List of Free code iOS7


  • 7blur
    An objective C API that uses the new iOS 7 UIView snapshot category drawViewHierarchyInRect:afterScreenUpdates: to produce Apple Notification and Control Center like blur effects. 7blur supports both live real time and static blurred backgrounds enforcing UI depth.
  • ABDelete
    ABPerson View Controller category which allows contact deletion. NOTE: Unavailable in iOS 7.
  • AGPhotoBrowser
    A photo browser for iOS6 and iOS7 inspired by Facebook.
  • APPaginal Table View
    This is implementation of view allowing navigation between views like in iOS 7 Weather App.
  • BarCode Example
    Reading barcodes in iOS7.
  • beacons demo
    Simple demo apps to simulate Apple iOS7 iBeacon feature on iOS6 devices.
  • BMXContentSize Demo
    A simple project to show font information for Dynamic Text in iOS7.
  • BMXSwipableCell
    A custom UITable View Cell that supports swipe to reveal (similar to iOS7 Mail App).
  • Camera Test
    Test for black preview when using camera on iOS7.
  • CardStackNavigationController
    Custom navigation controller that mimics the "card stack" animation behaviour of iOS 7's UINavigationController.
  • Cocoa Glass Window
    Use of private Cocoa APIs to create a blurred window background (like Vista and iOS 7).
  • core background
    An Objective C API inspired by iOS 7 and the Yahoo Weather App. Location based Flickr photos in background UIImageView are Gaussian blurred by a UIScrollView while scrolling over foreground iPhone content.
  • CreateShadowedRoundRectButton Image
    Create backgrounds and buttons that mimic ios7 iPhone and iPad keyboards.
  • CRPaddy Table View
    A Table View with animations like the Message App in iOS 7.
  • CSNotification View
    iOS 7 style, semi translucent notification view with blur.
  • Custom Transitions Using View Controllers IOS7
    iOS 7 Transitions / Animations.
  • Custom UIButtoni OS7
    Create a custom UIButton on iOS 7.0 that will Dim when Pressed. It changes NSLayoutConstraints on the button's UIImageView.
  • CWSlide Menu Controller
    CWSlide Menu Controller implements the familiar slide menu interface using iOS 7's UIKit Dynamics.
  • DAProgressOverlay View
    A UIView subclass displaying download progress. Looks similarly to springboard icons of apps being downloaded in iOS 7.
  • Demo UIKit Dynamic
    UIKitDynamic iOS 7 sdk.
  • DialogTests
    iOS 7 UI Design experiment.
  • DTAlert View
    Custom alert view solved the ios UIAlert View can't addSubview problem at iOS7.
  • dynamic font table
    Display all the iPhone fonts in iOS7, responding to user's Dynamic Type preferences.
  • DynamicCatalog
    A UIKit Dynamics (iOS 7) sample code forked from Apple ( a crash bug fixed.
  • EVCircularProgress View
    An iOS 7 inspired circular progress view.
  • FFCircularProgress View
    FFCircularProgress View An iOS 7 inspired blue circular progress view.
  • Flat UI
    Easy to use User Interface elements which are really similar to design in iOS 7.
  • FXBlur View
    UIView subclass that replicates the iOS 7 realtime background blur effect, but works on iOS 5 and above.
  • GalacticGunner
    Space themed game using iOS 7's new SpriteKit framework.
  • GPUImage iOS 7 Blur Example
    Basic examples of how to use the new iOS 7 blur filter in GPUImage. This project has an example with a UIImageView, as well as one with GPUImageView.
  • HHModern UI
    iOS 7 style UI Drop In for iOS 6.
  • iBeacon Demo
    A basic demo of iBeacons for iOS 7.
  • iCloud Demo MOBC2013
    Demo code showing how to setup an iOS 7 project to use iCloud.
  • Interactive View ControllerTransitions
    Sample code for blog post on implementing interactive view controller transitions in iOS 7.
  • Interpreter
    Sample iOS 7 App integrating a Node.JS like interface with JavaScriptCore. framework.
