List of Free code Game


  • Abide - Halo Map Editor
    Abide is used for modification of Halo 2 maps, and other Blam engine games.
  • AC.Input
    AC.Input is a fast and easy to use C# Input-Wrapper for use in Games and all other applications. It runs on Windows, Linux and MacOS.
  • Acies
    Acies is a dungeon crawler game done with C# and XNA.
  • Aelda
    a try to implement a multiplayer game. Just for fun and discover principles.
  • Atomix for Kinect
    Port of Atomix game controlled by Kinect sensor.
  • BERP Games
    This project site contains XNA game development concepts and software produced by BERP Games.
  • Black Lightning
    Black Lightning is a utility program for Simutronics' text-based games that allows you to add new functionality to the existing front end software. It works with both Windows clients (StormFront and The Wizard) and with all four of Simutronics' games (GemStone, DragonRealms, A...
  • Blackrain Engine
    A real-time rendering, game/cinematic engine.
  • BlackStar GUI for XNA
    BlackStar is a library to provide GUI support for XNA based games or applications.
  • Blockmania
    Blockmania game using C# XNA
  • BloxServer
    A server for a game currently in Dev
  • Buildcraft.Net
    A research project covering the process of creating a real time game from scratch.
  • C.M.L - Central league Manager Lfs
    CML is a plugin based system for Live for Speed game. It offers easy way for controlling leagues, races and game extensions (like warm-up, pit-stop handling, safety car etc.)
  • Campus RTS
    This is an RTS game built with Microsoft's XNA Framework built by four college students in a senior project course. Fun!
  • CardPlay: a Solitaire Framework for .Net
    CardPlay is a C# framework for developing Solitaire card games. The solution includes a sample WPF client along with over 100 games.
  • CasinoBot - A C# IRC gambling bot
    CasinoBot is an IRC bot which allows you to play eight games. You can play single- and multiplayer games like hangman or slot. Includes a currency system, multi-channel support and a huge wordlist. The bot is written in C# using the SmartIRC4Net library.
  • Castle X - XNA based platform game
    Based on "XNA Platformer Starter Kit", but greatly modified to become a mix of games such as MSX's "Castle", "Castle Excelent" and "Maze of Galious". Open source, all code avaliable is well organized and documented, being a great source for learning or for creating your own g...
  • Celerity: Sensory Overload
    Celerity: Sensory Overload is a tunnel obstacle race game written in XNA for the Intel Ultrabook / Windows 8, featuring head tracking.
  • CellAO - Anarchy Online Emulation
    We are creating a game emulator for the game Anarchy Online, based on the Cell Framework..
  • Commando
    Commando is a game written in xna / c# that I (Viswanath Chadalapaka) have worked on from 2012 - 2013. It was a fun project. Hope you have fun too! ~ Viswanath
  • Console Snake App
    It's a simple Console Game written in C#. The Idea is to demonstrate how OOP works in C#. It has a simple text menu, a simple Hall of Fame.
  • Content Factory
    The Content Factory is an auxiliary MonoGame game development tool. It provides contents management functions.
  • Conway's Game of Life
    A Windows C# app that implements a cellular automaton. Give an initial seed by clicking on the grid and making cells live or by letting the app create a random seed. Observe it evolve, control the speed of the simulation, stop it, save it or load previously saved confingurations.
    DAH-TD! is an awesome Tower Defence Game for MS Windows by some awesome students with obviously to much free time.
  • Dail Emulator
    Dail Emulator is a software that emulates the server software of Aeonsofts game FlyFF. Specifically made for the now defunct version 6 of the game.
  • Dark Neuron Game Engine
    Dark Neuron allows you to easily create fun and interesting games with no need of developing basic game components. This engine is developed for C# programming language and XNA Game Studio.
  • Delta Engine .Net
    C# OpenTK version of the Delta Engine - Open Source Multiplatform Game Development
  • DeltaEngine.MonoGame
    C# MonoGame version of the Delta Engine - Open Source Multiplatform Game Development
  • Derbster
    Explore and learn about modern C# architecture and programming by implementing software to support the modern game of roller derby.
  • Dicide - Digital Circuit Design Game for Windows 8 Metro
    A digital circuit design game for Windows Metro
  • DirectDraw Overlay Library
    An unmanaged C++ library to create, manage and draw to DirectDraw overlays. A C++/CLI wrapper for .NET clients is included. DirectDraw overlays are special DirectDraw surfaces that are shown over everything else, including full-screen games and applications. They can be used ...
