Swift Tutorial - Swift Comments

We use code comments to add information to our code.

With Swift, you can add a one-line code comment, multiple-line code comments, and nested code comments.

One-Line Code Comments

Use the double backslashes // to start a one-line code comment.

//One line code comment

You can fill up one line with these types of comments.

Multiline Comments

A multiline comment starts the comment with a backslash and asterisk /*, write the comment, and end it with an asterisk and backslash */.

   Multiple line code comment
   Use this when you need to provide more detail

Nested Code Comments

Swift supports nested comments.

        Define a and b constants

        let a = 1
        let b = 2

        Define c and d constants

        let c = 3
        let d = 4

In the code above the last comments is nested comments.