Java Data Type How to - Java String Example

  1. Java Add leading zeros to a number
  2. Java Break Strings into chars that are in upper case
  3. Java Change a hexadecimal number to its string equivalent
  4. Java Copy String to Clipboard
  5. Java Create all possible combination of words
  6. Java Create a Random String
  7. Java Create a sized image out of a string
  8. Java Create Permutations of characters
  9. Java Delete duplicate lines from a String
  10. Java Divide a sentence into parts
  11. Java Evaluate a boolean expression for String comparison?
  12. Java Format a double value within the toString() method (with respect to the decimal)
  13. Java Format a measurement into engineering units
  14. Java Format double with zeros on left and right side
  15. Java Generate a random alpha-numeric string
  16. Java Get a random ordering of a list of unique Strings
  17. Java Get Double number from string
  18. Java Get each character from a String
  19. Java Get How many times the first character appears in a string
  20. Java Get Occurences of a letter in a phrase
  21. Java Get occurrences of a char in a string
  22. Java Get size of String w/ encoding in bytes
  23. Java Get String from Clipboard
  24. Java Get String length without using length() method
  25. Java Get sub string from a string
  26. Java Get the first word (pure alphabet word) from the String
  27. Java Get the last word (pure alphabet word) from a String
  28. Java Get the String length
  29. Java Get word Frequency with Lambda
  30. Java Handle continuous input by character
  31. Java Hash object to textual strings
  32. Java Insert special characters into a string
  33. Java Print a Scanner string without vowels
  34. Java Print a String in pyramid Form
  35. Java Print words which occurs more than once from a string
  36. Java Read console input until y is typed
  37. Java Replace characters in every string in my list
  38. Java Replace letters in a String
  39. Java Rotate string
  40. Java Save a multiline string to a text file without overwriting previous text
  41. Java Search a specific letter
  42. Java Set String delimiter in string.split method
  43. Java Split a string containing question marks and equals
  44. Java Split string to equal length substrings
  45. Java Split String with delimiter and holding the values
  46. Java Swtich on String
  47. Java Take numbers from a string
  48. Java Test a String for Palindrome
  49. Java Turn String aaaabbbbddd into a4b4d3
  50. Java Use a string as a command
  51. Java Write a String to a text file


  1. Java Capitalize a string
  2. Java Capitalize First Char of Each Word in a String
  3. Java Capitalize the first letter of each word in a string


  1. Java Checking if 2 strings contain the same characters
  2. Java Check character occurrence in a string
  3. Java Check containment in a Set of strings
  4. Java Check if a message contains a string
  5. Java Check if a String is a numeric type
  6. Java Check if a String is balanced
  7. Java Check if a string is empty
  8. Java Check if a string is palindrome
  9. Java Check if a string represent a float number
  10. Java Check if enum contains a given string
  11. Java Check if given string is a palindrome using stack
  12. Java Check string to contain character that I didn't list
  13. Java Read and check strings from user input in console


  1. Java Compare non english characters with accents
  2. Java Compare two strings of ints


  1. Java Convert A Number To Hexadecimal
  2. Java Convert Double to String value preserving every digit
  3. Java Convert Java String to sql.Timestamp
  4. Java Convert primitive data types to String
  5. Java Convert String case
  6. Java Convert string numbers into comma seperated integers
  7. Java Convert String of length 1 to the associated int value of ASCII code (0-255)
  8. Java Convert String to byte array by Encoding
  9. Java Convert the DataInputStream to the String
  10. Java Convert UTF-16BE string to byte for
  11. Java Convert XX:XX AM/PM to 24 Hour Clock
  12. Java Use String.format to convert a long to a String in currency format


  1. Java Count Chars in a String
  2. Java Count frequency of characters in a string
  3. Java Count number of 'x' letter words
  4. Java Count specific characters in a string
  5. Java Count String to HashMap
  6. Java Count the number of occurences of characters in a string
  7. Java Count word frequency
  8. Java Find duplicate characters in a String and count the number of occurances
  9. Java Find repeated words on a string and counting the repetitions


  1. Java Create a random password


  1. Java Create unicode from string "\u00C3" etc


  1. Java Double quote and single quote


  1. Java Encode and decode string Base64
  2. Java Encode UTF String


  1. Java Escape string as directory name


  1. Java Extract digits of int
  2. Java Extract Integer Part in String
  3. Java Extract multiple integers from a String
  4. Java Extract word from a sentence


  1. Java Find all uppercase letters of a string in java
  2. Java Find how many times does a string object repeat
  3. Java Find longest word in a sentence recursively
  4. Java Find the most frequent character in a big string


  1. Java Join several Strings into a long string
  2. Java Join String with StringJoiner


  1. Java Match an arbitrary String to month name
  2. Java Match a String from Start and End


  1. Java Parse string value into float where string contains comma
  2. Java Parse Text using scanner useDelimiter


  1. Java Remove duplicate strings from and ArrayList of Strings
  2. Java Remove the last character from a string


  1. Java Reverse each word in a string without altering their position
  2. Java Reverse String Word by Word
  1. Java Search a String
  2. Java Search forwards from a given position in a String
  3. Java Search Strings for Characters from String start
  4. Java Search the last occurrence of 'a' in the String


  1. Java Split a String by a substring
  2. Java Split String by | bar character
  3. Java Tokenize String


  1. Java Swap String characters
  2. Java Swap String characters with for loop