List of Free code OAuth2


  • FaceSharp - .NET Facebook SDK and Starter Kit
    Join the .NET Movement in Facebook Apps. Actively developed, community supported and CURRENT. It's got what you need - OAuth2.0 / Graph API / Places / Insights Developed in C#
  • Google OAuth2
    Google OAuth2 is a small library that uses the WebBrowser control in order to do simple authentication with a Google account.
  • ImapX 2
    ImapX 2 is a crossplatform IMAP library for .NET, supporting SSL/TLS, OAuth2 and all major GMail IMAP extensions.
  • OAuth2 Authorizer
    OAuth2 Authorizer helps you get the access code for a standard OAuth2 REST service that implements 3-legged authentication.
  • Yammer.SimpleAPI
    Class use to interoperate with Yammer through Rest API and OAuth2 authentication

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