Java Data Type How to - Java Date Time Example

  1. Java Add duration to local time
  2. Java Add Year/Week to date/time in Java 8 with TemporalAdjuster
  3. Java Comparing two Time in Strings
  4. Java Create a LocalDateTime as 1491, Month.JUNE, 28th, hour 13, minute 51
  5. Java Create a range between two times
  6. Java Create a simple Time - 13:51
  7. Java Create enum for Unit of time periods
  8. Java Create LocalDateTime in various way
  9. Java Create LocalTime in various way
  10. Java Create LocalTime LocalDate and LocalDateTime
  11. Java Create Local date time from Clock
  12. Java Create local time from hour and minute
  13. Java Create Period of time
  14. Java Create period of time in year and month
  15. Java Create Timestamp from java.time.Clock
  16. Java Create time different in years and months
  17. Java Get current time stamp in Java 8
  18. Java Get duration between two time instants
  19. Java Get Milliseconds between two time instants
  20. Java Get minutes between two time instants
  21. Java Get today's date/time in Java 8
  22. Java Insert and save LocalDateTime to ResultSet
  23. Java Remove the time part of local time to get local date only


  1. Java Create custom DateTimeFormatter
  2. Java Create MEDIUM DateTimeFormatter
  3. Java Get time information


  1. Java Create ZonedDateTime from Instant
  2. Java Get current (local) time in Los Angeles
  3. Java Get current time in Europe/Berlin
  4. Java Get current time in UTC time zone
  5. Java Read ZonedDateTime from ResultSet