List of Free code OpenGL


  • aiObjectiveC
    Asset Importer (assimp) OpenGL rendering library in Objective C.
  • Camera
    This is a open source Camera , for a same function providing more than one api, you can even operate directly YUV420BP video data, and rendering these with OpenGL ES.
  • Camera Filters
    open Gl Camera Picture Filter.
  • CCNotifications
    Notifications system in OpenGl for cocos2d.
  • Cocoa Game
    Simplifies the creation of OpenGL games on the Mac.
  • CocoaOpenGL
    A simple example of using Cocoa to create an OpenGL application for Mac OS X, including full screen support on OS X 10.7+.
  • Colours
    Simple iOS OpenGL Sample App Rotating coloured iMacs.
  • Cube transition example
    A sample app that demos the use of UIViews as OpenGL textures for implementing custom view controller transitions.
  • CZGPolygonLayer
    CZGPolygonLayer is a cocos2d CCNode subclass that lets you draw arbitrary triangle strips. In effect, it is an abstraction on an OpenGL triangle strip draw, but you get the benefits of being able to use it as a CCNode.
  • Darkmatter
    OpenGL based game engine in ObjC.
  • eclps phong
    An OpenGL graphics demo experimenting with Phong shading.
  • FloatSnake
    A snake game for iPhone with simple 2D OpenGL based graphics.
  • FrameBufferObjects
    An OpenGL graphics demo showing the use of FrameBufferObjects.
  • GenieGL
    A Genie animation using openGL.
  • gl data visualization view
    OpenGL based extensible framework for data visualization on iPhone/iPod/iPad devices.
  • GLRenderLarge Image
    Render Image using OpenGL Tech.
  • gltouches
    Demo of OpenGL and touches.
  • GLView
    Simple class collection for creating an OpenGL view on iOS and loading and displaying 3D models and images in a variety of formats, including compressed and uncompressed PVRTC.
  • hellodemoscene
    Mac OS X OpenGL/SDL demo for Chaos Constructions 2010 demoparty.
  • icedcoffee
    A lightweight OpenGL user interface framework written in Objective C.
  • ios opengl examples
    Examples of work with OpenGL in iOS platform.
  • iphone earthsim
    A sample OpenGL app that renders a model of the Earth.
  • LayerSprites
    LayerSprites is a library designed to simplify the use of sprite sheets (image maps containing multiple sub images) in UIKit applications without using OpenGL or 3rd party game libraries. Can load sprite sheets in the Coco2D format.
  • lightgame
    OpenGL game to direct light.
  • mac opengl3.2 sample
    This sample shows how to use OpenGL 3.2 Core Profile in Mac OS X 10.7.
  • Mirror World
    An attempt at learning OpenGL to make a very basic game.
  • OpenGL 3.2 VS 2010 freeglut
    A simple OpenGL 3.2 example using MSVS 2010 and freeglut.
  • opengl tutorial
    My step by step effort to experiment with computer graphics using GLKit.
  • osx10.8 glbase sample
    How to use OpenGL 3.2 Core Profile on Mac OS X 10.8.
  • PointSpriteShader
    Example OS X OpenGL project for displaying variable size point sprites with shaders.
  • simple fly cam
    A simple OpenGL 2.1 flying camera app.
  • Simple OSX 3D Engine
    Simple 3D engine framework for OSX, OpenGL backend.
  • specialfusion
    An Objective C OpenGL Framework.
  • Undo in OpenGL ES
    Simple "shake to undo" example based on Apple's GLPaint example in order to clarify a StackOverflow question.

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