List of Free code iOS Library


  • ABFlatSwitch
    An iOS library to customize UISwitch with a flat aesthetic.
  • ADiOSUtilities
    A collection of static libraries with re useable iOS awesomeness.
  • adlibr SDK ios
    adlibr integration library for iOS.
  • aerogear ios
    iOS/Objective C client library implementation for AeroGear.
  • AHReach
    A simple reachability library for iOS.
  • ASDelaunay
    A port of the as3delaunay ActionScript library to Objective C and the iOS SDK.
  • ASIHTTPRequest ARC iOS
    ASIHTTP static library for iOS with ARC.
  • AZCalendarView
    iOS CalendarView library has similar delegate methods to a UITableViewDataSource.
  • bark
    A streamlined issue reporting library for iOS.
  • BkTask
    An asynchronous workflows library for iOS.
  • ble
    BLE library for iOS.
  • bleduino ios
    All the software for the BLEduino iOS library , and application.
  • BLEyeScrolling
    A library to implement eye scrolling capabilities (Galaxy S4 like) on iOS (iPads and iPhones).
  • BMExtPageController iOS Example
    This is a simple iOS 6 sample project for the BMExtPageController component demonstrating how to's and capabilities of the library.
  • BSKLocations
    Basue's Location Library for iOS.
  • BuildKit
    A structured project layout with configurations, scripts and project templates to ease for iOS applications and static library development.
  • clutchios
    iOS client library for
  • CocoaAsyncSocket
    Asynchronous socket networking library for Mac and iOS.
  • CocoaTouchDialog
    iOS GUI library inspired by MonoTouch.Dialog.
  • CoconutKit
    CoconutKit is a library of high quality iOS components.
  • common code ios
    iOS Common Code Library.
  • CoreCharts
    An iOS library to deal with basic chart drawing.
  • CPAProxy
    CPAProxy is an Objective C library that eases the use of Tor on iOS.
  • Crash Manager
    An iOS library for recording crash events.
  • CTFeedback
    Library to send feedback for iOS.
  • CYHelper
    CYHelper is an Objective C library for iOS developers.
  • DCAvatar
    A simple, asynchronous, network based avatar library for iOS and OSX.
  • DCIntrospect
    Small library of visual debugging tools for iOS.
  • DeeploveProgram
    Deeplove's program note and library , especially iOS.
  • DLSFTPClient
    SFTP Client library and sample app for iOS, using libssh2.
  • Dwibbble
    An Objective C Dribbble intergration library for iOS. Official Repository.
  • ErrorKit
    iOS library for making NSError handling easier.
  • EZForm
    iOS form handling and validation library.
  • fancy ios
    A useful library of reusable code for iOS developers.
  • FBFileCache
    File cache library for iOS and Mac OS X.
  • FBNetworkReachability
    Network reachability detection library for iOS.
  • FLBugKit
    A simple library that allows users and testers to email bugs from within an iOS application.
  • flixel ios
    Unofficial clone of the Flixel for iOS library.
  • FLSOpen Library IOS
    Five Lakes Studio Open Source Library for iOS.
  • GDRealtime
    iOS Client Library for Goodow Realtime.
  • Geeklist iOS Library iOS Library Wrapper.
  • GPLib iOS
    General Purpose iOS library.
  • graniteds ios client
    Granite Data Services iOS (Objective C) Client Library.
  • groupme ios sdk
    A GroupMe client library for iOS devices.
  • holaio ios
    iOS library for holaIO.
  • Hourglass
    iOS library for testing if a time interval is elapsed.
  • iBureaucrat
    A forms library for iOS.
  • iMpulse iOS SDK
    Library, Test App and other resources for the iMpulse Controller on iOS.
  • imt crypted resources
    This is a project for utility library and tools for resource encryption on iOS. It basically obfuscates resources using a XOR function with a key provided in the binary, drawing resources unreadable for a regular users or modarate attackers.
