Java Data Type How to - Java Legacy Date Time Example

  1. Java Add colon to 24 hour time
  2. Java Calculate elapsed time
  3. Java Compare Calendar's time to java.sql.Time object
  4. Java Constrain user to enter a time in a JTextField
  5. Java Create start time for a Month
  6. Java Get 5 seconds time from now
  7. Java Get last time of a Month
  8. Java Get time difference in days/hours/minutes/seconds
  9. Java Get time up to 6 digits of precision for seconds value
  10. Java Increment current time
  11. Java Java calculate time difference error
  12. Java Schedule task for a specific time
  13. Java Use timer task to output time every five seconds


  1. Java Add real-time date and time into a JFrame component
  2. Java Convert Date to timestamp
  3. Java Convert normal date to date with current time
  4. Java Getting today's date from Calendar, no time part
  5. Java Get date begin time
  6. Java Get date ending time
  7. Java Get the current date and time in UTC or GMT
  8. Java Get time from a Date Object
  9. Java Remove time from a Date object
  10. Java Round date to hour
  11. Java Round java.util.Date in 30 minutes with Instant


  1. Java Convert a date to time with timezone offset
  2. Java Convert date/calendar in different timezones
  3. Java Display a date with a custom timezone
  4. Java Do date math in Timezone
  5. Java Switch timezone for Calendar/Date