  • Draughts
    Draughts. This is simple game. It written in C# (WPF).
  • Dropboxifier
    Dropboxifier helps you share saved games and application data between computers by simplifying the process of adding folders to Dropbox and creating symbolic links. Dropboxifier was made to work with Dropbox but will also work with any other online storage application that ...
  • DSM - multiplayer shooter game in XNA 4.0
    DSM - starship simulator is a three-dimensional multiplayer network "shooter" made with XNA 4.0 Framework.
  • EasyStorage
    EasyStorage is a library for making it quicker and easier for XNA Game Studio developers to manage the StorageDevice without all the details. EasyStorage uses a simple API to enable you to add file saving to your game.
  • Elephant Game Framework
    Elephant is a small Game Framework, currently set with a focus on game development through Microsoft XNA. Its goal is to provide developers with a quick, easy, robust and flexible way to produce game prototypes, or even full-fledged games.
  • Escape From Canyon
    Escape from canyon is a little game project (for academic purpose only) developed using XNA 4.0 and F#
  • Eve Toolbox
    EveToolbox is a .NET Framework API designed to make third-party tool development for Eve Online easier. The toolbox attempts to provide a concise and complete platform for accessing, updating, and processing, data related to the game, which is provided through the Eve Officia...
  • EventWriter
    An Game Mod Maker
  • flattiverseGameClient
    a gameclient for the Multiplayer game Flattiverse of the HS Esslingen.
  • Free Allegiance
    Allegiance is a free, online, multi-player space simulation game. You pilot spacecraft, flying in a team with other players, defending and attacking sectors in space. Allegiance challenges your tactical ingenuity, your ability to function in a team and your prowess at blowing ...
  • FreeGoo - A simple World Of Goo clone
    FreeGoo - A simple physics based puzzler written in C#, using Farseer for physics and WPF for rendering. The game play is heavily based on the marvelous game World Of Goo.
  • FSNCleaner
    FSN Cleaner makes it easier to translate the game Fate/stay night. You'll no longer have to handle the script or word-wrap yourself, nor to use some obscur command-line to repack the game files, this software will do everything for you, and if it doesn't, just ast and it wi...
  • Game Cube Save Fixer
    Game Cube Save Fixer patches dumped Game Cube save files to have the correct serial code by adding it to the first four bytes of the save file. If the save file doesn't have the correct serial code, the game will not see the save as valid. It's developed in C# .NET 2.0.
  • Game Jolt Sharp
    The Game Jolt Trophy API provides .NET developers with access to the Game Jolt services including Trophies, High Scores, Data Storage and much more.
  • Game of Life Simulator
    Game of Life Simulator is a fast simulator of the Conway's Game Of Life. Its' developed in C# using Windows Forms.
  • Game On!
    *Game On!* is a competition ranking ladder mobile web-app for two player games like Table Tennis, Pool, Chess, etc. Players are ranked using Elo ratings.
  • Game_Telerik_Donald
    A collection of 4 games that can either be played one after another as a tournament and get a final score.The other option is to choose each game manually.
  • GameBook Engine
    A game book engine.
  • GameSDK - Simple Game SDK with events
    This game SDK use events for letting know each player through a game board when an events occurs. This is a simple SDK, easily adaptable to your project.
  • GoTraxx
    C# program that plays the game of Go.
  • Grid
    Copyright 2011 Badkid development. All rights reserved. Play Grid the the retro style arcade puzzle game. Join lines between the gids to create boxes to get p
  • Hex-Grid Utilities for Board Game Developers
    A tool kit of utilities for development of board- and strategy-games on a hexagonal grid, including custom coordinates. path-finding and elevated line-of-sight
  • Hungry Citizen
    This a funny WPF parody of the famous game.
  • Innovative Games
    This page is the source code repository for all the projects, samples, and tutorials posted at Innovative Games is a blog written by Sean James. Its main focus is on game development with Microsoft's XNA Framework, but other topics appear from time to time.
  • JustTanks
    Game with human and computers tank. Thay can moving and shooting each other
  • KingSurvival
    King Survival Game - examples for High-Quality Programming Code and Spaghetti code
  • Last Man Standing
    A simple roguelike game where you do battle in a random dungeon. Your objective is to be the last man standing. You achieve this by killing all your opponents.
