List of Free code Chat


  • Acani Chat
    An open source version of iPhone's native Messages app.
  • Adium Chat QuickLook
    Quicklook Importer for Adium Chatlogs.
  • AdiumCampfire
    A plugin for Adium adding support for 37signals' Campfire chat.
  • Air Chat
    iOS Bonjour Chat over Bluetooth.
  • baasday iOS chat sample
    A sample of baasday with Comet.
  • BDMessagesKeyboardController
    TextEditor inspired by the iOS Messages app's chat input.
  • blue chat
    chatting app via bluetooth.
  • Bluetooth Chat
    A simple bluetooth chat application.
  • Campfire
    Campfire service i Chat plugin.
  • campfirechat
    Campfire i Chat Plugin for Lion.
  • catchcat
    iOS game app Catch le noir chat.
  • chat
    A one day project to create a iPhone and Web real time chat application.
  • chat Demo
    iOS iPhone, chat room demonstration using
  • Chat Perf ios sdk
    CharPerf SDK for iOS.
  • chatosaurus
    A full featured, multi protocol iOS chat application.
  • Chatter
    Chat application for Android and iOS.
  • Chax
    Chax is a collection of minor modifications and additions that make using Apple's i Chat more enjoyable.
  • commonXMPPChatLib
    This is for kecheng_iphone and kecheng_corner chat lib.
  • Couch Chat iOS
    Couchbase Lite demo app for iOS: A chat client.
  • Couch Chat PhoneGap
    HTML5 companion to Couch Chat iOS, deploy it in the LiteGap container.
  • EmojiFreak
    A simple chat client that uses inaudible sound frequencies to broadcast emoticons to clients within listening distance.
  • Famigo iPhone SDK Example
    An example iPhone app that's integrated with the Famigo SDK. This example shows how to integrate all Famigo features, like our family accounts, asynchronous gameplay, chat, media sharing , and so forth.
  • Fire Chat
    A iOS implementation of a Firebase chat client.
  • firechat ios
    An example chat application built using the Firebase iOS SDK.
  • Flow Chat Mod
    Mod for Flow Chat that enables support for iOS4, and adds new features as well.
  • Folklore
    League of Legends chat service library for iOS and OS X.
  • Hack Chat
    Hack Chat for iOS!.
  • hipmob ios support chat
    iOS Support Chat Demonstration.
  • i Chat Bridge
    Bonjour bridge from i Chat to other services.
  • i Chat TestPlugin
    Test plugin for i Chat in 10.7 Lion.
  • iComet Chat
    Chat app for iPhone 4.
  • iOS nodechat
    iOS chat client for & node.js backend.
  • Live Chat iOS SDK
    LiveMobile iOS Static Library.
  • m Chat
    m Chat is simply socket chat program.
  • MashApp location chat ar VKRadar ios
    VK Radar project featuring API, Location, Chat and Augmented Reality view.
  • mc xmpp cc
    Mobile Computing XMPP Chat Client.
  • Node Chat
    An iOS chat client that connects to a simple Node.js chat server.
  • Node Chati OSClient
    Node Chat Client for iOS.
  • Off the Record iOS
    Chat Secure is a simple multiprotocol IM client for iOS that supports encrypted "Off the Record" messaging using Cypherpunks' libotr.
  • PhoneGap Plugin
    PhoneGap Plugin for OpenTok to build video chat applications.
  • pomelo ioschat
    A chat demo for pomelo iOS client.
  • Push Chat
    Simple universal app to demonstrate IOS push notifications.
  • Pusher Chat iPhone
    An iPhone client for the Pusher Chat Rails example app, using libPusher.
  • RouletteTok iOS
    Chat roulette for iOS.
  • SametimeServicePlugin
    A Sametime plugin for i Chat /Messages. Work in progress.
  • Sample Video Chat ios
    Sample Video Chat ios.
  • Serwus ios
    iOS application turning your mobile into chat and web server. Automatically discovers other phones around you and advertises yours.
  • ShareKit
    Share to Weibo, We Chat.
  • simpleSocket Chat
    Node.js TCP socket and iOS SDK.
  • sort by log size plugin
    A plugin for Adium that allows the contact list to be sorted by chat transcript size. The result is that the people you talk to most float to the top of your contact list.
  • Star Chat Orbiter
    Star Chat Client for iOS.
  • Steam Chat
    Steam Group Chat client for iOS. Uses SKSteamKit.
  • talker mac
    Talkerapp chat client for Mac.
  • torchat mac
    Mac OS X native Tor Chat client.
  • UIBubbleTableView
    Cocoa UI component for chat bubbles with avatars and images support.
  • Yef Chat
    Snapchat client for iOS.

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