List of Free code iPhone Photo


  • aaphone
    iPhone Photo Visualizer with Ascii Art.
  • Affinity
    A simple iPhone application allowing you to discover your affinity with another person based on his/her photo.
  • Bubbles
    The application for iPhone that photo processing like bubbles.
  • CrossApp Photo Transfer
    An iPhone library for photo apps to easily transfer photos between photo apps.
  • DGNearbyPlaces
    A simple iPhone app that connects to the Google Places API to show a list of nearby locations. Demonstrates usage of CocoaPods/AFNetworking & general access of Places NearbySearch & Photos.
  • disapprovingrabbits
    iPhone RSS Reader for + 320 Photo View.
  • diy comic iphone app
    iPhone application and flash mob project, where the Format festival zine community in Adelaide can create and self publish electronic zines and photo comics.
  • fotoaday
    iPhone app using local notifications to bug you into taking a photo a day. Pretty much useless now a better app exists called Everyday :).
  • foundsf iphone app
    FoundSF IPhone app for geotagging historical photos from
  • GridLayout
    Create a gird layout like iPhone's " Photos ".
  • hike cam
    Hobby iPhone app for taking time lapse photos while hiking.
  • iCCTV
    iPhone Application that takes photos over regular time intervals (which is configurable) and emails them to your mailbox.
  • iLED app
    An iPhone app to display the state of an Arduino controlled photo resistor via an on screen virtual LED using the Redpark serial cable.
  • iphone app connection openphoto
    This is an example of iPhone Apple connection via JSON to Open Photo.
  • KTPhotoBrowser
    KTPhotoBrowser is a lightweight photo browser library for the iPhone and iPod touch that looks and behaves like the iPhone Photos app.
  • Meta Photo Save
    A single view iPhone app to demonstrate taking a photo and saving it with metadata.
  • MyLocations
    iPhone app that gets GPS coordinates of a given place and associate with it a description and photos.
  • Photo Box
    Experimental unofficial Trovebox iPhone client.
  • Photo View
    Ref iPhone SDK Development Dudney sec 20.3 image picker.
  • Photo Viewer
    Quick Photo Viewer for the iPhone. Built upon our other reliable libraries: EGOImageLoading and EGOCache.
  • photocloset
    iPhone app to store photos & videos password protected.
  • Picasa App
    An iPhone App simulating the Apple Photos App but using Google Picasa as the data source. Also utilizes the Three20 library for UI.
  • Picasa iPhone
    This is a sample iPhone app to integrate Picasa. From this app you can fetch all photo albums, create a new album, fetch photos of a particular album and upload photo to a particular album.
  • PicUp
    iPhone app to allow simple uploading of photos to a webApp.
  • Sample Photo App
    A sample photo app for iphone.
  • Shape
    An iPhone application essentially let users to create a mosaic art like image with photos taken.
  • simulator photo import
    Simple app that makes it easy to import thousands of photos into the iPhone Simulator's photo library.
  • Snapalicious
    iPhone application for Snapalicious, an easy way to share food photos with their recipes.
  • snapup
    Snapup for iPhone allows you to upload photos to
  • SSPhotoCropperViewController
    SSPhotoCropperViewController is a custom view controller that provides UI for cropping and scaling photos in iPhone / iPod Touch apps.
  • tt photo
    iPhone app. Boudoir photography.

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