List of Free code Photo


  • 3DMulti Photo View
    This is an image view control which represents multiple images on 3D octagon.
  • 500pwn
    A super simple client and iOS app that circumvents 500px's user registration and allow those accounts to favorite and vote on a specific photo. This is for demonstration purposes only ? I really want 500px to fix this bug.
  • Amazing Photo
    Make you photos as easy and amazing as possible.
  • Another Photo App
    An iOS photo app playground of sorts.
  • Aperture Duplicate Finder
    Find duplicate photos in Apple's Aperture.
  • AtomicArtist
    A simple photo brower and picker for iOS written by Objective C.
  • Average Lapse
    Averages time lapse photos and videos (creating what is essentially a very long exposure).
  • Backtag
    iOS photo sharing game app.
  • BFC iOS
    Beryl Ford Photo Collection iOS App.
  • cam
    A ?keep it simple, stupid? approach to handling photo and video capture with AVFoundation.
  • CBSimulatorSeed
    App that Seeds the iOS Simulator with contacts and photos.
  • CXPhotoBrowser
    Photo browser for iOS, Inspiring by @MWPhotoBrowser. Supporting with high level customization, including Navigationbar, Toolbar, Loading process placeholder and Loading failure placeholder.
  • Day Photo
    Show Photo with Date Information was taken.
  • devcenter ios geophoto client
    Companion code for the Heroku Dev Center Article "Building an iOS Photo sharing and Geolocation Mobile Client and API".
  • eventful
    A new way to organize photos.
  • EveryCloseUp
    Export photos from Everyday into Close up.
  • fluxtream capture ios
    Fluxtream capture for iOS. Can record location, motion, photos , heart rate and R R from Polar H7 using Bluetooth Low Energy.
  • Folio
    iOS App for creating photo based collections.
  • FoodieSocial
    iOS app. Take photos of your pretty foodie and share with your friend.
  • FYiPhoneBox
    iOS (2.x, 3.x) greybox like photo viewer.
  • Geo Photo ios
    following heroku's ios photo guide.
  • Geolocation iOS Client
    This repo houses an iOS client for for the Geolocation service. It shows on a map all near by tagged points and allows the user to tag new points with photos and videos.
  • GKLPhotoFetcher
    Quick and easy way to get photos from iOS devices.
  • gplus photohunt client ios
    Photo Hunt iOS is a client for the Photo Hunt example application, and demonstrates how to build a social application that uses Google+ Sign In, personalization, app activities, over the air install, and interactive posts.
  • Graffiti iOS
    Draw and share photos augmented by PARWorks.
  • HW4
    pop Photo App (Assignment 4).
  • i Photo FS
    i Photo FS is a read only filesystem for i Photo collections on the Mac.
  • i Photos
    Photo Application for iOS.
  • iCodeBlogDemo Photo Board
    Demo Photo Board Application for
  • IndivoX iOS photo app
    iOS RPI Indivo X App Development.
  • Insta Photo
    My walkthrough of course Try iOS.
  • iOS PartyJackpot
    Basic Jackpot application for a party. Can add people with photo and name. Later one person can be chosen randomly.
  • iOS Simulator Photo Importer
    Photo Importer App for iOS Simulator.
  • ios6 share sheet fb
    Test app: Publish a FB status with optional photo using iOS6 native sharing sheet.
  • iOSPhotosDIY
    a very simple demo about how to make your own Photos app.
  • Issue
    iOS client of Issue; a photo sharing SNS. See also,.
  • Kimchee
    Useful iOS photo widgets and extensions using AFNetworking.
  • Leap Photo
    Sample app: control i Photo with Leap Motion.
  • little image printer ios
    Print photos from your iOS device straight to BERG Cloud's Little Printer.
  • MacGallery
    photo viewing app for Macs.
  • MacHDR
    Beginning of an HDR photo app with the iSight webcam.
  • Magnifier
    A Photo Table Loupe App.
  • MapPinClustering
    Sample project illustrating iOS Photos app style map pin clustering.
  • MUKMediaGallery
    iOS 4+ component which replicates Photos app views.
  • Multi Photo Screen
    Provides a clean interface for adding / deleting / rearranging (drag & drop) for multiple photos (up to 8).
  • muphotoview
    A very simple, fast photo grid view for Mac OS X.
  • MWPhotoBrowser
    A simple iOS photo browser.
  • MyFacebook Photos
    Sample app for showing Three20 thumbnail view.