  • InformaticToolbar
    The information can be shown on a toolbar is more than you can imagine iOS Toolbar extension library.
  • IODProfanityFilter
    Basic profanity filter library for iOS and Mac OS X apps.
  • iOS alternative library for Digital Advert ad server
    An opensource library to serve Digital Advert ads on iOS devices.
  • iOS bssynth sdk
    Software Synthesizer Library SDK for iOS.
  • ios forms
    Library for creating form based data entry user experiences for iOS applications.
  • ios i18n
    The ios i18n library was designed to allow developers to seamlessly integrate plurals into their iOS apps.
  • ios library
    Urban Airship iOS Products (In App Purchase, Push, Rich Push, Subscriptions).
  • ios library with resources
    Sample project showing how to ship resources with a static library for iOS.
  • ios rcl
    iOS Reusable Components Library.
  • ios SimpleXMLRPC
    An other XMLRPC Library for objective c.
  • ios utility pack
    static iOS library providing utility classes for reoccurring common functionality.
  • iOSBLESerial
    iOS library for BLE serial communication.
  • iOSPlot
    Chart library for iOS.
  • JCMDragging
    An iOS static library for drag and drop.
  • JCNotificationBannerPresenter
    A library for generic presentation of "banners" (e.g. to present a push notification) from anywhere inside an iOS app.
  • JFFLibrary
    Collection of ios libraries.
  • JInjector
    Dependency Injection library for iOS and Mac OS X.
  • JSScrollableTabBar
    A simple, refined tab bar for iOS that resembles the TabStrip control found in the popular Three20 library , without the dependencies.
  • JYToolBox
    a tool library [iOS].
  • leowebdav
    ios webdav client library.
  • Levous iOS Core
    Core iOS Reusable Library.
  • LGMRomanNumber
    LGMRomanNumber is an iOS library to convert arabic numbers to/from roman numbers.
  • libmsgs ios Notification Library for iOS.
  • libPhoneNumber iOS
    iOS library for parsing, formatting, storing and validating international phone numbers from libphonenumber library.
  • libPLEX iOS
    Plex Backend Library for iOS (for non commercial use only).
  • Library
    A useful supplement to iOS SDK.
  • libSMS
    My personal iOS library that I use on various projects. Follow me @silvermana_.
  • LineGraph
    iOS LineGraph library.
  • Liren Library ios
    The iOS client of Liren Library project.
  • LKQueue
    Tiny persistent queue library for iOS.
  • LuceneTest
    Sample usage of the S4Lucene iOS port of the Lucene library.
  • Lunicore iOS Libs
    Miscellaneous classes and libraries created at Lunicore.
  • Macfanatic Library
    Simple iOS library I use in all my projects.
  • makina ios sdk
    Makina iOS SDK Library.
  • malcom lib ios
    Malcom Library for iOS.
  • MBRequest
    MBRequest is a simple networking library for iOS and OS X.
  • memCheck for iOS
    The library to help to find memory leaks in iOS applicaitons.
    MGAOP is an Objective C based Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) Library for OS X and iOS.
  • MilkBar
    Objective C library to create simple bar charts in iOS.
  • MintKit
    Common Library for iOS Application Developer.
  • mishmesh
    iOS library for rendering 3D files.
  • ML4iOS
    Open Source library to help developers integrate easily machine learning on iOS applications.
  • MLPNeuralNet
    Fast multilayer perceptron neural network library for iOS and Mac OS X.
  • Mobiloud SDK
    Mobiloud libs for iOS devices.
  • MotionGestureRecognizers ObjC
    MotionGestures is a simple, multi platform gesture library for Leap Motion that mimics the UIGestureRecognizer classes of iOS.
  • mpedn
    EDN I/O library for OS X and iOS.
  • MUKObjectCache
    A simple, block based, ARC enabled, iOS 4+ library built to provide you a simple in memory, file cache.