  • iOS 7 Custom UIViewController Transitions
    Sample project implementing new custom UIViewController Transitions on iOS 7. (For personal reference).
  • ios custom alertview
    Custom AlertView. Add images and other UIViews to dialogs under iOS7.
  • ios realtimeblur
    Real time blur view , like in iOS 7.
  • ios7 barcode
    A small sample project demonstrating barcode reading with ios 7 camera.
  • iOS7 custom transitions example
    present a new custom modal UIViewController with a TransitioningDelegate managing the show.
  • iOS7 day by day
    Repo containing the sample projects associated with the iOS7 Day by Day blog series.
  • iOS7 Demos
    Some short demos of new stuff in iOS 7.
  • iOS7 Sampler
    Code examples for the new functions of iOS 7.
  • ios7 table story example
    Example of Table View storyboard in ios7 using auto catalog data.
  • iOS7 UICollection
    This is just a brief overview of iOS7 new UI components, transitions, alerts, tables all in one place..
  • ITPullToRefreshScroll View
    `ITPullToRefreshScroll View ` is a subclass of `NSScroll View ` with iOS 7 style refreshing.
  • iTunesSearchBackgroundFetch Demo
    A sample app that demonstrates background fetching that was introduced with iOS 7. The app fetches data from the iTunes search API.
  • JDSide Menu
    [iOS] iOS7 ready side menu , that slides the status bar to the right.
  • JGScrollable Table ViewCell
    A simple UITableViewCell subclass with a scrollable content view, exposing an accessory view when scrolled. Inspired by the iOS 7 mail app.
  • JSCanvas
    An experiment to do a Processing like app using JavaScriptCore framework for iOS 7.
  • JTSText View
    A sane alternative to UIText View (since UIText View is broken beyond repair in iOS 7).
  • LLACircularProgress View
    An iOS7 style circular progress view with a stop button.
  • LTHPasscode View Controller
    iOS 7 style Passcode Lock.
  • M5FrostedWindow
    An NSWindow subclass whose background is a "frosted"/blurred version of what is behind it, akin to the blurred overlays present in iOS 7. Doesn't use private API 's.
  • MagicMP
    I noticed that the new MultiPeer framework introduced in iOS 7 was segmented in two main components and still using delegates. The framework has an abstraction layer in viewController format to explore nearby users, or advertiser devices, but.. What if we.
  • MapKitSample iOS7
    Example Project with new featured MapKit on iOS 7 SDK.
  • MDBlurView Demo
    Auto bluring and basking backdrop view for your iOS 7 apps! This is the demo.
  • meetup social
    ios7 app utilizing the api to find and share local meetup groups.
  • MKParallaxView
    MKParallaxView is an easy to use framework used to create the IOS 7 Parallax Effect (Dynamic Background) on any of your apps! Treat it just like a UIImageView and by simply assigning an image to it with 1 line you have the exact same effect for the background of your app.
  • MKSliding Table ViewCell
    An iOS 7 style sliding table view cell with customizable "drawer".
  • MMSwipeToDeleteCollection
    This project is meant to be a VERY rough example of how to create a collection view with swipe to delete functionality like the iOS 7 multitasking menu. Don't expect support on this, and don't expect it to work imported directly to your project. This should serve as nothing more as inspiration to create your own.
  • MSCellAccessory
    UITable View Cell accessoryType can easily customizing the colors. support Flat Design same as iOS7.
  • MSCMoreOptionTableViewCell
    Drop in solution to achieve the "More" button in an UITableView's "Swipe to Delete" menu (as seen in under iOS 7).
  • MultiDocumentPlusUUID
    Refactored for iOS 7, UIManagedDocument, iCloud syncing. This is a version of Rich Warren's MultiDocument sample project, using UUIDs for content name. It also logs iCloud syncing latencies.
  • multipeer
    iOS 7 Multipeer. Framework sample.
  • NGDynamicGradientCell
    A reproduction of the dynamic gradient found in sent message bubbles of the iOS 7 Messages app.
  • OBAlert View
    Full screen alert views aspired from iOS 7 music app.