  • NYOBetterZoom
    Getting UIScrollView to behave more like (small images are centred rather than shifting to the top left of the UIScrollView).
  • OnlyIn
    a photo storing, sharing and organizing app that is location specific.
  • pherret
    Photo Scavenger Hunts for iOS.
  • Photo
    Photo display app. Added support for asset update notification to original Apple sample app.
  • Photo Albume
    rolling circle && scrollView reuse.
  • Photo browser
    Photo browser iOS app.
  • Photo Button
    iOS control to take or choose a profile picture.
  • Photo CollectionView
    A tutorial for creating a collection view with a custom layout on iOS 6.
  • Photo Crop
    excercise of iOS Photo Picker.
  • photo diary
    Sample application to illustrate combined use of PhoneGap/Cordova and AngularJS.
  • Photo Edit
    CIS195 extra credit simple app to manipulate a photo and share it on social media.
  • Photo Editor
    New way to crop photos.
  • photo feeder
    Hardware accelerated screensaver for OS X, displaying pictures from user defined sources.
  • Photo Finish
    Projet iOS r?alis? ? HETIC.
  • Photo FlipCardView
    Flip card photo galally sample.
  • Photo FX
    new design for all in one FX app.
  • Photo Importer
    A tool to import photos into the iOS simulator.
  • photo Info
    a cocoa OS X sample app.
  • Photo Notes
    An iOS Application Developed at the Yale Hackathon (2013).
  • Photo Organizer
    Basic Mac Software to rename photos with a custom date based on one of its properties.
  • Photo Phun
    Image Editor for iOS.
  • Photo Picker
    An IOS project using Collection view and Picker view.
  • photo picker plus ios
    Repo for Photo Picker Plus by Chute.
  • Photo Puzzle
    Simple Photo Puzzle for iOS.
  • Photo Share iPhoneApp
    Photo Sharing App using parse.
  • Photo Shop
    Not to be confused with the Photo Shop? application, Photo Shop! uses TinEye and Shopify to turn any poster into a store.
  • Photo Stack
    An iOS class to create a stack of photos , inspired by the ebay App.
  • Photo SubmitterExample
    Example project for Photo Submitter.
  • Photo Test
    View image in iOS.
  • Photo Thing
    (With Ethan Stillman) uiimagepickercontroller with parse integration.
  • Photo Touch
    A photo viewer for Mac OS X.
  • Photo Vote
    based upon MWPhotoBrowser attempting to add a 'vote' functionality to a displayed photo.
  • Photo With Secret
    An iOS app that can hide a text message inside a photo. The changes made to photo is so subtle that your eyes cannot distinguish the encrypted photo from the original one.
  • photoplus
    View photos all at once.
  • Photos
    A replica of Apple's Photos app. Developed for the San Francisco iOS Developer's Meetup.
  • photos ios
    A sample project for ADI DevFest 2013.
  • PicRenamer
    A Mac OS X application to help you rename your photos with their Exif date and time.
  • Popula Photo Cell
    A UITableViewCell that lets you display an (preview) array of photos.
  • RandomImageLayout
    an image layout trying to imitate the Journal of i Photo.
  • REPhotoCollectionController
    REPhotoCollectionController is a photo thumbnail viewer for the iOS that groups photos by date.
  • Share2Weibo
    This tweak is a commercial package in Cydia. It provides much more interfaces for users to share via Weibo which depends on Photos Weibo.
  • Shoebox
    Simple Photo Sharing App.
  • Single Photo Brower
    A single photo brower for IOS.
  • snappy snap
    A quick photo snap and share app.
  • social Photo
    sample project for training internship.
  • SSTPhotobooth
    An App Store app for simple editing of photos.
  • SWSnapshotStackView
    Snapshot Stack View cocoa touch class decorates your UIImage's for presentation to the user with matte border, drop shadows and simulated stack of physical photos.
  • Swyp Photos
    the primary example app for the Sw?p framework. See main fork below.
  • TestOverlay
    Demonstrates an issue with photo overlay in the UIImagePickerController.
  • The Historical Tour Guide
    Mobile augmented reality system for historical photos and Information in Trondheim.
  • Touch Photo
    Photo with multi touch on iOS.
  • TTImagePicker
    A multi image picker for the iOS App. TTImagePicker makes you can select more than one picture in the i Photo.
  • VKPhotoEditor
    Photo editor for vk.

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