  • Left 4 Dead 2 Gore Loader
    Left 4 Dead 2 Gore Loader. Uncensor L4D2 game in censored regions. Automated checks of changing files and L4D2 updates to ensure there the approriate version is always applied.
  • Liberty
    Project Liberty, is an Open-Source Gamesave editor for the Halo: Reach Game Engine (Halo-AA, a derivative of the Blam! engine's) as well as for Halo: CEX. Designed to make modding gamesaves; easy, fast and importantly.. Cheap.
  • Ludo.NET
    Ludo.NET is a classic board game implemented as a Windows Forms application using .NET 2.0. The plan is to add support to online against other human players. There will be a game server hosting tables where players meet, chat and sit down.
  • Magic Card Manager
    Magic Card Manager makes it easier to manage cards for the game Magic: The Gathering. It's developed in c#.
  • Magic Cove : A Card Game Simulator
    Magic Cove: A Card Game Simulator is a program that allow users to battle against friends in the game Magic the Gathering or another card game.(Developed in C#)
  • MakeBorderless
    Make Borderless is a small, simple application to control the display of borders on your windows applications. Great for games that run in windowed mode! Developed in C# under .NET 4.0
  • Mapture the FLAG
    A location based game for wp7
  • Marvin's Arena
    Marvin's Arena is a free and entertaining programming game. The game is designed to easily learn programming in any .NET compatible language. It is suited for new programmers to gain experience with the .NET languages and development tools as well as for experienced programmers.
  • MBSpace
    I am experimenting with creating a turn based 4X strategy game with a focus on competent AI.
  • MemoryWorkout
    A brain training program based on scientific, peer reviewed research. This is NOT a game like Brain Age or Big Brain Academy. It's a workout and users report feeling exhausted after using it. The program focuses on "exercising" the neural pathways from hearing to memory in or...
  • MonoStrategy
    This project is intended to be an OpenSource remake of one of the best multiplayer realtime strategy games in the world, "The Settlers 3" (Die Siedler 3), with support for all major platforms and mobile devices released under Affero GPL 3.
  • Mud Designer
    The Mud Designer allows developers a quick and simple approach to generating text based game content and an easier way to manage their MUD games.
  • My Nes
    My Nes is a portable open source NES/FAMICOM emulator written in C#. It's EXACT nes cycle emulator, very accurate and uses exact ppu cycle timing. My Nes compatibility is very high, and most of the games that supported run perfectly. The aiming of this project is accuracy.
  • Nameless Sprite Editor
    Nameless Sprite Editor is a tool used to thoroughly edit the graphics in ALL Game Boy Advance games. [ UNDER CONSTRUCTION ]
  • NetShips
    Simple network battleship game for 2 players.
  • NuclearWinter
    NuclearWinter is a set of XNA libraries for building great user interfaces & managing game states.
  • Odin Game Engine
    Odin is an attempt at mixing Windows Forms and XNA in the goal of making a game engine.
  • Old Games Launcher
    Old Games Launcher is a combined DosBox frontend & a Direct Draw game/application starter.
  • OOPArts-Webgame-MapEditor
    A tool for making web based game for OOPArts group.
  • Open Ant
    A implementation of a Open Source Ant which is created to show what is possible in the serious game AntMe! The First implementation of that Project
  • Open Game Engine
    Open Game Engine is a open-source game engine using SharpDx and C#
  • Othello-XNA
    Othello is a game writen in c# for the zune.
  • PAiRS - A WPF Memory Card Game
    PAiRS is an implementation of a card matching game in which you are given an even number of cards face down in a grid, and you try to flip over 2 cards at a time to create a match until all cards are matched. PAiRS is built using C#, .Net 3.5+ and WPF.
  • PC Offline Co-Op
    Application for playing Splitscreen/Multiplayer games on PC.
  • Pentagon-XnaGamePrototype
    Pentagon is a small prototype of a Xna and F# top-down shmup, made for an exam of the Master of Game Development in the University of Verona.
  • Pfz.AnimationManagement
    A .NET animation library that supports both declarative and imperative animations, capable of creating from simple animation to entire games.
  • Physics Simulator
    This is a project to create a simulator for "real world" objects. Unlike games that aim to mimic the motion of an object through two-dimensional or three-dimensional space, this projects goal is to accurately simulate the movement of objects. Its developed in C# for .net and mono
  • Playstation Network API
    API do collect information like trophies, games, level about Playstation Network users.
