create the dock, refelection for image.
  • DoorwayTransition
    Doorway Transition in Core Animation (iOS).
  • DPMeter View
    Gravity aware gauge style meter view with delightful animations.
  • DragAndDrop
    Gesture handlers and nice block animations.
  • Dragging Animation
    Animate dragging a view.
  • DragTest1
    Simple dragging/ animation using gestures.
  • DragToClose Image
    Fade in and drag to close animation like in the Twitterrific iOS app.
  • DrawContent
    This is a custom view where you can draw shape or draw text with animation.
  • DTC3DView Animation
    A nice iOS animation.
  • duckhunt
    Re creating the popular Nintendo NES game Duck Hunt, using C++ and the SDL API, will give me a lot of practice with animation, collision detection etc. Second project with SDL Game development.
  • DZModal Animation Segue
    A custom UIStoryboardSegue subclass that gives special transitions to modal view controllers.
  • EEAnimationHandler
    Core Animation Handler (switch delegate method to blocks).
  • F3Swirly
    Combination annunciator and activity indicator using Core Animation + Quartz 2D.
  • Fade Animation
    Fade animation between two images with optional easyInOut effect.
  • Feng Shui Compass
    "Feng Shui Compass" is a simple Core Animation example to replicate the "" on iPhone.
  • FilmCountdown
    A Core Animation layer made to display a film countdown.
  • First Animation
    Chapter 1 of Core Animation for Mac OS X and iPhone.
  • flanimation
    Plays Adobe Flash animations on iOS devices using Core Animation.
  • FlashOfUnAnimatedContent
    Core Animation bug rdar://problem/7311367.
  • flip timer
    My first project made to learn the basics of Core Animation.
  • flipcounter
    Apple style flip counter using sprite animation.
  • Flying Images
    A simple example using Core Animation (specifically transforms) to animate a grid of NSViews.
  • FSPhotoView
    Fullscreen Image View with animation.
  • ftutils
    iPhone utilities mostly for Core Animation.
  • Geek Game Board
    Geek Game Board (GGB) is a small framework for building board and card games. It's based on Apple's Core Animation framework.
  • Genie
    An attempt to reproduce the genie animation on the iPhone.
  • Gesturemation
    Simple examples of using CABasicAnimation and gestures. As it turns out, yes, you can have too many animations and gestures in your apps :).
  • Gif Image View
    Gif Animation with differ duration..
  • glossyclock
    A small digital clock using Core Animation.
  • gmail like loading
    Gmail iOS app like Loading view completely created using core animation.
  • GradientLayerAnimations 01
    Example of animating a CAGradientLayer by its locations property.
  • GradientLayerAnimations 02
    Example of animating a CAGradientLayer by its colors property.
  • GSBookShelf
    An iBooks styled book shelf for iOS ( Animation of drag & drop, insert, remove...).
  • HBProgressView
    A demonstration of a progress view build with Core Animation Layers.
  • HCPushBackAnimation
    Demo of push back animation to display a modal view.
  • HGKOptionPanel
    Hidable option panel with simple animation.
  • HJImagesToGIF
    Convert image array to animated GIF.
  • HUDs02
    Sample project with iOS/Core Animation Head Up Display and View Controller Containment.
  • IASequence Animations
    Perform a sequence of animations one after the other using blocks.
  • Interruptible Animation
    A how to on interruptible animations in iOS.
  • iOS AnimatedGif
    Animated GIF library for iPhone. Based on original work by Martin van Spanje.
  • iOS Animation Demo
    Simple project for demonstration of Animations possible in iOS.
  • iOS Animation Kit
    Animation Kit for frame animation on iOS.
  • iOS Custom Animation Learning project
    A project that shows (over time, development/commit wise) how a custom 2D animation/ game could be built from the ground up.
  • iOS Flip Transform
    Core Animation framework for navigating data by flipping.
  • iOS Lecture
    iOS Core Animation Lecture Santa Monica College.
  • iOSHome Animation
    Animation to move icon like ios home screen.
  • ITNavigation View
    A iOS like view driven by Core Animation, that can replace it's subview with a sleek animation.
  • ITProgressIndicator
    A replacement class for `NSProgressIndicator` driven by Core Animation.
