Swift Tutorial - Swift Range Operators

You use range operators to specify a range of integers such as 1 through 10.

There are two types of range operators: the closed range operator ... and the half-open range operator ..< .

Closed Range Operator

The closed range operator specifies a range of numbers including the number that defines the end of the range.

You must specify the beginning of the range and the end of the range with the closed range operator ....

The code in the following code produces output that includes i = 1 through i = 10.

for i in 1...10 {
   println("i = \(i)")

Half-Open Range Operator

The half-open range operator ..< doesn't have the ending value in the range.

The following code prints out to i = 9 only.

for i in 0..<10 {
   println("i = \(i)")

The code above generates the following result.