    PrinceOfPersia is a game porting of the famous 80' classic game "Prince Of Persia" maded by Broderbound and J. Mechner game.
  • Process Manager XNA
    This project contains the implementation of a process manager based on the contents from the Book "Game Coding Complete 4 edition". If you like this project, be sure to check out the book ;)
    Perpetuum? MMO sci-fi game fitting tool.
  • Project Team "Fred Flinstone"
    The basis of the unit classes for a turn-based strategy game.
  • Protogamez
    Protogamez is a game manager for Windows 8, coded in WPF C# using Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5.
  • PushIt!
    Very interesting arcade game.
  • RPG Character Generators and Tools
    Various tools for pen and paper style role playing games.
  • RPG Roguelike Engine for .Net
    This is a release of a library that I am creating for use in a "Roguelike" role playing game that I am writing in C#. I am releasing to the community because I feel that it can be useful to other "Roguelike" RPG developers.
  • RPGOnline
    RPGOnline is a simple client-server application for playing table role playing games online with your friends. Il will feature a chat, dice roller, characters manager, map, web cam and microphone support, etc... everything developed in C#.
  • Saeculum Game
    A dynamic tower defense game.
  • Sagenhaft
    Manage your Steam games, archive them someplace else, move them back or have them installed on a different drive! All this is packed into an easy-to-use wizard.
  • Same Game Xna
    Xna game where you match colored pairs of blocks and collect points.
  • Scrabble for WPF
    An implementation of the Scrabble board game using WPF and Caliburn.Micro.
  • Scrabble Nights
    Scrabble is a word game in which two to four players score points by forming words from individual lettered tiles on a game board marked with a 15-by-15 grid
  • SFProject
    It'll be a game at some point
  • ShackRPG
    ShackRPG is an XNA project using XNA Game Studio 2.0 and Visual Studio C# Express 2005
  • SimpleFora
    Simple forum with game engine.
  • SMC (Social Media Connector)
    Social Media APIs are developed to provide Join-In Game providers to access Social Media Portal.
  • Snake Board Game
    Childhood is always a happy time, Classical game will never left out from our Memories here is my first game that i have created when i was studying....
  • Sonic Project
    A console tetris game. Have fun!
  • Space Invaders
    The classic Space Invaders game written in C#.
  • SpellCaster3
    This program is an helper for Ultima Online game. It's used to create small icons that will execute macros and vocal commands. Icons can be placed anywhere on screen, can be colored and you can place text inside. Set of icons can be saved on file and can be easily loaded with ...
  • starLiGHT.Engine
    starLiGHT.Engine is a set of libraries for indie game developers using XNA. It is in development for some years now as a closed source project. Now I will release some (most) parts as Open Source (dual licensing).
  • SuchMich
    Such Mich! is a game based on the famous game "Memory" (also known as "Find the pairs")
  • Sudoku Library
    Sudoku Library will provide a .Net library capable of creating and solving sudoku puzzles. The goal of this project is to be; light weight, efficient, and fast. This will not include an implementation of the game that is playable.
  • Tactical RPG XNA Game Engine
    Real Time Tactical RPG XNA Game Engine
  • TDD-Katas
    *TDD-Katas* simply defines the Test Driven Development Katas. In this, I tried to create most famous katas to understand what is exactly Kata. So, get into the code and let us know for any improvement. ! Kata # String Calculator # Bowling Game # FizzBuzz Kata # Odd E...
  • Terraria Save Game Editor
    TSGE, Terraria Save Game Editor, allows users to modify save game files for the popular game, Terraria. TSGE is written in C# using WPF.
  • The Genesis Project - A Cold War Crisis Map Generator
    The goal of Genesis Project is to create an extensible, customizable random map generator for the real-time strategy game Cold War Crisis.
  • The Pacman
    A simple single player game similar to Pacman. Developed using XNA game framework and C#. Game demonstrates usage of fuzzy logic for controlling the AI ghosts. This game is developed to test the effect of fuzzy logic AI in Pacman game.
  • The Snake Game
    The Snake Game, developed in Telerik Software Academy by students.
  • The Squadron of 2120
    A multiplayer flight-based action game, developed using Microsoft's XNA. Situated in the year 2120, you control one of several steampunk-influenced fighter aircraft, trying to blow your opponents out of the sky using anything from machineguns to lasers to baby nukes.
