List of Free code OAuth


  • Facebook OAuth authentication for WPF application
    This is a WPF sample application for Facebook OAuth authentication in C#. This application takes Facebook App Id and application permission scope (comma de-limited) as their input and provides Access Token & Expires in time in seconds as their output.
  • NetSquare - FourSquare C#.NET Open Source Class Library
    NetSquare is a C# source code class library that makes it easier for C# developers to access Foursquare via the new v2 OAuth interface. Published as a VS 2010 C# project with associated examples. Currently the code is Beta. All the API calls are in place, but the classes s...
  • OAuth Utility
    This application helps you to retrieve an access token and secret token for OAuth authentication.
  • OAuth.Net.Mobile
    Compact Framework clone of the OAuth.Net package from Madgex Lab (available at
  • OAuthLib
    OAuthLib is a library for client program of OAuth in .NET Framework 2.0 and above.
  • RM.QuickLogOn
    This is a module for Orchard CMS that extends authentication and implements few providers such as OAuth or Token to e-mail.
  • RM.QuickLogOn.OAuth
    This is a module for Orchard CMS which implements authentication with OAuth providers like Google, Facebook, LiveID and Twitter
  • RM.QuickLogOn.OAuth.RU
    This is a module for Orchard CMS which implements authentication with OAuth providers like Yandex, Mail.RU, VKontakte and Odniklassniki
  • Simnova OAuth
    Both client and server implementation of OAuth.
  • Social.Facebook SDK
    This Project was the result of a study made to the facebook API and the OAuth 2.0 Flow, resulting in a SDK to develop applications to Facebook platform and applications based on OAuth 2.0 Protocol
  • Tweetinvi a friendly Twitter C# API
    Tweetinvi is a Twitter C# API and provide a library to access Twitter REST API 1.1 through oAuth.
  • Yammyy - a Yammer Client for .NET
    Yammyy is a Yammer Client for .NET framework (Yammer is like twitter for companies Yammyy is rich yammer client based WPF, and supported OAuth. If you search WPF or OAuth for .NET samples, yammyy project may help you to make your implementation.

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