List of Free code Cryptography


  • .NET Crypto Exentsion for RSA Signatures using SHA-2 Encryption
    In this project you can find a library (Microsoft.Cryptography), which is using an extension mechanism of the .Net Framework & WCF to provide support for RSA-signatures with SHA-2 (SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512) encryption. This library also provides components for X.509-Certifi...
  • CLR Security
    The CLR security team codeplex site provides sample code and libraries of APIs to extend and debug the security APIs that ship with the .NET Framework. This codeplex site includes Security.Cryptography.dll which adds new cryptography algorithms to the .NET framework, as well ...
  • Cryptosolic - The Cryptography & Software Licensing Framework for .Net
    Cryptosolic is an Open Source Cryptography & Software Licensing Framework for .Net. More Information and Downloads available soon.
  • HashTag .Net Developer's Library
    Collection of helpful .Net routines covering serialization, logging, reflection, hosting, cryptography, extensions, validation, and more.
  • Phone7.Fx
    This project is the complete framework of the Phone7.Fx. It contains a lot of cool stuff such as a BindableApplicationBar, Cryptography, some controls like jumpList and watermark textbox.
  • SHA3 (512bits implementation)
    SHA3 and HMAC-SHA3 built into System.Security.Cryptography. This is only the 512-bits implementation. Tested vs. Standard vectors.
  • SQL Server Cryptography
    Demo code and resources for using encryption in SQL Server
  • Sunlit World Scheme
    Sunlit World Scheme is a nearly R4RS-compliant Scheme implementation that supports threading, TCP, UDP, cryptography, and simple graphics and windowing. It's designed to be easy to extend. It also has an embedded compiler (for a different language) that produces MSIL.

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