Java Data Type How to - Java Legacy Date Format Example

  1. Java Check the date format of current string is according to required format or not
  2. Java Compare Date value in different formats
  3. Java Convert date and time format
  4. Java Convert date in String format to another format
  5. Java Convert Java SQL Date from yyyy-MM-dd to dd MMMM yyyy format
  6. Java Convert mm/dd/yyyy to yyyy-mm-dd
  7. Java Convert string date to Date class object "Sat Sep 8 10:13:09 GMT+0530 2012"
  8. Java Convert String from ISO Compliant Date format to another format
  9. Java Convert the date format
  10. Java Create date field which tolerates different locales/mistakes/formats
  11. Java Create new Date(2009, 12, 9) from String
  12. Java date 12am is stored as 24, kk:mm:ss instead of HH:mm:ss
  13. Java Do locale based date format
  14. Java Format Calendar with FieldPosition
  15. Java Format date time in the current time UTC
  16. Java Format String date value to another string format
  17. Java Get the time difference between the two dates in hh:mm format
  18. Java Guess the format pattern based on date value
  19. Java List date formats available in SimpleDateFormat class
  20. Java Parse '29-July-2012' to Date
  21. Java Parse a Formatted String into Date object in Java
  22. Java Parse date from excel file in u2013 Unicode character instead of a normal dash
  23. Java Parse Java date from String format
  24. Java Parse String "24-10-2012" into Date ( dd-mm-yyyy) format
  25. Java Parse the input date based on the format that it is matched
  26. Java Preserve milliseconds in conversion with simple date format
  27. Java Show a date in french format
  28. Java SimpleDateFormat format: 2013-05-16 09:35:31.0
  29. Java SimpleDateFormat format: 30-MAR-2012
  30. Java SimpleDateFormat format: EEE, dd MMM yyyy HH:mm:ss z
  31. Java SimpleDateFormat format: Thu Jun 06 2013 00:00:00 GMT+0530
  32. Java SimpleDateFormat format: Thu Jun 06 2015 00:00:00 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)
  33. Java SimpleDateFormat format: Thu Sep 28 20:29:30 JST 2015
  34. Java Trim minutes and hours and seconds from Date object
  35. Java Use pattern character 'T' when parsing a date string to java.Date
  36. Java Validate Date entry as format dd-MM-yyyy