  • JGProgress View
    UIProgress View subclass for iOS with an animated "Indeterminate" setting (OS X Inspired).
  • JLNDragEffectManager
    A small, simple Objective C class for Cocoa that gives you the morphing animation as seen when dragging controls from the palette in Interface Builder 3.
  • JNWSpring Animation
    Spring physics in Core Animation.
  • Jun28
    An asteroid game with animations and music.
  • JWKKeyFrame Animation View
    A view for displaying key frame animations.
  • kaleidoscope
    Kaleidoscope (objective c) demonstrated repeated drawing into an offscreen CALayer useful for math and physics animations as well as procedural/generative art projects.
  • KYArcTab
    Arcuated tab view controller with toggleing animation, 2 ~ 4 tabs are enabled. What's more, you can swipe left or right to toggle the views.
  • Launch Image Transition
    Fades from your launch image (Default.png) to root view controller. Lets you choose the transition animation and delay.
  • Layer Animation
    This animation project is used to create 2D and 3D objects using layers in iOS.
  • LayerTest
    Experiment with CALayers to implement custom view animations.
  • letterpressexplosion
    Letterpress Explosion Animation iPhone.
  • LHLoadingView
    It is an alternative to the activity indicator view with three blocks' animation.
  • libanim
    A library to provide support for animated file formats, including APNG and GIF, on the iOS and other platforms.
  • MagicPie
    Amazing animations available with MagicPie!.
  • MBAnimationSequencer
    A general purpose animation sequencer.
  • MeBox
    A 3d box with animation and such.
  • MEEaseFunctionBuilder
    Core Animation Easing functions, based on Robert Penners easing functions.
  • MFLHintLabel
    MFLHintLabel is a text animation library based on manipulating the individual characters in a label.
  • MIHSlider View
    Core Animations based slider view for OS X.
  • MINavigationController
    An UINaviagtionController subclass to easily implement push and Pop actions with neat animation.
  • More Animation
    More Animation is a super lazy, super dumbed down re implementation of Core Animation.
  • MosaicTransition
    Animation with mosaic effect.
  • MPFlipViewController
    A custom container view controller following the iOS 5 containment API that navigates between child view controllers via touch gestures and page flip animations.
  • MrSparkle
    Simple demo of some sparkly iOS text animation with CAEmitterLayer and CAShapeLayer.
  • NoMailApp Animations OnMavericks
    A Mailbundle to disable the Send and Reply animations on OS X 10.9 Mavericks.
  • NSBKeyframe Animation
    jQuery like animations in Core Animation.
  • OAStateMachine
    Little State Machine with nested states, animations and without matrices.
  • objc carousel
    Infinite horizontal looping carousel with snapping animation and view culling.
  • OCD3
    A Core Animation based, D3.js inspired drawing library for Cocoa Touch.
  • OCExpandableButton
    A Sparrow like expanding toolbar button in Core Animation.
  • OEGrid View
    High performance Core Animation based grid view , originally from OpenEmu.
  • OLImage View
    Animated GIFs implemented the right way.
  • OmNomDonuts CoreAnimation
    First attempt at an iPhone game. Coded in Core Animation. Not recommended! Open sourced as reference for anyone interested.
  • OTNotification
    Create notifications like push notifications' cube animation in iOS6, covering status bar.
  • Pages Demo
    How to re create the Pages window zoom animation.
  • PaperFold for iOS
    Paper folding animation for iOS.
  • PBTween Animation
    Tween Animation for iOS.
  • PJModalTransform
    Modal form sheet transformation animation.
  • PushBackAnimation
    Example animation for iOS that sends one view into the background as another view slides up.
  • RainingMonkeys
    A fun example project demonstrating animating and rendering lots of objects at once.
  • RBBAnimation
    Block based animations made easy, comes with easing functions and a CASpring Animation replacement.
  • Reeder Demo
    Demo of how Reeder's push/pop animation works.
  • rltransitional
    An alternate push animation for iOS navigation controllers.
  • RNFrostedSidebar
    A Control Center esque control with blurred background and toggle animations.
  • SCWave Animation
    Provides a configurable wave animation effect that indicate the point of touch for iOS.
  • SDWeb Image Updated
    Updated SDWeb Image for loading with fade animation.
