List of Free code SSH


  • NetSSH
    A .Net SSH Client
  • SFTP Client for .NET Compact Framework C# and VB.NET
    The SSH Secure File Transfer (SFTP) Client is a .NET Compact Framework Windows Form Client demonstrating how to manage remote files and directories easily and effectively.
  • SharpSSH2
    This release of SharpSSH is based on Sharp SSH posted to code project and target to Net 1.1 framework. This version has been updated to function with .net framework 3.5 applications. General goals inclode the addition of compression, additional AES encryption options ...
  • SSH Shell Telnet Client Demo for C# and VB.NET
    The package includes a number of SSH Shell and Telnet client samples demonstrating how to use the Ultimate SSH Shell Telnet for .NET Framework.
  • SSH.NET Library
    SSH.NET is client library to connect to SSH servers written in C# with multitasking support.
  • SSIS SSH Components
    SSIS control flow tasks for SFTP and executing shell commands along with an SSH connection manager.
  • TFS 2010 Xcode Build
    The TFS Xcode Build project aims to automate Xcode (iOS, Mac OS) builds via Team Build. With source code stored in TFS, TFS Xcode Build will remotly connect to a Mac via SSH and instrument building the software through the xcodebuild command line.

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