  • MultistrokeGestureRecognizer iOS
    A library for defining and detecting multi stroke gestures created through touch input on iOS devices.
  • na ios
    utility library for ios.
  • nARLib
    iOS Augmented Reality Library.
  • NetworkKit
    iOS Async Networking Library with Stubbed Requests.
  • NLCoreData
    Library that wraps Core Data for iOS for easier and more readable operations.
  • NTChartView
    An easily charting library for iOS.
  • OBConnection
    The easiest and simplest networking library for iOS and OS X, combining AFNetworking, EGOCache and JSONKit.
  • objc
    Centauri client library for iOS.
  • objc to bert
    Binary Erlang Term serialization/deserialization library for Objective C (iOS, MacOS) client.
  • OHMTagLib
    A mediafile tag reader library for iOS.
  • OpenCV Help Library
    OpenCV Help Library for iOS.
  • oxidizer
    iOS library for Comet client.
  • PBMetrics
    An iOS library that uploads a set of standard metrics to
  • Phitext Sampler
    A sample iOS application for Phitext, the first rich text editor library for iOS developers.
  • PLGoogleReader
    PLGoogleReader is an iOS library of Google Reader.
  • PMTouch
    Pragma Mark iOS General Purpose Library.
  • PMValidation
    A modular, extendable text validation library for iOS.
  • PRTween
    Lightweight tween library for iOS.
  • Pwinty iOS Client Library
    Pwinty iOS Client Library.
  • route me
    Open source map library for iOS.
    RWUUIDWrapper is a wrapper uuid.h library for the iOS.
  • S4Lucene Library
    A port of Apache Lucene for the iOS platform.
  • Sample Lib
    Sample iOS library for use with Blog Post.
  • SARAddressBookBackup
    An iOS library to take backup of the device contacts as.vcf file.
  • SCStorageContainers
    iOS / OSX disk and memory object caching library based on NSCoding.
  • simperium ios
    Simperium libraries and samples.
  • SimplePanel
    iOS: Simple modal panel library.
  • SimulateTouch
    Simulate touch library for iOS.
  • SimulatorRemoteNotifications
    Library to send (fake) remote notifications to the iOS simulator.
  • snippets objc
    Simple snippets library for iOS and Mac OS X development.
  • storage
    An iOS library for fast, easy, and safe threaded disk I/O.
  • StringCoding
    StringCoding is a simple Mac/iOS library for setting object properties of any type using string values. It can automatically detect the property type and attempt to interpret the string as the right kind of value. It's particularly oriented towards iOS app theming (see README for details).
  • SwiftypeTouch
    iOS library for Swiftype search and suggest.
  • ThinkNear Offer Client iOS
    An iOS client library for ThinkNear.
  • tinkli ios
    iOS library for Tinkli.
  • TMTumblr SDK
    Unopinionated and flexible library for easily integrating Tumblr data into your iOS or OS X application.
  • ToadSeq
    An iOS library for lazy sequences.
  • TotoClient iOS
    A Toto client library for iOS.
  • ViewDeckMonoTouch
    Mono for iOS Binding library of the ViewDeck.
  • vintagenews ios
    An iOS app that shows you vintage newspapers from across the United States, retrieved from the Library of Congress.
  • VPPForwardGeoLocation
    VPPForwardGeoLocation for iOS is a block based library that can get locations from a given search string, something like iOS Maps application.
  • VPPLocation
    VPPLocation Library for iOS simplifies the task of retrieving the user location and geocoder info about it.
  • VPPReachability
    VPPReachability Library for iOS simplifies access to the status of a given hostname.
  • vvosc ios
    The VVOSC library prepared for the iOS environment.
  • yql ios
    Objective C library that provides YQL connectivity for iOS applications.
  • Zangetsu
    A General Purpose Library for Mac OS X 10.8+ & iOS 6.0+.
  • ZIPToState
    iOS library for doing US ZIP code lookups.
  • zipzap
    zip file I/O library for Mac OS X and iOS.

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