Java Data Type How to - Java number format Example

  1. Java Add hardcoded string in number format
  2. Java Add leading zeroes to a number
  3. Java Create a table of squares and cubes
  4. Java Display a currency value with DecimalFormat
  5. Java Display a percentage
  6. Java Display numbers in scientific notation
  7. Java Display numbers with leading zeroes
  8. Java Format a number using the current Locale()
  9. Java Format a Number with Constant Locale Usage
  10. Java Format with the space format specifiers to leave space for negative value
  11. Java Getting Currency Symbols for Locale.US/Locale.UK
  12. Java Get to know the Number format options
  13. Java Group number with ("#,###,###")
  14. Java Index Argument with argument index
  15. Java Left left justify a float point value format
  16. Java Parse number with NumberFormat and Locale
  17. Java Quote literal symbols in number format
  18. Java Round a number with half down, floor, ceiling
  19. Java Round number to fewer decimals
  20. Java Scientific notation format
  21. Java Set format to two decimal places: set Maximum Fraction Digits
  22. Java Set format to two decimal places: set Minimum Fraction Digits
  23. Java Set minimum field-width specifier to the %f conversion
  24. Java Set precision modifier, display at most 15 characters in a string
  25. Java Set precision modifier for double value to keep 4 decimal places
  26. Java Set precision modifier for scientific notation, keep 2 decimal places in a 16 character field
  27. Java Set the multiple of the exponent
  28. Java Set total width and decimal width for float point value
  29. Java Use java.text.NumberFormat to format a currency value