List of Free code Security


  • BitsUpdater
    BitsUpdater is .NET library written in C# for automatic application update using Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS). This service is used by Windows Update and is friendly to network resources. Library has GUI tool for generating secure packages.
  • Black Wren Browser
    Black Wren Browser (Formerly known as JetBrowser), a secure and fast web browser built for intelligent users.
  • Entry-Level C# Password Generator
    The Entry-Level C# Password Generator is a piece of software written for two purposes. To be kept as simple as possible for newcomers to the langauge to understand how to use the language and to help people make a new secure password for themselves.
  • Galunggung - Penetration Test Studio
    Galunggung is an open source project based .NET framework to build security tools for penetration test. It will consist of security collection tools. These tools also can be applied to penetration test and hacking purpose at your own risk.
  • Genesis Smart Framework
    The Genesis Smart Client Framework is a application development framework that allows developers to develop modules of code that is hosted inside of the framework. The framework takes care of user security, application deployment and online data access.
  • InjectionCop
    Facilitates secure coding through static code analysis and contract annotations in the Common Language Infrastructure.
  • Jazz
    Jazz is a compact, modular framework that allows new, or existing, applications to easily employ roles, states, ACLs and void safety. Jazz provides security by allowing objects, and their methods and properties, to have their visibility and accessibility controlled, on a per ...
  • Kracken Security Module for MVC4
    This is a full SimpleMembershipProvider ready for your customization. Build upon Kracken Tools from T Squared Software, Inc. this is a learning module project.
  • LockCrypt
    LockCrypt is an easy to use account management program which provides a secure, central database to store difficult to remember passwords and other personal information. Written in C#, but the source tree contains code in WPF, Windows Forms (for Windows Mobile), and Java.
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Administration Console
    CRM 4.0 Administration. Release 1.3 contains three utilities, focused on the administration of Users, Security Roles, Views and Local Data Groups. Supports Intranet, Internet and CRM Online deployments.
  • Microsoft Web Protection Library
    The Microsoft Web Protection Library offers AntiXSS, an encoding library, to protect your current applications from cross-site scripting attacks and the Security Runtime Engine to help protect your legacy applications.
  • Mirus - Open Source Operating System
    Mirus is an open-source x86 operating system designed for security, flexibility, and optimal easter-egging.
  • MockableWebSecurity
    Many components of the System.Web.Security namespace are static methods that are difficult to mock or stub for testing. MockableWebSecurity wraps many of these classes in interfaces with proxy implementations allowing for more easy creation of testable code.
  • Network Monitor Decryption Expert
    NmDecrypt is a Network Monitor Expert which when given a trace with encrypted frames, a security certificate, and a passkey will create a new trace with decrypted frames added inline.
  • OWASP Security LinkUp
    OWASP security linkup is a web application allowing for security professionals to connect. It is also an example of a well built web application following the OWASP guidelines.
  • OWASP WebGoat.NET
    OWASP .NET Goat is a webgoat style security learning application written in C#.
  • PathEditor
    This tool simplified the access to the environment path variable. No long line, a nice grid for editing easy and secure with directory checking.
  • PC WatchDog v1.0
    PC Watch Dog Provides PC users security over three issues Login Control Data Packing Directory Monitor Programmed using C# and WPF
  • Philios PrayerChain
    PrayerChain is designed to be a tool that you and your church or other Christian community can use to share prayer requests in a secure/confidential environment
  • PHPRPC for .NET
    PHPRPC is a lightweight, secure, cross-domain, platform-independent, language-independent, envirment-independent, complex object supported, reference parameters supported, content redirecting supported, session supported, service-oriented, high performance remote procedure call.
  • Portal Solutions
    Provisioner: Gain control of the site creation process to control security, navigation, data initialization and much more. Rollup: Aggregate information from multiple sources into one unified dashboard. Image Rotator Web Part - Feature rotating story banners on landing...
  • Risk Tracker
    Risk Tracker is a application built using the CISF to track corporate information security risk.
  • Role Updater for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011
    Role Updater for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 makes it easier for CRM 2011 administrators and developers to add privileges to multiple security roles in one operation. You'll no longer have to open each security role and apply privileges one by one.
  • Safe Pad : Rich Text Editor with Strong Encryption for Total Security.
    Safe Pad is a simple text editor with a difference. When you save your document strong encryption is used to protect your file using triple AES256.
  • SAML.Net
    A Implementation of SAML(Security Assertion Markup Language) using C#. Now I am working on it hardly, please wait a menent for source release.
  • Secure Text Box for Windows Forms
    A secure text box control that is implemented using SecureString for secure entering of passwords written in C#
  • Security with Visual Understanding
    A Kinect home security camera. Security with Visual Understanding (SVU) is a hardware/software solution which provides a more accurate security camera. SVU uses the Microsoft Kinect to provide these capabilities. SVU recognizes when a human enters the image and furthermore...
  • Service Invocation Framework
    Lightwave framework for service invocation. Includes pipelines for cross-cutting logic (transactions, logging, security), adapters for common transport protocols (MTOM, SOAP, Remoting, etc) and a dynamic proxy factory (ala WCF).
  • Sharp Home
    Sharphome is designed to run on Windows and Linux (via the Mono Project) and is designed to be useful in home automation and home security.
  • SIEGate
    Secure Information Exchange Gateway for Electric Grid Operations. It is a hardened security appliance used to exchange real-time electric grid data.
  • sMessenger
    A secure P2P chat application. Project at DAIMI.
  • SQL Server PowerShell Extensions
    The primary goal of SQL Server PowerShell Extensions (SQLPSX) is to provide intuitive functions around the SMO objects which are backward compatible with SQL 2000. A secondary goal is to provide an application which reports flatten/effective security settings.
  • Subkismet - Security Tools for .NET Developers
    A set of libraries, tools, and utilities for .NET developers to secure their applications including site spam filtering services, CAPTCHA controls, malware & phishing filter, and customizable password generator.
  • Suplex
    Suplex is a Security and Validation abstraction layer, designed to provide WinForms, WebForms, and Wpf applications a common RBAC and Validation model.
  • Terminals
    Terminals is a secure, multi tab terminal services/remote desktop client. It uses Terminal Services ActiveX Client (mstscax.dll). The project started from the need of controlling multiple connections simultaneously. It is a complete replacement for the mstsc.exe!
  • Thales Simulator Library
    The Thales Simulator Library is an implementation of a software emulation of the Thales (formerly Zaxus, formerly Racal) RG7000 Hardware Security Module cryptographic device.
  • TokenUtil
    TokenUtil is a command line program for requesting a token from a Security Token Service.
  • Watcher: Web security testing tool and passive vulnerability scanner
    A Fiddler plugin that passively checks web application's for a variety of security issues. Watcher acts as assistant to the web developer, tester, or security auditor, by quickly identifying real issues and hot-spots that commonly lead to security problems in web apps.
  • {3S} SQL Smart Security "Protect your T-SQL know-how!"
    {3S} SQL Smart Security is an add-in which can be installed in Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). It enables software companies to create a secured content for database objects. The add-in brings much higher level of protection in comparison with SQL Server built i...

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