Swift Tutorial - Swift Type Casting

Type casting is to convert value types such as floating-point and integer numbers to other types in Swift.

The following code shows some examples of how you might convert a floating-point number to other value types.

let f1 = 9.99
let i1 = Int(f1)
let d1 = Double(f1)
let b1 = Bool(f1)
let s1 = toString(f1)

Type Casting Instances

We can type cast objects using the as keyword.

class Person {
    var name: String = "Name"
    func printPerson() {

class Employee: Person {
    func printEmployee() {

var e1 = Employee()
e1.name = "Jack"


let a1 = [e1]

for item in a1 {
   let p = item as Person