Swift Tutorial - Swift Assignment Operators

To initialize or update a value, use the assignment operator =.

var a = 1
let b = 2 //Assigning a constant value

a = 3 //Updating Values

let (c, d) = (4, 5) // Multiple Assignments

c will equal 4, and d will equal 5.

To assign tuple values, supply the variable or constant with a comma-separated list of values enclosed in parentheses.

let e = (6, 7, 8)

To extract a tuple value, use an assignment operator to assign one of the tuple values to a new variable or constant.

Every tuple value except the one you are interested in must be replaced with an underscore _ character.

The following code shows how to extract a Tuple Value

let (_,_,f) = e

In the code above f has the same value as the third value in the tuple e.

Compound Operators

The assignment operator is often combined with an arithmetic operator to perform an arithmetic operator and assign the result to the value.

The following code shows how to use Compound Assignment/Arithmetic Operations.

//Declare and assign i integer equal to 0
var i = 0

//Add 4 to i and assign result back to i

//Multiple i by 2 and assign result back to i