  • Seamless Animation
    A Core Animation hack to produce "seamless" implicit view animation using an additive usage pattern.
  • SGViewPager
    Implementation of an animated View Pager for iOS.
  • simple segue examples
    Some simple examples of custom segues for iOS 6 using core animation.
  • SimpleLayeredDrawer
    Simple Drawer for OSX with groups of shapes, circles, rectangles, undo, and a little core animation.
  • sinGraphiOS
    an iPhone app demonstration of using Sin and Cos to plot points and animations....
  • SKAnimationMachine
    Animation state machine for iOS applications.
  • SKBounce Animation
    A CAKeyframe Animation subclass that lets you quickly and easily set a number of bounces, and start and end values, and creates an animation for you.
  • Slide Message View
    Custom animated view after a button click.
  • SlotsTicker
    A Slot Machine like ticker using Core Animation.
  • SONFrame Animation
    An Objective C class for iOS that supports to display still frames of desired position in your custom animation.
  • spincard
    iOS spinning animation example.
  • SpringParticles
    Animation of particles that follow the movement of wind.
  • spriteanimationframework
    An iPhone framework for a frame by frame animated sprite.
  • SSA
    Spritesheet Animation in iOS App.
  • Stacked Animations
    Simple demo of a stacked animation.
  • StackNavigationController
    stackNavigationController is a navigationController with stack animation and swipe gesture supported.
  • Stopped Animation
    Stack Overflow question #9611651.
  • suck
    Demo application to show the undocumented and private API for the iOS animation "Suck".
  • Super Mario Game
    This is fancy funny super mario bulb game using Core Animation. Enjoy yourself !.
  • TileMap
    Started a Core Animation based tile map viewer before getting distracted by Cocoa geometry bugs and the Magic Mouse (New BSD license).
  • TitaniumAnimator
    A drop in animation replacement for Titanium.
  • TJBFullScreenTransition
    TJBFullScreenTransition is a way to present a full screen view controller, with control over its initial position so that you can create a seamless animation effect.
  • TouchyTennis
    A simple example of a table tennis style game in Core Animation.
  • TOValueTransition
    TOValueTransition is a small and easy to use collection of classes for simple floating value " animations ". Use this library for time based interpolations between two values.
  • TrafficLight
    Demo project accompanying a Core Animation talk.
  • TrashingAnimation Demo
    Trashing animation on iOS.
  • TsoiMechanism Animations
    A subproject to work on all the animations required for a cool looking TsoiMechanism app!.
  • TV Down Animation App
    this is just a simple app that does the famous "old tv down" animation.
  • UIImageViewAnimation
    Example based on Erica Sadun's iOS6 Cookbook code on how to do simple animations for the iPhone.
  • UIVinePullToRefresh
    Quick and dirty example of creating a pull to refresh animation like the popular Vine iOS app.
  • UnwindingSegue
    Simple implementation of unwind segue (iOS6) with custom unwind segue animation (cross dissolve).
  • USTouchTrace
    Touch trace animation for iOS.
  • Video Animation
    export a custom animation layer to video, the animation was rendered in realtime, not the video timeline.
  • View Animation Color
    Testing an issue with colour animation on a view.
  • ViewTransitions
    Contains different transitions for view controllers using Core Animation and Quartz Core.
  • VPSpringBoardControl
    iPhone home screen like control, where you can rearrange your app icons. with exact physics and rearrange animations.
  • VSFolder Animation
    mimicking the iOS Springboard's folder animation.
  • WDActivityIndicator
    Custom Activity Indicator View with a simple image animation.
  • Wheel Animation
    Testing the wheel animation.
  • WritingAnimation Message View
    alert text message with typing animation.
  • XHFLinearView
    iOS LinearView Container and operate with animations.
  • YaC 2012 Core Animation
    YaC 2012: Core Animation Sample Code.
  • YACachedLayer
    A caching Core Animation layer.
  • YISplashScreen
    Easy splash screen + animation maker for iOS5+.
  • yrk spinning progress indicator layer
    A clone of the spinning NSProgressIndicator, written using Core Animation.
  • ZGNavigationBarTitle
    ZGNavigationBarTitle Subtitle on NavigationBar with awesome animation.

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