  • PHFComposeBarView
    Compose bar from iOS 7
  • PHSideScrolling Image Picker
    iOS 7 style Image Picker.
  • REFrosted View Controller
    iOS 7 style blurred view controller that appears on top of your view controller.
  • RESide Menu
    iOS 7 style side menu with parallax effect.
  • Resistance
    Sample project that implements a table view cell with a sliding content view similar to iOS 7 mail.
  • Safari Scrolling
    Navigation and toolbar scrolling animation like in Safari for iOS 7.
  • Social FrameworkReference
    Social Framework Reference for iOS 7.
  • Social Sharing iOS 7
    Demo project to show sharing issue when the URL is shortened itunes link.
  • SpeakIt
    A quick test of the new AVSpeechSynthesizer and AVSpeechUtterance APIs in iOS7.
  • SpriteKit Components
    Component model and helper classess for iOS 7+ SpriteKit Framework.
  • SSDynamicText
    UILabel/TextField/Text View subclasses that support custom fonts with iOS 7's dynamic text sizes.
  • SVBlur View
    A simple reimplementation of FXBlur View for iOS 7.
  • SWTable View Cell
    An easy to use UITable View Cell subclass that implements a swippable content view which exposes utility buttons (similar to iOS 7 Mail Application).
  • Table ViewDelayedDelegateBug
    Bug showing how delayed delegates in a table create a space at the top in iOS7.
  • TiSide Menu
    iOS 7 style side menu with parallax effect. (Wrapper module for RESide Menu ).
  • TLAlert View
    A replacement for 1 button UIAlert View that uses Blurring and UIKit Dynamics on iOS 7.
  • Transitioning Example
    Example project to accompany this article on iOS 7 UIViewController transitions 7 custom transitions/.
  • TWTSide Menu ViewController
    Side Menus for iOS 7.
  • UI 7Kit
    Backport flat style UIKit from iOS7 to iOS5+.
  • UI 7NavigationBar
    A ios 7 style navigationbar category support form 4.3 to 7.02.
  • UICollectionView Interactions
    A project where I have been experimenting with interactive transitions between UICollectionViewLayouts using the new iOS7 APIs.
  • UIDynamicExample
    examples of UIDynamic behaviour of iOS7.
  • UIKit Dynamics Example
    An example of a sidebar menu animated completely with UIKit Dynamics on iOS 7.
  • UIKitAnimationPro
    You can create animation in UIKit just like cocos2d 's CCAction (also API in Sprite Kit without iOS7). It's really easy if you'll play a animation sequence.
  • UITableViewCell Label Resizing For iOS7
    Pesky UITableViewCells blocking your resizing? Don't sing the blues, we've got your fix!.
  • UITableViewCell Swipe for Options
    A reproduction of the iOS 7 Mail app's swipe to reveal options.
  • UIViewController Transitions Example
    An example of how to use the new iOS 7 APIs to create custom view controller transitions.
  • vandyRecCenter2
    Remake of the VandyRecCenter app with new UI supported by IOS 7.
  • VCTransition Demo
    A simple demo indicates how to make a custom view controller transition in iOS 7.
  • VCTransitions Library
    A collection of iOS7 animation controllers and interaction controllers, providing flip, fold and all kinds of other transitions.
  • VoovilSide Menu
    VoovilSide Menu for iOS 7 and XCode 5.
  • VVSpringCollectionViewFlowLayout
    A spring like collection view layout. The same effect like iOS7's
  • XUIRoundedRectButton
    XUIRoundedRectButton is forward porting UIButton(UIButtonTypeRoundedRect) from iOS6 SDK to iOS7 SDK.
  • YesWeScan
    A sample project that demonstrates bar code recognition and QR code creation made available in iOS 7.
  • YFJLeftSwipeDelete Table View
    Drop in UITableView subclass that supports left swipe cell deletion like in iOS7. (works both in iOS6 and iOS7).
  • ZQPresentBlurModal Sample
    Blurred modalViewController like iOS 7 without GPU.

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