  • The Trench
    The Trench is a XNA based game, based on modern infantry combat.
  • TowerDefender
    A tower defense game
  • Track My Catalogs
    WPF Application to manage user catalogs (Books, Games, Movies and TV Shows).
  • Trading Game
    A trading simulation game created as a learning exercise into extremely basic C#
  • Travian Robot
    Yes, it is a robot built for browser game named Travian by German. I support core functions sush as login, get ting base info, mapping world map, upgrade action,resources trade and so on. I hope it could be a good class library for you to create a custom utility.
  • TZeditor - The Zone Magazine Editor for Reporter Assistants
    TZeditor is a WYSIWYG HTML text editor that makes it easier for Reporter Assistants (RA) to write their articles for The Zone, a magazine produced by users of the ManagerZone online manager game. TZeditor is a .NET desktop application.
  • Vertical Shooter RPG
    Vertical Shooter RPG is an XNA open source game that will be an update to the vertical shooter genre by adding a world map and upgradable options.
  • Voxeliq
    voxeliq is an open source block-based game engine implementation developed with C#
  • WBFSSync
    WBFSSync is a program to organize, edit and synchronize Wii Game Backups on both PC and WBFS formatted storage devices. Using a clean and Explorer-like interface
  • WiiPlayScumm
    Do love those old ScummVM games? Have you ever tried to play them from your couch? Then this project is for you! It enables you to play the Scumm Games with wii
  • Window System for XNA
    Window System for XNA allows you to easily add GUI functionality to your games and tools that target the XNA Framework.
  • Working Memory Workout
    Working Memory Workout is a working memory training game based on the N-back, a task researchers say may improve fluid intelligence. It greatly expands on the N-back, with dynamic difficulty adjustment, 13 game modes, 61 stimuli, 4 time modes, and a difficulty-ratcheting helper.
  • WParse
    WParse is a CLS compliant class library developed in C# with .NET 4.0 as the target framework. WParse makes it easier to parse log files for the game Wurm Online and generate interesting and useful statistics from the logged data. It includes scripting support for parsers in C#.
  • WPF Breakout
    Remake of the classic Breakout game using WPF.
  • Wuverlay - A WvW Overlay for GW2
    An overlay for the game Guild Wars 2 to display useful information obtained from the public API.
  • X-Engine
    The X-Engine is a game engine built around Microsoft's XNA project. It is designed to make implementation of many common tasks easy, as well as expand upon this with some more advanced features. It is designed to make all of this easy with a very moddular system, where differe...
  • X-Forms
    X-Forms is a Graphical User Interface Framework to aid in the creation of User Interfaces within Games created using the Microsoft XNA Framework. X-Forms is built to reflect how .NET Windows Forms work. It provides support for full screen Forms and Controls. The project aim...
  • Xen (XNA Extended) Framework
    The Xen Framework is a set of libraries that provides and extends XNA 4.0 functionality to make game development easier and faster while producing clean, maintainable code. Xen frees you up to spend more time building your game.
  • XGame
    XGame is a collection of Classes that are used with the XNA frame work. It is meant to provide an easy to understand library of objects that are commonly used in games, sprites, timers, and input devices are some of the objects that are included.
  • XNA Game Console
    XNA Game Console is an highly customizable game console that can be used with almost any XNA application. The game console is written for XNA 3.1 Windows Games and provided by an XNA Windows Game Component Library, which can be easily included in your XNA application.
  • XNA Game Studio
    Support for XNA Game Studio until Microsoft will restore support.
  • XNA Shooter Engine
    The XNA Shooter Engine is a game engine for XNA designed specifically with first-person-shooter-style games in mind. It's being developed for an as-of-yet unannounced XNA title.
  • XNA Soccer Engine
    A discontinued clone game of New Star Soccer, but coded with XNA 3.1 and C#. Ive named it as Soccer Engine. Contact me at
  • XNA Toolkit
    Toolkit of Components, Services, Wrappers, and Utilities for use in your XNA game. Currently provides a Stationary and First Person Camera component, Input service and component, Audio wrapper, and EventLogger (Windows Only). Weapon inventory, menu system, and performance tr...
    XNAML allows rich desktop applications to leverage the full power of XNA inside WPF. Simply derive from Xnaml.Game instead of Microsoft's XNA Game, and instantiate as many Game controls with full XNA rendering capabilities as you desire.

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