List of Free code Audio


  • 23seconds
    iOS app for creating and sharing short clips of audio.
  • ArticleReader
    ArticleReader is a prototyped excerpt of an iOS app that parses web articles into spoken audio files and plays them back with synchronized sentence highlighting.
  • Audio Queue Services Example
    Plays an audio file while writing it to disk at the same time at a different location.
  • audio recognition sdk
    Add Audio Recognition to your apps (example: second screen capabilities).
  • audioOscSender
    an audio clip player which sends osc signals. uses open frameworks 007 as well ofxOsc and ofxOpenALSoundPlayer.
  • AudioPlayer
    An online iOS audio player based on AVAudioStreamer with a custom UI.
  • AudioPlayer Demo
    Audio Player for iPhone.
  • AudioPlayer Example
    An example of how to play background audio and respond to remote controls on iOS4 thru 6.
  • AudioQueue Example
    Intro to Core Audio example project.
  • audioRecorder
    iOS sample : audio recorder.
  • audioSamplingToAudioQueue
    This is a simple program that reads a media file from an iOS iPod library using AVAssetReader and send it over to an Audio Queue for playback. The reason why I'm sharing this code is because I was frustrated with the lack of information about this whole process. Special mention goes to usre btomw from stack overflow and the book learning core audio.
  • AudioUnit Example
    Intro to Core Audio example project.
  • AudioUnit Sample
    Example usage of RemoteIO and multichannel mixer Audio Units.
  • augraph demo
    Audio Unit / AU Graph demo.
  • AVPlayer
    AVPlayer (AVFoundation) subtitle, image and audio extraction.
  • BufferedAudioPlayer
    This iOS app demonstrates how to read PCM samples from a large wave files into a circular buffer, so that they can be processed and played. I re use the circular buffer implementation by Michael Tyson and the simple one node audio processing graph by Aran Mulholland. Many thanks to Michael and Aran for sharing them!.
  • cast ios demo player
    This iOS Cast Demo Player shows basic casting of video, audio, and image files to Chromecast and how to create/end/resume/destroy session.
  • CircularProgress View
    A audio circular progress view for iOS.You can customlize its frame,background circle color & progress circle color,circle width as you wish.
  • CogAudio
    The Cog audio framework used for the audio subsystem in Goonj.
  • Demo Audio
    Application for demonstration of Core Audio.
  • DPMusicController
    A library manager and Core Audio wrapper for the iOS MediaPlayer framework.
  • DSWaveform Image
    generate waveform images from audio files in iOS.
  • ExtAudioFile Example
    Intro to Core Audio example project.
  • fake papa
    music and audio share app.
  • FBAudio
    iOS audio playback library.
  • FDWaveform View
    Reads an audio file and displays the waveform.
  • FFmpeg iOS Encoder
    Encode video and audio from the camera and microphone using FFmpeg.
  • img to video
    Convert a series of images to video with audio.
  • iOS Streaming Audio Player Demo
    Simple project for demonstration of audio streaming from Internet in iOS.
  • KaraokePad
    A little karaoke iPad app to play around with some of Cocoa Touch's snazzier APIs (Core Graphics , Core Animation, Core Text, Core Audio, AV Foundation).
  • MagiTools
    Frameworks for working with audio.
  • MediaPlayerDemo
    This sample code demonstrates how to play an iTunes library song via Core Audio's Audio Unit, with a low pass filter applied manually.
  • MemoPad
    A simple MemoPad application for iOS. Key features include categories for notes, locking of notes and categories, as well as the ability to attach photos and audio clips to notes.
  • MicInput
    Capture mircophone input from ios and manipulate the audio stream. Example for the blog post iphone microphone/.
  • MiniMusicalStar CustomAudioLibraries
    Audio libraries for multi channel input mixing and microphone recording, written as part of an iPad karaoke app for my final year project.
  • MP4Audio
    A really, really, really easy to use Objective C API for extracting audio from MP4 files and editing metadata.
  • msgr
    MSGR is an mobile chat server and SDK for text, image and audio chats , currently iOS sdk is provided.
  • NBSoundCloudActivity
    A simple iOS UIActivity subclass for sharing audio to SoundCloud.
  • NyanCat
    simple app that explores audio and animation playback, custom fonts an infinite FUN.
  • opencapture
    Cross platform video and audio capture library.
  • Peeg audio
    Experimentation with the OpenAL library.
  • PitchDetector
    FFT/Audio Pitch Processing Demo.
  • PositionalAudio
    2D positional audio simulation with cocos2d and Cocos Denshion.
  • ruby coreaudio
    CoreAudio (Audio Framework of Mac OS X) ruby wrapper library.
  • SCAudioVideoRecorder
    An easy Vine like video and/or audio recorder class and a camera engine in Objective C.
  • SFBAudioUnit UI
    A Cocoa Audio Unit host.
  • SimpleAudioRecorder
    Essential app for recording / playing audio with AVFoundation framework.
  • SingOneSong
    example record voice and play audio file while record.
  • Sound List
    Simple iPhone audio player.
  • SoundBankPlayer
    Sample based audio player for iOS that uses OpenAL.
  • SoundMaster
    Ultra simple game audio engine for iOS. The most useful features in one box.
  • TheAmazingAudioEngine
    Core Audio, Cordially: A sophisticated framework for iOS audio applications, built so you don't have to.
  • Wave Table Synth
    LIght weight polyphonic additive wave table synthesizer that uses Audio Queues.

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